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Is good sleep expensive?

According to Iowa State University millions of Americans have trouble sleeping.

When was the last time you had an excellent night’s sleep many nights in a row?

Typical scenario:

You’ve had a long, tiring day. Maybe things didn’t go the way you thought they would.figure 1707104 1920
Sleepy, traffic jams, stress at the office, no time for a relaxing lunch.
Sat a lot. Quick to pick up the kids to school (sitting), out with the dog (yippee a short walk), drive the kids to the hobby (sitting), quick to do things, you also wanted to take a shower – really with peace and quiet.

You already told your girlfriend weeks ago: “I’ll be in touch.” Hurry, hurry and do fair to everyone, determine your day.

The way back was faster than you thought and you have a 30-minute break – just for you. But you’re tired and everything else has to wait.

Your feet are burning and your back is aching. Oh, great. Always at the “right” time.

So you just lie there with a hot water bottle in your back and think for the Xth time about doing more sports and sitting less.
“I’m going back to the gym next week…”

In the evening you fall into bed completely broken and it starts again, like most nights:

You lie there, your thoughts still circle: some are in the morning and some are in the past day. You roll yourself from A to B, your back comes back to you. No position seems to be the right one. You sweat, then you freeze. If you have fallen asleep, you wake up again and again at night and it takes time until you get back to sleep.

From time to time you have the thoughts: why can’t I sleep?

So slowly it is getting light again – and you already suspect it… the alarm clock is about to ring.
The madness starts all over again, but hey, “next week I’m going to the gym”.

You know that one or something like that?

When was the last time you started the day with a lot of energy?

Your body lacks the recovery and not because you don’t have “perfect timing” during the day.
Our body recovers at night.
It needs the deep sleep phases to get into regeneration, to wake up fit and full of energy in the morning.

A good day begins the night before.magnetfeld

This is the truth of the matter.

Basically many people know how important sleep is.
We spend most of the time in our lives in a certain place: in our bed
For the sake of our body and our well-being, we should give this place a lot of attention.
As you make your bed, you sleep” is correct.

How much attention do you pay to your sleeping comfort?

The magnetic support offers us a lot of comfort, which our body needs to relax and especially to get into deep sleep.
You can read more about this here:

Sleeping in a magnetic field cocoon

Why the magnetic mattress is becoming increasingly popular


Even if we have exhausting days, we can rely on our magnetic mat to support us in the best possible way to welcome the new day with filled energy stores.

We have been able to provide infinitely many customers with a restful sleep.

Is good sleep expensive?morning 1850893 1920

There are also customers who would very much like to have a magnetic mat for their bed, but believe that it is very expensive.

Yes, I agree with the customers to a certain extent.
At first view it may seem expensive.

Therefore you should take a closer look: What are the advantages of a high-quality mattress and how much does a night of rest, de-stressing, charging and regenerating cost me.

The magnetic overlay is a high-quality product, at the cutting edge of magnetic technology and equipped with many important features that can offer us exactly this kind of excellent sleep.

Like for example:

  • Breathable
  • is manufactured in the US
  • it turns your normal mattress into an environment that promotes healthy sleep
  • with magnet technology
  • long-lasting quality
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Moisture regulation
  • Ventilation
  • Natural, renewable materials
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Latex mixture
  • Surface is like an “egg box” structure with reinforced tips. This surface provides a relaxing Noppen Nikken Toppermassage effect and at the same time allows air circulation and the removal of sweat. Pressure points are avoided – for ideal sleeping comfort.
  • The fabric of the cover is manufactured without the use of pesticides or insecticides. It helps wick away moisture and provides a drier, more comfortable sleeping environment with improved ventilation.
  • Naturally hygienic as latex has natural antimicrobial features and is resistant to dust mites.
  • A further increase in comfort is achieved by the fact that the latex underlay adapts to the contours of your body, thus relieving pressure points.
  • Magnet technology does the work for you to promote healthy, relaxing and refreshing sleep.

What will a night in my magnetic bed cost me?

All the above-mentioned plus points together make a huge gift for our prevention and are important prerequisites for a restful, healthy sleep.

We asked ourselves: What does one night of well-being including regeneration for the next day cost?
Our calculation is based on usage of 15 years. That is not unusual. On the contrary: the mattresses are of such high quality that they could be used for much longer!
We have 3 price examples with 3 different sizes. ( Price, 2020, US)
  • Twin
  • Queen
  • King
365 days x 15 years = 5475 days in use
$ 768 ?: 5475 days = 0,14 $
Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper – Queen $ 1318
for use by 2 persons
365 days x 15 years = 5475 days in use
$ 1318 : 5475 days = 0,24 $
12 Cent per person
Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper – King $ 1536
for use by 2 persons
365 days x 15 years = 5475 days in use
$ 1536 : 5475 days = 0,28 ?
14 cent per person
15 years of high quality sleep costs me in a single or big double bed as a customer between 12-14 cent per day.
12-14 cents, so that I wake up refreshed in the morning
12-14 cents, so that my body is in balance
12-14 cents to experience several deep sleep phases
12-14 cents to regenerate every night
12-14 cents to go through the day with energy and joy.
With a 20 year usage, the usage per night would be around 9 cents!

We only have one wellbeing!joy 2483926 1920

What is this worth to you?
If you would like more information about sleeping products such as magnetic pads, pillows and blankets, you can find many articles about them in our wellbeing guide and blog.
We would also be happy to send you the current sleep brochure and advise you personally.
Other products that can support your back and your heavy, burning feet in addition to the sleeping system are:
the magnetic backplate “Magflex”
and the insoles mSteps or mStrides so that you can have full energy all day long.
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