Every crisis is an opportunity

Through thick and thin together …

Every one of us has a crisis in life.

That’s no reason to bury your head in the sand. Focus on your wishes, look for support to get from your current position A to your new destination B.

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The Wellness Home, where we live today with enthusiasm, has given us these great opportunities.
Through the products, we came to our current business.

The products provide us every day with enough energy to be in physical well-being.

The possibility to work with the products offers us balance in many other areas.

  • Once financially,
  • then we meet again and again new people who are also interested in well-being and
  • by creating a balance in the above-mentioned areas, we are also in a very positive spirit and can always look ahead.

We are very grateful that we have decided to take responsibility for our own well-being.

We want to PREVENT and not only treat discomfort.


We want to reach more people and inspire them to take care of their immune system and their general life situation so that we are strengthened holistically. Not only today but for a lifetime.

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What we do when there are challenges:

– Back to the Roots: First of all, live a balanced lifestyle. We have been doing this for many years. Living in a wellness home is a great advantage.
– Stay calm and de-stress: Anxiety is a stressor and stress puts our immune systems on edge.
– stay well:
Drink lots of water, breathe clean air, sleep well and take care of our immune system: Pimag water system/sports bottle, Greenzymes ( barley grass ), Lactoferrin and Ciaga as well as our Kenkopad ( sleeping in a magnetic cocoon ) give us the necessary support. Also, meditations help to relax.
positive thoughts, contact with loving people


Nikken offers us great products with the latest technology that can be easily integrated into any home and everyday life:
We want to support anyone who is ready and offer our expertise. We are right at the source.

In times like these, we are all the more grateful to have the opportunity to work from home and be there for our children. Everything can be brought together without stress.

The economic consequences

In crises, the economy suffers a lot and therefore unfortunately many jobs are lost. But even this is no reason to panic, but an incentive to overcome these times calmly, effectively and above all together.

There is always time to learn, to grow, and discover.
Every crisis is an opportunity. A chance for something new and for change.

Let us, therefore, be responsible and relaxed.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you.

If you need input on a variety of topics, please feel free to browse through our blog. Here we write about all topics related to the 5 pillars of well-being.


Times of crises: What can we do?

Soothing words in the current times

The current crisis poses great challenges for all of us. The situation and its consequences are new for all of us and we have to deal with it.

Together we will manage to master this situation:

Many people are anxious and insecure at the moment. They do not know what to do, how to behave or what to expect.
Let us take a neutral, objective look at the current situation:
What should we be doing right now?

1. stay calm
Stay calm and don’t spread panic.
Panic is counterproductive:

  • Aggression in the supermarket leads to aggression in the supermarket.
  • Do not spread rumors… stay objective
  • Every challenge is also an opportunity for us all. Assume self-responsibility

2. be considerate
If you are well and your immune system is strong, there is a chance that you will not even notice that you have anything. However, this does not apply to all people and therefore it is important to take responsibility:

  • Keep your distance to your fellow human beings – no matter what your personal opinion is or how difficult it is for you personally.

3. stay well
Of course, it is especially important that you stay well. At the moment there are no drugs for the actually pathogens. But you can support your body by strengthening your defenses and nurturing your immune system. This applies forever and not only nowadays:

  • Eat a holistic and balanced diet: especially vitamins, minerals and watch out for good
  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Drink regularly.
  • Get fresh air and vitamin D regularly.
  • Go for a walk (as long as your area is not declared a restricted zone). Of course, avoid crowds and try to find a route where there is enough room for everyone to avoid each other considerately. Go into the forest, to the beach, out into nature.
  • Ventilate your home and, if possible, filter your rooms with air filters.
  • Stay not only physically but also mentally healthy. Avoid conversations that cause fear or panic. Be concerned with positive things.

4. stay hygienic
Pathogens are mainly transmitted via the hands:hands 2238235 1920

  • wash hands regularly with soap under warm water: rub for at least 20 seconds. Do not forget the space between the fingers and the back of the hands. Rinse with plenty of warm water and everything is clean again!
  • Try to keep your hands away from your face.
  • Proper coughing or sneezing: in the crook of your arm. Your fellow men will be grateful to you.
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugs and kisses. In this case, it is considerateness and not rude. Greet each other with your feet ;-), if there is no other way.

With these simple measures, you can avert much, much disaster!

5. stay informed
… but don’t go mad.
Life tickers with the smallest, sometimes incorrect details of the location can cause anxiety: Fear causes panic.

  • Keep the overview to protect yourself.
  • Use the rest of the time for nice things: relax, enjoy the time and everything that makes you happy in your life.

6. stay at home
Even if it is not easy for some, please stay at home and only leave if you absolutely have to. Act responsibly and avoid the possible risk of infection and spread:

  • Help with boredom: Board games, reports, books and instead of going out for coffee with your best friend, you can use the phone.

7. care
do you really need those panic buying? Having a few groceries in the house to last a week is not wrong and you don’t need as much as you think. Be considerate of others. There’s enough for everyone. If possible, use the opportunity of online shopping.

What can we expect?

It is what it is and we are in an exceptional situation.
Our advice is and remains: Take care of your well-being!
We will probably experience partial overloading of our health system. We will experience that doctors and nursing staff will be at the edge of their possibilities and we will witness how people will get healthy again and emerge from the situation strengthened.
Take care of your well-being! The fewer people endanger their well-being, the easier it is for everyone.
Perhaps it is not always possible to prevent a widespread spread. However, it makes sense if we all take good care of ourselves – try to prevent diseases.
Maybe we can get more people to take care of their immune system and general life situation so that we are strengthened holistically.

Socially and socially

  • The closure of schools and daycare centers will also present many parents with major challenges. Not all of them have the opportunity to work from home while taking care of their children.
  • People have different opinions and views on current protective measures. Be considerate! Everyone deals with a sensitive issue in their own way. Talk about it instead of arguing.

Let’s be strong together by being mentally close to each other, but physically keeping a hygienic distance.


The economic consequences will be obvious.
The longer this crisis lasts, the more shops will close and the more jobs will be lost. This is an unpleasant truth that we must accept. But even that is no reason to panic, but rather an incentive to overcome this crisis as quickly, calmly, effectively and, above all, TOGETHER.

The best attitude

Let us, therefore, be responsible and relaxed.

We hope we were able to inform you well and that we could calm you down a little bit. Fear paralyzes us and the subsequent panic leads to many problems that we cannot use at the moment.
nikken filter

Every crisis is an opportunity. A chance for something new and for change.waterbottle

We wish you all the best for the time to come. Stay well!


