NIKKEN magnets

How do I use the magnets?

We are often asked how to use the magnet taler, the magnet plasters and the magnet plate.

What magnetic products does Nikken offer?

Magnets are built into almost every Nikken product.
Pure magnet products for a wide range of uses are:


Then there are other magnet products where the application is clearer at first glance, such as

back to the 3 first mentioned magnets:

Where and how can I use the PowerChip (magnetic coin)?

The PowerChip is a round, magnetic thaler. It has approximately the size of a large coin. (4cm diameter).

Field of application: Wherever it is to support

Many people use the PowerChip in combination with the bandages.IMG 6451

So you have the support of the bandage and the magnetic energy of the PowerChip.

It is sufficient, for example, if you want to support your knee, to place the magnetic coin on one side under the bandage at the knee. You can also use 2 magnets.

Place the thaler where it is comfortable for you.

The same applies to elbows, ankles, feet, wrists etc.

When I physically feel in summer that my nose is tingling and running again and my eyes itch, then I need much more energetic support.

I then clamp the PowerChip in the middle of the bra underwire or hang the PowerChip on a long chain (one eyelet is attached to the magnetic coin) at this point. It takes less than 5 minutes and my discomfort is forgotten (whereby I always support myself with the energy of the insoles).

Furthermore, the PowerChip is a constant companion on excursions. We are outdoors a lot, the kids climb and every now and then it happens that somebody falls and does not feel well. Then our magnet coin comes into play and provides support wherever it is needed.

Our magnetic tokens are always ready to stick to the fridge – an all-round talent.

The PowerChip is available individually.

We prefer to have more than one: one is always on the fridge and the others are usually in trouser pockets and handbags 😉

Advantages of the PowerChip:

  • Versatile portable,
  • patented dynaflux magnetic energy
  • 100% magnet cover
  • easy to clean
  • compact size: fits in every handbag and trouser pocket
  • durable
  • small eyelet for necklaces
  • can be used in support bandages

Advantages of support bandages in combination with magnets

  • support your maximum mobility and overall physical well-being.
  • supportive and flexible
  • washable
  • can help to reduce joint problems caused by injury or age, for example
  • different sizes ( are small )

Where and how can I use the PowerMini (magnetic plaster)?

The small magnetic patches are similar to the magnetic PowerChip, but due to their size they can be used anywhere and at any time.
The magnetic patches give you immediate energy and stay in place thanks to the patch. 

Despite their small size, Nikken has managed to put Dynaflux technology in there: this means deep energy and lots of magnetic power for you. Kenko PowerMini magnets each contain more than one opposing magnet to create a magnetic field that penetrates much deeper.
You therefore do not need many magnets when using them.

The Nikken Kenko PowerMini comes in a pack of 12 magnets with 24 self-adhesive plasters. The cover is very practical for transport and they won’t get lost.

The magnetic units can be reused as often as you like without losing their function.

My tip: If the plasters are too small or used up, we use tape to stick them on.


What is the difference between the magnetic coin and the magnetic patches?

Obviously, first and foremost in size.

You can use the PowerMini, just like the PowerChip, wherever you want energetic support.

We use both – depending on where the product is needed.

For example, if I have a feeling of discomfort on my finger joint or neck, I use the small magnetic patches – the PowerMini. Firstly, because it is much more pleasant and practical to attach a small magnet there.

For larger areas, such as the knees, legs etc. we use the PowerChip.

Both are great magnets that will support you with the magnetic energy.

With which side do I have to stick the PowerMini?

The fixed back of the magnet with the Nikken logo is against the tape, so the other side faces the skin.

Where and how can I use the MagFlex (magnetic plate)?

The Magflex is a larger, very flexible magnetic plate.Kenko Flex Nikken

You can use it for your back or other parts of your body if you want more balance there.
Very popular is the use on the back, on the stomach and on the hips.

You can use the back plate either with the matching back belt or without. If you do not like the material on your naked skin and do not want to use a belt, you can also put the Magflex in a washing glove or put it over your clothes.

I clamp the MagFlex between the waistband of my trousers or skirt on my stomach or back. It is one of my favorite products. It is also always with me when I travel to support me when I sit or stand for long periods of time.


Advantages of the back belt

The back belt has several advantages:

  • the back plate stays in place due to the belt
  • it is flexibly adjustable in size
  • support your maximum mobility and overall physical well-being

Advantages of the magnetic back plate:

  • supports day and night
  • good size
  • full Dynaflux magnet technology with depth effect
  • easy to clean, easy to maintain
  • flexible
  • light and thin
  • may relieve symptoms
  • breathable
  • due to grooved back, slipping is minimized
  • 100% magnetic coverage


How do I know that the magnets will give me energy?

There are many ways to illustrate this.superman 1825720 640
With each product, including the bandages with the special warmth technology, we can use (kinesiological) tests to illustrate that your body quickly has more energy available or is more elastic and that your body can be brought into balance with the energy products.
We do not become stronger. The magnets have a balancing effect on the body, so that every single cell can function optimally.


What are kinesiology tests?

Kinesiological tests are simple muscle tests. They can confirm that a certain product has a positive effect on you.

You notice that your muscle gives way or holds. You can test this by pressing your arms down .

In short: If you have energy, the power stays up and the other way around.

Do you have questions about one of the products?

We are always happy to help you with our many years of experience.

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