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Air purifiers can support us very well

Useful for whom?virus 1812092 1920

An air purifier is particularly useful for waiting rooms of medical practices, for offices or for other public spaces such as canteens, hairdressing salons or nail studios and of course for your home. Wherever people come together and the air is more or less still, the risk of infection increases.
And naturally also for our own home.

What does an air filter do?

An air purifier cleans the air of pollutants.kenkoair purifier

In this way it provides fresh, healthy air.

Flu and colds are many times the result of viruses and bacteria. You can catch a flu all year round – not only in winter. Viruses and pathogens simply need a suitable target that can be found wherever people come together.
However, viruses are not the only ones that attack the immune system. Bacteria are also ready to attack the body at any time.

In contrast to viruses, which need a host to exert their pathogenic effect, bacteria also multiply independently and very quickly. And fast means really fast: under good conditions, bacteria divide every 20 minutes.

How can bacteria and viruses enter the body?

for example:

  • Droplet infection
  • Infection via the air
  • smear infection
  • Infection via fluids and nutrition
    – Infections are often transmitted from person to person via viruses and bacteria.
    – When sneezing, coughing and speaking, tiny droplets of saliva float through the air and cause an infection.
    – Sooner or later, personal contact via the skin when shaking hands or a smear infection via contact with objects also brings pathogens close to the mucous membranes from where they enter the body.

Washing hands is therefore especially important during a flu epidemic.

In addition, many pathogens buzz through the air in the room and thus reach the mucous membranes extremely easily, where they open up new sources of infection. Doctors’ surgeries, crowded trams or the open-plan office are considered to be classic centres of infection.

When everything around you sneezes and coughs, millions of small attackers can attack your immune system.
All the more important that you take good care of an intact immune system.

How can we minimize particles in the air?

Both at home and at work, doctor’s office or hairdresser’s salon, annoying pathogens can be banished from the air you breathe with an air purifier.

Viruses and bacteria:

When people are in places with poor air circulation, such as public transport and offices, the risk of kenkoair5 1infection increases rapidly. Bacteria and viruses floating in the air are extremely small and invisible to the eye. The possibility of infection is great.

Some bacteria and viruses also multiply in poorly ventilated rooms or inadequately maintained building ventilation systems and circulate there for a long time through the air we breathe.

How can I significantly minimize viruses and bacteria?

With an air purifier .

These are air purifiers with dust filters that can retain even the finest particles.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and Ultra-Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filters are two of the most common air filters used in homes, automobiles, biomedical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and hospitals which require very clean air.

HEPA filters are extremely good.

We recommend the KenkoAir Purifier from NIKKEN.

Nikken filter has the ability to produce clean ions that create negative ions (to create a refreshing, invigorating atmosphere) without releasing harmful ozone.

Nikken’s KenkoAir cleaner offers all these features in one product. Now you can enjoy the air in your home with every breath, every day.

Although its price is comparable to many ordinary air filters, the KenkoAir air purifier offers you much more:
– Based on the negative ion technology
– Clinically clean, naturally fresh
– Advanced filtration in professional quality
– Ozone-free operation
– Compact design, automated operation, competitive price
– quietly
– different volume settings, by selecting the power output.
– Filter change indicator, etc.
– low in power consumption

Food, water and sleep are all important, but air is the most immediate need. It’s something we use several times a minute!

What could be more worthwhile than improving air quality?

The groups who spend the most time at home are children and the elderly.

Good indoor air quality is even more essential for them.

How can I prevent?

“The greatest wealth is well being”

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