Air purifiers can support us very well

Useful for whom?virus 1812092 1920

An air purifier is particularly useful for waiting rooms of medical practices, for offices or for other public spaces such as canteens, hairdressing salons or nail studios and of course for your home. Wherever people come together and the air is more or less still, the risk of infection increases.
And naturally also for our own home.

What does an air filter do?

An air purifier cleans the air of pollutants.kenkoair purifier

In this way it provides fresh, healthy air.

Flu and colds are many times the result of viruses and bacteria. You can catch a flu all year round – not only in winter. Viruses and pathogens simply need a suitable target that can be found wherever people come together.
However, viruses are not the only ones that attack the immune system. Bacteria are also ready to attack the body at any time.

In contrast to viruses, which need a host to exert their pathogenic effect, bacteria also multiply independently and very quickly. And fast means really fast: under good conditions, bacteria divide every 20 minutes.

How can bacteria and viruses enter the body?

for example:

  • Droplet infection
  • Infection via the air
  • smear infection
  • Infection via fluids and nutrition
    – Infections are often transmitted from person to person via viruses and bacteria.
    – When sneezing, coughing and speaking, tiny droplets of saliva float through the air and cause an infection.
    – Sooner or later, personal contact via the skin when shaking hands or a smear infection via contact with objects also brings pathogens close to the mucous membranes from where they enter the body.

Washing hands is therefore especially important during a flu epidemic.

In addition, many pathogens buzz through the air in the room and thus reach the mucous membranes extremely easily, where they open up new sources of infection. Doctors’ surgeries, crowded trams or the open-plan office are considered to be classic centres of infection.

When everything around you sneezes and coughs, millions of small attackers can attack your immune system.
All the more important that you take good care of an intact immune system.

How can we minimize particles in the air?

Both at home and at work, doctor’s office or hairdresser’s salon, annoying pathogens can be banished from the air you breathe with an air purifier.

Viruses and bacteria:

When people are in places with poor air circulation, such as public transport and offices, the risk of kenkoair5 1infection increases rapidly. Bacteria and viruses floating in the air are extremely small and invisible to the eye. The possibility of infection is great.

Some bacteria and viruses also multiply in poorly ventilated rooms or inadequately maintained building ventilation systems and circulate there for a long time through the air we breathe.

How can I significantly minimize viruses and bacteria?

With an air purifier .

These are air purifiers with dust filters that can retain even the finest particles.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and Ultra-Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filters are two of the most common air filters used in homes, automobiles, biomedical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and hospitals which require very clean air.

HEPA filters are extremely good.

We recommend the KenkoAir Purifier from NIKKEN.

Nikken filter has the ability to produce clean ions that create negative ions (to create a refreshing, invigorating atmosphere) without releasing harmful ozone.

Nikken’s KenkoAir cleaner offers all these features in one product. Now you can enjoy the air in your home with every breath, every day.

Although its price is comparable to many ordinary air filters, the KenkoAir air purifier offers you much more:
– Based on the negative ion technology
– Clinically clean, naturally fresh
– Advanced filtration in professional quality
– Ozone-free operation
– Compact design, automated operation, competitive price
– quietly
– different volume settings, by selecting the power output.
– Filter change indicator, etc.
– low in power consumption

Food, water and sleep are all important, but air is the most immediate need. It’s something we use several times a minute!

What could be more worthwhile than improving air quality?

The groups who spend the most time at home are children and the elderly.

Good indoor air quality is even more essential for them.

How can I prevent?

“The greatest wealth is well being”

With self-care through your life

When we are mindful, we help ourselves because we care more. It makes us feel better and better and we radiate that.


Take a deep breath and consciously take time out

Do something good for yourself and your partner: for example with sustainable care products and relaxation products.

Nikken offers a whole range of wellness products that make your home a wellness home.
The range includes natural cosmetics, wellness items for sports, massages, and offices as well as sleep. Outstanding water filters for at home and on the go, practical accessories and organic food supplements round off the wellness offer.

Nothing is more relaxing than coming home, taking your time and taking a deep breath and pampering your soul.

Our various products for relaxing body massages so that you can relax or regenerate after exercising:

Anyone who leads a life with an active wellness lifestyle knows how important it is to relax. Nikken’s relaxation products support you with maximum mobility and your general well-being.

3 different massage products for different needs:

1.) Kenko Touch

kenko touch

is our most innovative massager, which is often used by top athletes worldwide.
The movement of the massage nubs and the patented DynaFlux? magnet technology promote muscle relaxation and relief on the go. Effects treatment for sore and inflamed muscles.

2.) Kenko MagDuo?


Practical magnet technology for releasing tension. The massage nubs give you a relaxing and stimulating massage.
DynaFlux? magnet technology improves the depth effect. Small and compact, this makes the Magduo easy to transport and easy to use. The relaxing massage helps to relieve stress.


3.) The massage offer is rounded off by the Magcreator

Nikken 1 MagCreator Massage Roller 1330 Magnetic 1


and through him you have the wonderful opportunity to spoil your partner. The flowing, quiet movements relax tired muscles and you come to rest.
The application is also easy with this product and you feel refreshed and strengthened after the massage.



ThermoWear Golf Socken 258x300Other wellness products:

Breathable and supportive golf stockings or sports socks:

no slipping and with far infrared technology (temperature-regulating). Different designs for maximum foot comfort




Last but not least, your skin should not be neglected in a wellness oasis:

Trust the certified natural cosmetics for men and women


Cosmetics get under your skin. That is why it should be as natural as possible. The cosmetic line TRUE Elements by Nikken is made from controlled organic cultivation and the natural pH value of the skin.
The natural active ingredients help your skin to shine again.

In the TRUE Elements range, you will find a good selection of certified skincare products. These natural products are certified by EcoCert. This is an international certification that guarantees the highest ecological/biological integrity.
The care products tested and certified in this way offer you soothing care for your skin.
TRUE elements? organic skincare is free from parabens, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), mineral oil, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, polyethylene glycol (PEG), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) as well as artificial colors and fragrances.

The range includes:
gentle cleansing milk?gently removes impurities and make-up
refreshing tonic for more elasticity. Aloe Vera soothes your skin and provides moisture
refreshing facial peeling?vitalizes the cells and removes impurities
an anti-aging serum. With hyaluronic acid, algae support cell renewal

nourishing face cream with hyaluronic acid and shea butter
refreshing face cream with anti-go ivy, for a firmer and firmer look, sea fennel helps to regenerate the skin

calmness, relaxation, rest, finding inner balance
We wish you that.

We wish you time in your mindfulness – it is the general key of our consciousness.

Inhale, exhale, smile

happy 1281590 1920



Alkaline water …

…what is this anyway?

