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Nikken Wellness Products for your well-being and more energy

Health and wellness with Nikken

In all areas of life, our well-being and energy depend on a balanced attitude to life: Body, mind, family, community, and finances influence your well-being.

A healthy (home) environment is an important support for your welfare and that is why we recommend the Nikken Wellness House.

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For a energetic life in balance


Since 1975, Nikken from the well-being and energetic area is indispensable.

Balanced Eating

A good and balanced diet is elementary. But what do you need every day for a holistic diet? Find all the information about products like Lactoferrin, Ciaga, GreenZymes (barley grass) and more

Magnetic Jewellery

Magnetic jewellery from NIKKEN is now available in various designs. Discover the right match to your taste.

NIKKEN Buy Products in the USA

You can buy NIKKEN products conveniently and safely in the online shop.

You still have questions?

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

How much does it cost to become a Nikken Consultant?

It costs 23 USD to become a Nikken consultant and you can apply here.

How to become a consultant for Nikken?

Ask us 😉 We are happy to assist you to becoming a Nikken consultant und to successfully start you Nikken business.

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