Alkaline or alkaline is the same.
Alkaline water is alkaline and therefore not acidic. Whether water is acidic or alkaline or alkaline is indicated by the pH value. Under 7 one speaks of acidic water. The higher the value, the more alkaline the water is. The pH value is the measure of the hydrogen ions.

What is the difference between tap water?tap 791172 640 300x200

Normal tap water has a pH value of approx. 7-8. It is neutral or very slightly alkaline/basic. Alkaline water is in the range between 8 and 9.5.

Is alkaline water better than tap water?

By drinking alkaline water, the acid-base balance can be restored. With alkaline water, you can counteract acidosis.

Why is hyperacidity not good?

If your body is over-acidified, …
… you are tired: inner restlessness leads to problems falling asleep and sleep disorders
… you tend to be overweight: due to too much acid in the body, it can no longer be broken down: Result: storage in your fat cells and this leads above all to an increase in abdomen, legs, bottom, and face and to cellulite.
… skin problems occur: toxins are usually broken down by the liver. In the case of hyperacidity, this also happens via the skin. Your natural protective shield can be attacked and thus provides an excellent breeding ground for pimples and impurities.
… Joint pain and susceptibility to infections: the correct pH value is a prerequisite for optimal metabolism. If this is disturbed, an excess of acid develops, which is reflected in many physical symptoms.
… do you tend to have high blood pressure?
… hair loss can occur

Bild Nikken Wasserfilter basisch 300x223Advantages of alkaline water:

– It has a basic pH value: a lot of oxygen is released for the metabolism.
– clean thanks to the filtering process: free of medicines, pesticides, heavy metals and chlorine
– it’s antioxidant: antioxidants can protect cells from free radicals. Free radicals attack our cells and can render them ineffective. Antioxidation is like a fountain of youth.
– it has much smaller clusters. Thus the body can transport nutrients substantially more easily and faster into the cells.
– it is alive.

The acid is basically a waste product of our metabolism. Our body has base storage with which it can compensate for hyperacidity. He is permanently busy to create a balance so that our body is alkaline.

The base storage must be filled by our nutrition. We should, therefore, consume considerably more fruit free 2198378 640 300x184alkaline components. Unfortunately, it is often the other way round in today’s nutrition. We eat too much “acid”: e.g. ready-made bread, sugar, lots of meat, coffee, alcohol. Also things like stress by performance pressure, fear, annoyance result in over-acidification.

In addition to lots of fruit and vegetables, we should drink plenty of alkaline water.

How do we get alkaline water?

There are several possibilities.
One would be to filter normal tap water with a very good water filter that keeps the water alive.

lemon 1203562 640 300x223Tip:
Pimp your filtered water with lemons.
Lemons taste sour but are alkaline!
Pure water with untreated lemons tastes refreshing and helps to fill your base stores.

Can I buy alkaline water?

Yes, you can. By filtering.

Special equipment can do quite a lot and do you incredibly well:
– Their minerals give the water an alkaline pH value. This helps to balance the acid-base balance.
– Through the filtering, the water is freed from a lot of sheep substances, etc.
– Ionization: protection against oxidation
– There are also devices that have an additional magnet technology installed. Due to the magnetic field, the water molecules do not clump. This has the consequence that your body removes pollutants more easily and you purify.
Often these devices come from Japan. The effect of alkaline water has long been widespread there.

Only if your acid-base balance is in balance can your metabolism function optimally – and nikken water 300x201that is clear that this is the basic prerequisite for your health.

Drink alkaline water and your body will breathe a sigh of relief and thank you for it.

Our bones are our support of life

… We, humans, are miracles.

Let us become aware of what we take for granted every day: our body consists of more than 200 bones.
These bone/skeletons carry our weight throughout our lives.
They are ready non-stop and endure all our movements, strains, sporting challenges, and heavy physical work.
Even if they seem rigid to us: bones are a very active, living tissue!

It is, therefore, all the more important that we take care of our scaffolding, perceive it as what it is so that it can give us a secure hold in our lives every day.

In order to take good care of our skeleton, we must first understand what bones are:

They consist mainly of water, minerals and organic substances such as proteins.

From the development up to the age of about 25, bone formation takes place and has then reached the maximum bone density. If there is nothing extraordinary like high wear (keyword: weight, (hereditary) diseases (e.g. arthrosis)) the bone density remains constant for another 15-25 years.

Our bones are permanently built up and broken down and adapt to our requirements.
The bone density (i.e. the mineral salt content of the bones) of every human being decreases naturally in the course of his or her life. The bone becomes more and more brittle with age.
In addition, most people move less and less with increasing age and this also has no good influence on the stability of the bone.

Did you know that bones are only built up when they are required to move?DSC00568 300x200
So if the bone has little or no load, it is broken down. This is independent of age. Already from childhood, we should move our bodies sufficiently.

In order to be prepared for your future, it is already important for you and your bone mass to care.
But how?
Two aspects play an outstanding role in the development of bone: BDZ NIKKEN Bottle EU 161x300
Exercise and nutrition.
– Bones need exercise:
Sufficient exercise enables the bones to store calcium optimally.
Sport promotes bone metabolism and calcium can be built into the bones. Jogging, hiking, climbing stairs, rope jumping, many racket sports favor this.
– Bones need calcium: Calcium gives bone strength. Dairy products are not so popular because they acidify us. Better sources of calcium with better bioavailability are very good food supplements, soy products or cabbage types or calcium-containing mineral waters. Take eight before the calcium robber phosphate. It is mainly found in sausages, cola drinks, and preservatives of ready meals.
– Bones need vitamin D so that calcium can be absorbed and incorporated into the bones.
– Magnesium and zinc.

If you take this to heart, then you have a reserve from which your body can benefit when it needs it.

The breakdown of bone mass is therefore natural and does not mean that everyone automatically develops osteoporosis. This is often mistakenly assumed.
Every year we lose about 1% of our mass, which is a natural sign of aging. In women, bone loss often increases after the menopause.

This makes it all the more important to supply your body with the points mentioned above!
If we do not supply our body sufficiently and with the wrong things we run the risk of developing osteoporosis.
Our bones lose much of their mass, it becomes unstable and breaks easily.
Inadequate supply is caused by it:
– Taking medication (e.g. cortisone)
– smoking – excessive alcohol consumption – unhealthy diet ( keyword: phosphate ) and
– a diet low in calcium
– as well as a movement deficit.

Keep an eye on your strong bones throughout your life, then you can profit from them in the long run and continue to do the things you love.
Take good care of yourself in order to lead an independent life. Without age-related fractures that would be accompanied by pain and suffering.

Our bones are the support of our life!

Leave nothing on the beach but footprints

Healthy seas are the life support system for our planet: They provide 97% of the habitat on our planet. To help keep our oceans and marine life sustainable, we need to keep our beaches clean.

They provide a habitat for many creatures that need both land and sea to survive. And even living creatures that live exclusively in the sea are affected by the pollution of our beaches because garbage that accumulates on the beach also ends up in the water with the tides. In addition to plastic and paper waste, chemical substances and human excreta also reach the sea from the coasts.

Plastic waste in the sea pollutes every living organism. Many cadavers of marine animals washed up on our beaches have large amounts of plastic waste inside them.

Every visitor and every walker can make their own contribution to keeping beaches and seas clean. Each of us can make a difference, and we can teach our children so that they too can adopt a “green” lifestyle from an early age. If you’re not committed yet, this summer is an ideal time to get started:

“Take 3 for the Sea” is an organization that teaches environmental awareness by encouraging people to collect three garbage items each time you leave the beach or other waters. This is how we can make a difference. Today, 129 countries are participating in this program, and 300,000 people have already contributed to the fight against plastic waste.

2 Do not drink water from plastic bottles. Did you know that more than a million plastic bottles are sold every minute in the world?

3. their production requires large amounts of energy and water – and they end up in our landfills.pimag bottle 300x200
So use reusable alternatives to plastic bottles. Reusable water bottles are available practically everywhere. However, the PiMag?Water Bottle with its nanotechnology filter system is only available from Nikken. At home, you can contribute by drinking filtered water from the PiMag Waterfall – that’s an Active Wellness lifestyle and minimizes your CO2 footprint.

Use reusable bags and containers. Avoid buying food packed in plastic. For example, if you buy fruit and vegetables, you should buy them as a whole rather than pre-cut fruit and vegetables packed in plastic. Use fabric shopping bags.

Minimize the use of chemicals as much as possible. Pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides harm the oceans. The closer you live to the sea, the more likely it is that your chemicals will end up there. Approximately 245,000 square kilometers (comparable to the size of the UK) are already considered “dead zones” where marine life cannot survive due to chemical stress on the ecosystem.

Choose mineral sunscreens or sunscreens with non-nano zinc oxide as the main active ingredient. Chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are commonly found in sun creams, are not environmentally friendly. If these substances get into the sea from your body, they can damage the DNA of corals. Sun creams without these harmful substances are known as “organic/eco sun creams” or as “reef-safe” or “reef-friendly”.

Take care not to flush any medication or non-degradable products such as wet wipes down the toilet. Medications have been detected in groundwater and marine life. In 2017, 4,500 wet wipes were counted in a 154 square meter area of the Thames in London – just one example of the things that are not removed after flushing down the toilet!

5 Share your tips for an environmentally friendly lifestyle with friends, acquaintances and family members. The more people contribute, the greater our chance of keeping coastal and marine life alive.

Leave nothing on the beach but footprints.but footprints 300x251

Nutritional Supplements – Full-value support for our nutrition with NIKKEN

Nutrition in today’s society

Good nutrition is one of the cornerstones of good health.
We need a variety of different foods to provide the right amounts of nutrients for good health.
However, in these fast-moving times, it can often be difficult to eat a full, balanced and varied diet. Instead, convenience and the supply of ready meals determine our diet, with it becoming increasingly difficult to maintain low levels of sugar, fat, and salt (not to mention additives) if we do not prepare our meals ourselves. This affects our health, and the weight problems that have almost become the norm in our society are worrying. In addition, the nutrient content of our fresh foods has decreased due to “modern intensive farming”.

Full-value support for our nutrition:

Food supplement from NIKKEN as adaptation and support to our modern everyday life

Undoubtedly, the best solution to a healthy diet is to eat three self-prepared whole meals that ideally contain at least five or more portions of fresh fruit and vegetables (raw). For most people, however, this is difficult to achieve in terms of time, in addition to the multitude of their daily commitments. Nikken, therefore, provides us with a range of basic and targeted nutritional supplements based on concentrated wholefood ingredients that support our basic nutritional needs in our hectic daily lives. The word supplement is deliberately chosen because the products are not intended to support the sole supply.

We offer the following products:


Proper nutrition is essential for good health, but it is not always possible to eat properly and provide our body with the nutrients it needs. Nikken Kenzen Wellness is based on organic fruit, vegetable and extract supplements to bring your diet closer to nature. Our natural alternatives to chemically produced supplements provide your body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to support good health and improved biological functions. It is a total body renewal system as nature intended.

Organic-based nutrition means that all ingredients are carefully selected and the organic content is maximized. ?Nikken’s Nutritional Supplements are based on a wholefood philosophy. These biologically based solutions bring our daily diet closer to nature and are an essential part of a wellness home.

Here are two of our favorite products that are central to our nutritional needs:KenzenSuperCiaga Nikken 300x293
Jade GreenZymes – a good start in your day.
Kenzen Super Ciaga? – Goodbye to stress. Strengthened by the day.

Feel-good home and good nutrition

Six basic nutrients are required for good health.
These include:

Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are divided into two categories: simple and complex. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the brain. Without carbohydrates, the body could not function properly. Sources are fruit, bread, cereals, and starchy vegetables.

Protein is broken down into amino acids by the digestive system. Protein is the main structural component of cells and is responsible for building and repairing body tissue. Lean protein such as low-fat meat, dairy products, beans or eggs. There are many other vegetable protein sources if you decide for yourself.

Fat – The fat in foods contains a mixture of saturated and unsaturated fats. Fat is an energy source that increases the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E and K, when consumed. Choose healthy options such as omega-3-rich foods such as fish, walnuts and vegetable oils. Omega-3 fatty acids help with development and growth. Limit the intake of saturated fats such as high-fat meat and high-fat milk. Otherwise, choices are nuts, seeds, and avocado.

Vitamins – both water-soluble and fat-soluble. There may be slight differences in the amounts of specific vitamins for men and women, but in general, the essential vitamins your body needs are:
Vitamin A
vitamin C
vitamin D
vitamin E
vitamin K
B vitamins

The best way to get these vitamins is a healthy and balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. A multivitamin supplement can also be useful to fill the gaps if you have a restrictive diet.

Minerals – These essential nutrients your body needs but cannot produce include the inorganic substances in foods such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride and trace elements.
Water is said to be our most important nutrient. Water supports the maintenance of homeostasis in the body and transports nutrients to the cells. Water also helps remove waste products from the body.

If possible, choose fresh organic products. Eat as naturally as possible and try to avoid processed foods.

An effective nutrition strategy is more than just what we eat. It requires attention to many self-care processes that can affect our well-being. Good sleep, proper hydration with healthy water, reducing our body’s exposure to toxic chemicals and coping with stress are all important for improving and maintaining good health.
One of the most important decisions we make every day is what we eat and drink. It is everyone’s choice to eat healthy or not.BOWL 300x200


Sleep problems: Stop your thought carousel and find your relaxation

Sleep problems, a carousel of thoughts, you are awake and still somehow completely exhausted?
Why don’t you find sleep and how can you solve it? Lack of sleep has become one of the biggest health challenges.

We will give you tips on how to solve your challenges.

The advantages of your good sleep:
– You process information and memories better. Our mental and physical well-being improves noticeably. Stress and all things caused by stress are relieved.
– Your immune system can be strengthened by sufficient and good sleep. The sleep hormone melatonin is a natural anti-aging agent.
– Our pituitary gland produces a growth hormone, especially at night. This is responsible for activating our muscle repair and tissue growth.
– through sufficient sleep, we reduce dark circles and our skin looks fresh and rested.

Who is responsible for your restful slumber?
Our “inner clock” is a pea-sized gland that produces our hormones. The pineal gland. It directs many processes and is responsible for our biorhythm. Above all, the hormone melatonin is involved in our sleep. Melatonin is controlled by light. If it is always bright in the evening, your retina transmits the information that not much melatonin needs to be released to your small but very important gland. The result is that your body does not come to rest.

What are sleep killers and how can you replace them to get to sleep?

  • Often heard and so much truth to it: Laptop, mobile phone or TV have nothing to do in the bed and bedroom. Even if you just want to send an email or check the weather app for tomorrow: ban twitter 292994 1920 300x200this activity outside the bed and end it so that you can do something relaxing for yourself before going to bed.
  • Watch your favorite show every night? Possible through Netflix or Amazon prime. But that has a high price. You pay with valuable hours of sleep that you miss the next day. Series always have the habit of ending in such a way that you always want to keep watching. They lead you into the temptation to want to look more. Often one ponders afterward how it will go on and has no calm thoughts. Try to reduce your TV consumption in the evening and set conscious times for it.
  • facebook, Instagram and other social channels are all too tempting to scroll through. An endless loop. Advertising should tempt us to go back to other sites to discover them. It chases you one time-eater after the other… These channels are like a “see and be seen” and not recommended for your thoughts and for your relaxation. Think about whether this really fulfills you and makes you happy. How about social-media-fasting on some days or even a longer period. Use the time for reading, playing with your family, or sharing. Your real-life can be so much more colorful and fulfilling if you want it to be.
  • You’re lying in bed and your thought carousel doesn’t want to end? Sometimes they turn your thoughts so fast that you lose the overview. You can no longer concentrate. You feel full in your head and empty at the same time. And actually you should be asleep after all… Take a piece of paper and a woman 1006100 1920 300x169pen, take a deep breath and write down your thoughts. On the note – out of mind.?Write about your plans the next day, write down your thoughts from the day before. Always write down something that made you especially happy that day. Even if they are “little things” like the friendly “Good Morning” from the newspaper seller or the blooming flowers in the garden. After that, you will be able to sink into your pillows relieved and need not worry anymore. It’s all on your note.
  • Relaxing is only possible with time. Time for you! You mean you don’t have time? Then create space for yourself: Well, logically you are indispensable for your family and you can also do many things best. Honestly, nobody wants to make the post mad for you. That’s why you do everything. But is it really about that? It’s ok if others don’t do the things to be done as quickly as you do or alarm clock 1193291 1920 300x199differently. Try to give up to have more time for you. What can you give away? Walking with your dog, cleaning out and putting away the dishwasher, doing laundry – and hanging out, setting the table, taking out the garbage and there’s certainly so much more you can think of. Think about it together. Your family will be happy if you trust them and give them responsibility. For you, this means a huge gift of time. Time to put your feet up, time to have a cup of tea in peace and quiet.
  • Next cue, “Do nothing.” Doing nothing is difficult for you? What do you do when you have heart 195147 1920 300x200“time”? Are you on your mobile phone checking the latest posts, making phone calls and cleaning up the kitchen at the same time? The phone call goes longer and you sweep the house by the way? Water the flowers, start cooking or put the laundry together. The next day is planned at the same time. Wow. We can’t congratulate you on your “I-can-do-everything-once-and-then-also-quickly”. Without breaks, you will destroy yourself sooner or later. And you certainly know that. It is important to think about yourself and to try not to do anything. Yes, it is difficult if it is already part of everyday life and yes, you will manage it. I know that all too well. Let go, give things away and take care of yourself. I had to learn it hard again “to do nothing” and to enjoy doing nothing again without having a bad conscience. Resting is relaxing for you and will let you sleep again at night.
  • Nicotine, coffee, and alcohol: That sounds like a normal part of your everyday life – at least in parts? There’s the morning coffee, the coffee in between, cigarettes during breaks, the afternoon coffee, the visiting coffee, the “oh-I-am-tired-and-need-a-wake-coffee” and in the evening there’s the cigarette 2367456 1920 300x200evening beer, the “I-must-relaxing-beer”, the visiting wine, the Friday evening wine and the weekend alcohol, the “today-was-a-shit-day-drink” and the “today-was-a-mega-day-drink”, as well as the “it-is-a-sun-cocktail” and also the “today-is-it-cold-glowing-wine”. It’s not hard to get by without alcohol all year long.. Alcohol, coffee and often also cigarettes (because one is so stressed) pull themselves through our everyday life. glasses 919071 1920 300x199Over weeks, months and years. Alcohol promotes falling asleep – however, strongly prevents sleeping through. It confuses your sleep rhythm and you wake up the next day on wheels. You don’t have to drink a lot of alcohol to notice it the next day. Coffee consumption doesn’t let you relax in the long run, nor does nicotine. Our proposed solution: Try not to drink coffee too late and not excessively. Everyone copes with coffee differently. Replace it partially with tea or decaffeinated coffee… Alcohol fasting works wonders for your body and lets you see things more clearly and leads to more conscious consumption. How about a challenge with your partner or friends. Enjoy the next month alcohol-free… There are wonderful non-alcoholic cocktails and great drinks. We have recipes on our blog. Well and the dear nicotine… that this is unhealthy, you know. You just push your worries away for a short time – you won’t achieve real relaxation with him.
  • Sometimes you are stressed in the evening and don’t know why? Reflect your day. What has happened to you, what has thrown you off track, what occupies you? If it helps, write down your thoughts.
  • You grind your teeth at night and feel like you have complete body tension. With tension, you traditional chinese 3666269 1920 300x200just can’t sleep well. Ask your partner to pamper you with a massage. That relaxes, brings peace and at the same time a couple of time ;-). In addition, warm relaxation baths with essential oils are beneficial. How would it be afterward nestled in the bed with an audiobook for muscle relaxation? Conscious of and relax helps your body to let go.
  • And what if you’re actually in a good mood, there weren’t any special belly 3186730 1920 300x200incidents and you just can’t sleep? The good, that is completely normal and happens. Seldom not being tired is okay. Here we advise you to do concentration exercises in bed: Lie down, put your hands on your stomach and breathe in and out calmly. The light is naturally switched off. We want to get tired 😉 Your task is to concentrate only on your breathing. Not on the ticking of the clock, the creaking of the stairs or any other noises. Try it out. In the beginning, it is not so easy to stay with yourself and not let your thoughts wander. With time you get better and better, you come to rest and fall asleep blissfully.
  • What does your bedroom look like? Make your bedroom comfortable. Clean up rooms, unnecessary bits and pieces disappear into the cupboards, dirty laundry does not lie around on the floor, it is ventilated, a relaxed smell floats in the room ( e.g..: Lavender: it relaxes and also helps pillows 1031079 1920 300x200against moths? 😉 ), candles for a cosy atmosphere and soft light … even if you think that you “only sleep” in the room, this room should get a lot of attention from you. The bedroom is the room where we spend most of our time in life and it deserves to have a cozy, warm atmosphere so that you can look forward to it. Every day and every night. This feeling will be transferred to you and you will be much more relaxed in your bedroom and sleep.
  • The temperature makes a lot of difference. Do you know this: your feet are cold to fall asleep, you start to sweat under the blanket, but after a while, it’s too chilly again without the blanket. A constant covering and uncovering begin. You do not come to rest. In the worst case, you are even awake again. Tip: Take a close look at your ambient temperature: How warm is the room? 16-19 Magnetmatratze 300x199Celsius is optimal. Do you have enough fresh air, what material is your duvet and pillow made of? How is your mattress? All very important factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep. Products made of breathable cotton and other natural materials such as latex or bamboo regulate the temperature. Mattresses with pimples let the air circulate, massage and at the same time have less room for mites.
  • Allergies: Are you allergic to dust or house dust mites? Ensure a clean bedroom, enough fresh air and equip yourself with allergy-friendly sleeping systems. This gives you and your body the peace and quiet you need to sleep.
  • Are you the classic candidate with cold feet? Almost all year round? Sometimes the hands or stockings 3651610 1920 300x292the tip of the nose are also affected? Welcome to the club. Not only women are affected and it can have many different causes. Let’s exclude the too short duvet and also any illness is mostly the reason that you have low blood pressure and/or not so many muscles that can warm you. Hot-water bottles and socks have proved their worth. Please make sure that they sit loosely and do not constrict anything and that they are made of natural material. You sweat in plastic. And that again leads to you freezing.
  • Make your bed in the morning: 1. you have already done a job and 2. you will be happy every evening to go to a made bed.
  • all well and good and what do people do who work at different times and therefore simply can’t get regularity into their sleep and mealtimes? Shift work is a special challenge for your organism. All the more important that you find and use relaxation rituals for yourself as well as firm rituals in relation to sleep. You should try to keep the sequence of shift work good: from early noon to late at night, with a few days break in between to adjust to the early time.
  • Rituals, rituals, rituals: Rituals help us all our lives. They give us security. They give us inner peace because we know what awaits us. Rituals can be entered anew at any time. Find out which time high grass 1504280 1920 300x200is good for you to go to sleep and to be fitter in the morning, choose a few of the suggested tips and try to integrate them. Reading, painting or listening to an audiobook? 9 or 8 hours of sleep? Tea or hot milk? Walk or sport? Massage or hot bath? See what you feel comfortable with, what appeals to you and try yourself out and be patient with yourself. Try to relax and trust yourself and your body.
  • Are you noise and/or light-sensitive? Then earplugs and a sleep mask could help you. They shield you from annoying noises or light sources. Your sight muscles can relax. When the brain perceives total darkness, it increases the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. Often the eye area is affected by stress and tension, which can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkles as well as headaches. Sleep masks help to calm the mind and provide a deeper sense of relaxation. NIKKEN Schlafmaske 300x156You don’t have to become a yoga guru right away, just drink herbal tea or read poetry volumes or become an athlete to be able to sleep relaxed. For all these points there are good alternatives. Just as it does a walk in the fresh air, audiobooks, listening to relaxed, quiet music and a glass of water.
  • Does that mean that you won’t have any stress until your lifetime, just so that you can sleep well? Well, we can’t choose and sometimes we can’t influence that. In addition, each of us stresses other things. Your body tolerates stress. There is also positive stress. Stress can drive and motivate you. Sometimes, but not permanently. If you have too many stress factors in the long run, at some point your sleep, your everyday life and your life will start to suffer. At the latest then all alarm bells should go off and your personal everyday life should be viewed very critically and things should be changed. Changes are possible every day. Here and now.coffee 2390136 1920 300x204
  • Your body does not relax immediately? You have now read and learned so much about how you can come to rest so that you have the option to sleep well again and it does not want to work immediately? Give your body time. You have been feeding him stress for years, ignoring the signs and probably running over many stop signs. Your body needs to understand that you are serious and really want to relax. He has to adjust and learn to relax. Your body is a complex system that deserves to rest “in peace”. Be patient with yourself, breathe and trust yourself. You will be able to relax again.seagull 3941374 1920 300x200

Japan 2018-Our Nikken trip with Team Kaizen

In this report we would like to share with you our fantastic trip with the team Kaizen to Japan and take you on our adventure journey.

We were so excited….

In January, Nikken congratulated us on the 2 seats in the Kaizen 2018 team. I couldn’t believe we qualified for 2 tickets.

In May, all the other team Kaizen members were going to Japan.IMG 7088 1


This part is not particularly glamorous:

  • Saturday noon we drove by train and some luggage;-) from Bremen to Frankfurt by train.
  • 1st Night at the hotel right at the airport-with all the excitement we got no eye to.

Day 1

Early in the morning on Sunday we flew to Helsinki and met 4 other Nikken specialist advisors from Europe and ASA. She is European director of Sales and training at Nikken. Again a wave of positive excitement.

After a short: Hello, hello, bon jour-the exciting trip to Tokyo went “right”.

Day 2

After 9 hours greeted us on Monday morning Japan with sunshine and our enchanting travel companion/interpreter Izumi.

We are in love with Japan from the beginningIMG 7141

Nikken has blessed the Kaizen 2018 team with incredible accommodations in Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto. Our rooms are always fabulous with very nice views. In Tokyo we enjoyed an incredible view from the 31st floor over all of Tokyo. And everywhere we went we were surprised with new attentions.

Immediately after arrival we drove into a beautiful park in Tokyo and looked at ourIMG 6946 e1528543611899 first Shrein and were introduced to its rituals. I have been infected by the Japanese in a discipline. I collect stamps ? not only in the passport, but also in other ways. The Goshuinch? (????) is a book where you can collect stamps from Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Japan. A Goshuin contains the name of the shrine or temple, and the date of the entry, if any, a positive spell. In addition, the Red seal is stamped. Collecting the Goshuins has a spiritual meaning. But it is also a very nice souvenir that you can “work out” in the course of a trip to Japan ? and this has been my intention openly and honestly. Every single Goshuin is a work of art which is handmade at the temple and includes artful calligraphy and stamps.IMG 7063

After visiting the park we drove to the very famous Shibuya intersection. It is IMG 6941 famous for its crowds of people who cross the intersection at every traffic light. In the evening hours up to 15,000 people go over this intersection and create a unique picture. Of course we went through this crossroads and had a look at the Starbucks on the first floor of a house from the top of the hustle and bustle.

Around noon we drove to the hafencity in a traditional restaurant-there we met the other approximately 70 Latin American Nikken specialist consultants. Now we were all complete and another language and temperament filled the room:-). We are a very colourful group and we had the feeling of comfort from the beginning. Japan will be good-really good!

Towards the afternoon we went to our hotel. In the rooms were for all day backpacks, pers. Trailers with our Japan program, thick jackets with the label team Kaizen, 2 tshirts by Nikken as well as a traditional fan and a Japanese Frottietuch. So many attentions at once. A dream!

After a short break we went to the wonderful gala dinner in white in the evening. This did so well after the long journey with everyone together and so nicely dressed to talk, eat or just listen to the different voices.33344844 1759439047432410 405021566405967872 n

After the many impressions and encounters, we were able to sleep this night relaxed.

Day 3

Today is a temple day:-)

  • Breakfast at 7 am
  • IMG 6966 e15285435949003-Bus departure to the gigantic Buddha Temple: The bronze statue on the Pacific Ocean stretches over 13 metres high. Right in front of the Buddha we made a super great group photo with all the participants of the trip. All wore the T-shirt from Nikken.
  • Next we went to the Hare Kannon temple. This temple was very large and had beautiful gardens, sculptures, caves and plants. It was spread over several levels, so we had to be on the road to get to the top of the platforms.IMG 7127

At noon we were driven to a beautiful hotel by the sea-there was again a fantastic lunch. In the afternoon it rained so we drove back to the hotel. By the way, we sat with 20 people-Europe, USA and Canada-together with Izumi in the “Bus No 1”. At first we had to be 10 minutes before the departure at the meeting point, as it worked with us all but so good, Izumi in the shortest time even 5 minutes;-). Every exit on the bus was affectionately commented on by her: “Hurry, hurry but not rush”. She was our mother for everything. She cared about everything, she knew everything and she was always there when you needed it. Everything was so perfectly organized by her so that we could enjoy our days relaxed. We could just let ourselves drift-it was all taken care of.

Due to the rain we had gained some free time, but had to pack the suitcases first, 33304067 1767457059980519 2736317397924315136 n because we wanted to leave for Hakone the next day. In the evening, Team Europe went together Sushiessen. Sushi… I thought I know how sushi tastes-what we ate there was a taste explosion. It will be difficult to eat at home against “good” sushi;-).

The day was not quite over yet and we drove on one last bagger to the Skybar in the 45 floor and marveled at Tokyo at night. By the way, my English always works better through the daily conversations with other specialist advisors.

Day 4

Today we tried the mixed breakfast (Western style and Japanese)-which was a good experience. At 7.55 it went on again, but this time with KL. Hand luggage. By bus No. 1;-) we travelled to the mountains to Hakone. Wow! It was all green. Lush green. Green Mountains, so many different tall, green trees, green bamboo-everything was green. It was balm for the soul. I felt so relaxed and didn’t want to stop looking.

IMG 6976We have a KL. Boat trip over the dreamlike Lake Ashi made and are then driven by a mountain railway to the Komagatake Mountain. The mountain is located in the shore of Fuji. In good weather you have a very good view of him. Today, however, he hid behind a few clouds. On the Komagatake, a beautiful, small, red Shrein awaited us.

On the way to the restaurant we stopped for a “sporty” visit to the outdoor museum in Hakone. We looked at Picasso “in Flight”-stayed 4 IMG 7088 e1528543555431 minutes at the hot outdoor footbath and with Izumis words “hurry, hurry but not rush” we were already on the bus again and were on the way to lunch. We ate in a H0tel with a view of the beautiful lake.

Every day we experience a lot of amazing things at an incredible pace. If we did not have our clever booklet with the day program and the many beautiful photos, there would certainly be a mess in our minds. And once we stop, we’re just thankful. Thankful for what is happening, thankful that we could work it all out here and thankful that we can discover and feel such beautiful places in the big, Wide world.

On the way to the new hotel, Izumi opened up to us the wonderful world of Onsenb?der.

Short: hot, nude and man-female separated.

Japan the land of Hot springs-

Onsen, ryokan, food- a feast for all the senses

33199058 10156254704540782 5052586990004862976 oAlready at the entrance to the Onsen resort we felt moved to another world. Steaming rivers flowing under curved bridges, traditional Japanese rooms with their own bathtub on the balcony overlooking the waterfall and people strolling in comfortable Yukata-kimonos to the next bathing, let the packed last days immediately in Far back. We were from now on right in the land of paradise of relaxation. Before we travelled to Japan, I was so stressed-could hardly grasp any clear thought. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to “get ‘ the Extra”. It was the best, the best thing that has done us well for a long time.

In our room was a surprise 2 traditional towels folded as a kimono.

The visit of the Japanese onsen meant for us relaxation on many levels. The effect of IMG 7111 the hot thermal water combined with the incredibly beautiful surroundings worked wonders. Next to the magnificent room there was a terrific meal. All this made the onsen experience complete.

In the evening we served classic Japanese cuisine with regional and seasonal delicacies. The prepared menus were very elaborately arranged. The food in Japan has been exceptional every day and this time it topped the previous day again. All the fellow travellers arrived at the Yukata for the sacrament. This was a nice experience…

At night we all went to the onsen bath. The average temperature of a Japanese onsen is 41-42 ?c for welding. It was a great relaxation for us. We were at night in the dark in the hot pools and looked at the lighted green mountains and listened to the waterfall… just heavenly.

Day 5

Today is again a further travel day. And so we did not sleep the beautiful hotel, we went toIMG 7034 e1528544818628 the onsen at 5 o’clock in the morning. We just don’t get enough of this wonderful water. That day the ladies were in the other onsen and we enjoyed the view over the distant mountains. The sun just went up and light Nebeltau lay in the air. The morning began as in fairy tales:-) it could always be like this.

We broke up our onward journey to Kyoto in the Shikansenzug. Lunch was served in a lunchbox-even that looked good. In the hotel the luggage from Tokyo awaited us again. Again everything went smoothly. Sometimes we feel that Japan, in a positive sense, is like an ant nation. Everything is absolutely well organized, everything runs as planned and really everything is in a fantastic condition and in an extremely high quality. Everything is so extremely clean and we never feel that anything or anyone is stressed. Everything happens as if by magic.

The afternoon we had free. Leisure-What to look for? We had 4 hours left before we met with 3 other advisers for dinner.

Alex and I visited 2 temples/shrines in time, walked to the Craftvillage on foot and found the restaurant. Not bad for the giant program in the “Little” time.

33442866 1770209846371907 1685056858680721408 n 1In the evening we ate in a traditional Sukiyaki restaurant. The choice is much on the Komaitei and is a famous Sukiyaki restaurant that has a 100-year history in Kyoto. We enjoyed the Wagyu (Ohmi) beef prepared by the hostess for us at the table. Again a new experience and a very good:-). Then we plunged together into the night life of Kyoto. We were driving through the craziest alleys and found a very small bar. There were 4 people inside-in addition with US 5 she was also sufficiently full. We ordered sake and exchanged our lives for half the night. What did we laugh? 🙂 But then it was better to go back by taxi….

Day 6

At 7.30 (!) Our 6th day began with a journey to Hiroshima. We were expecting a very emotional day. We visited the peace Monument and the Peace Memorial Park. The monument to 33224531 897300080458375 1189620844804964352 o World peace. Each of us travelers had crafted several origami cranes, which we had tied together to garlands. We put them together at the memorial and thought together about the victims and asked for world peace. It was very emotional and the further course to the Peace Museum was quiet.

After that we drove again with buses to the young, busy city centre. We ate a Hiroshima Spezialti?t today: Okonomiyaki. In a KL. House, on over three floors we enjoyed the Okonomiyaki-baked cakes. It is fried cabbage, sprouts, egg and dough and then served. A kind of Japanese pancake. Really yummy.

IMG 7092Afterwards we visited, after a KL. Boat trip, the Itsukushima shrine. This shrine is part of the World Heritage Site. The huge Torii (over 16 meters) can only be reached at low tide. The visit was impressive. There were even more shrines, as well as a narrow alley with all sorts of souvenir stores and food opportunities. Oysters were grilled everywhere… unfortunately we were still very tired of the lush Okonomiyaki.

We came back the evening very late, grabbed the suitcases again, because the next day we went back again towards Tokyo.

Day 7

The morning we actually had a free time. We had breakfast but as usual very early to see as IMG 7237 much of Kyoto as possible. This time in the Japanese breakfast restaurant. Hmm, I like that:-). Then we went to the Foodmarket. Also I always imagined Japan: narrow, long lanes and right and left everywhere craftsmanship, fish, fruit, sake, Teestores, fan shops and at the end of the alley of course again a shrine;-)

Our lunch was back on the train-the afternoon we had free in Tokyo. Together with Team England we dared to go to another area of Tokyo alone in the subway. We 046D4C33 E9DF 4CEC A058 9E05F96B6D37 e1528543917924 really wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe;-). Searched, found and the rest of the time we sat alone for the first time in a week, during the day for a long time in the caf? and enjoyed a beer and watched Japan as it lives and drifts. I could have been sitting here for hours.

In the evening, Kurt Fulle, CEO of NIkken, invited us to all expert advisors from Europe, USA and Canada for a fabulous dinner at the steak restaurant. It was perfect. A round evening with excellent food and valuable conversations made this day a very special one. After that we decided to go to a karaoke bar. It was a great fun and brought us all together even more closely. Unfortunately I did not dare to crush a hit alone-maybe next time.

Day 8

2018 05 28 PHOTO 00000140The last day. We have full time for ourselves until the evening and can plan our own excursions. Today we asked Tokyo on our own on foot. Hours we have run, have amazed and felt all the green candy bought in Tokyo;-). Today the day was very difficult for me, because I missed my children infinitely doll.

In the late afternoon we drove again to the Skybar high to see one last time this gigantic city and tried to grab it. Not once did we feel crushed by the size-we always have the feeling that it is very wide.

We were able to do the gala dinner and found in our rooms the next surprise: For everyone there was a kimono jacket. 🙂 By bus we were taken to a unique place in Tokyo. IMG 7296 e1528543536868We expected a nice reception in a stunning park with beautiful ancient bonsai. The dinner was accompanied by geisha dancers. After the very high quality food, there was a performance by a well-known Japanese drummer group. We were intoxicated. We danced together, we were laughing and crying in our arms, because we were all well aware that it was so slow to say goodbye. But it became even more emotional on our way back. We had become a big family after a long time-as different as we are: linguistically, each has a different history, different ages, different countries-different customs. Our bus was turned into a karaoke shuttle. Who wanted sang songs. And since we were the bus with a colourful variety of languages, songs were heard in Swedish, English, French and Italian. Our enchanting Izumi, we all still handed a cl together. Gift as a thank you for the unforgettable time. Also Izumi was close to tears. I think she also had a lot of fun with us. The hotel was still hugged for hours and addresses exchanged and finally we had to pack our suitcases (phew, the place is still enough for everything) and a little sleep.33985686 898158750372508 139553627864825856 o

Day 9


The Nikken team Kaizen trip is over, and although I am sad to leave Japan and all the great people I know and appreciate, I am also very excited to embrace my sons.

Early on, Team Europe and Izumi went to the airport. Izumi Our Lady of the heart, brought us to the check-in-next she was not allowed. Probably she would also have liked to come on the plane to see that we also have all our right places. She is a gold piece and the best travel companion I have ever experienced.

IMG 6972After 31 hours of return, Bremen had us again and we had our children. This was so good to keep you back in your arms and to tell you about our adventure trip and of course to unpack our green souvenirs;-)





By the way, my greatest treasure of the trip was my Goshuinch?. 11 Stamps decorate the beautiful book:-)2018 06 01 PHOTO 00000165

What is our conclusion:

It was perfect.

IMG 7165We had good conversations and delicious, healthy food and we both had a lot of new Nikken friends gained.IMG 7139

This trip was so relaxing and impressive. It is exactly what we needed at this time in our lives, and we are Nikken so thankful that you invited us to everything. What an incredible way to reward people for their efforts! … I could get used to it.IMG 7036 e1528544795851

Thanks for reading on our trip. I wish you much well-being and happiness. And if you want to be part of the team Kaizen and want to experience unforgettable journeys: you can make it!