Strengthen your immune system – even more so now!

A guide how to build and maintain your immune system step by step.

A healthy immune system does not need a lot – but regularity.

Our support tips on how to strengthen and keep your immune system strong:

1: drink water:

  • drink alkaline water
  • We need an alkaline body
  • If your body is over acidified, it has effects on many, many levels, psychologically as well as physically.

Effects if your body is over acidified:waterbottle

  • sleep disorders
  • Overweight
  • Skin problems
  • Joint pain
  • Infectious
  • high blood pressure
  • Hair loss can occur

With alkaline water, you flush your acidity out over your stomach and intestines and cleanse yourself from the inside.

Drink enough water. It is important that your body is well hydrated. Dehydration sets in extremely quickly and has a major impact on all parts of the body.

Our liver e.g. consists of 90% water. The liver is our detoxification organ. If our liver is insufficiently hydrated, we cannot detoxify and over-acidity. If we over acidify, it acts as a metabolic brake.

2: lactoferrin:
Lactoferrin gives us some protection internally. Above all, your intestine belongs to it and therefore your body and mind again, because a healthy intestine also has positive effects on your psyche.

3. Greenzymes
Greenzymes is a barley grass JUICE powder. It is really great!

Bio-Jade-GreenZymes offers a combination of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and more. It helps to balance the pH because it is extremely basic and supports and strengthens the immune system.


4. CiagaKenzenSuperCiaga Nikken 300x293
Ciaga is organic super fruit juice concentrate that is made exclusively from organic fruits.

High ORAC values: The ORAC value is a parameter to indicate its antioxidative ability. Antioxidants can make free radicals harmless. Sometimes a chain reaction and an increase in free radicals can occur in our body. This process is also known as “oxidative stress”. Free radicals or oxidative stress in large quantities can considerably restrict the function of our body cells and weaken our immune system. That is why it is important to provide our body with so-called antioxidants.
Provides the body with essential nutrients and antioxidants.
Highly concentrated fruits with natural anti-inflammatory characteristics.
With these 3 food supplements you are well looked after. So that these can be processed correctly by the body and transported to the place where they belong, it is important that you provide them with a reliable means of transport.

Silent Waters!

In addition to nutritional supplements, other factors for a good immune system are:

  • no stress
  • balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • move
  • fresh air
  • good sleep
  • to be in balance.

No stress:

It’s easier said than implemented, but stress is the number one trigger when it comes to the development of diseases.

Through stress, we weaken our immune systems and a weakened immune system inevitably leads to illnesses.

If we have permanent stress, i.e. for months, we have recurrent diseases – such as increased susceptibility to respiratory infections – more serious problems.

Those who are stressed need water and food supplements, especially a good night’s sleep.

Restful sleep is anything but comatose sleep: ?somehow getting the night around? and to a certain extent in Schlafsystem NIKKEN 300x121the morning with coffee so that the day can start.

Restful sleep means that it supports your immune system and thus supports you to stay in a well being!

You need a sleep

  • that brings you into the deep sleep phases and lets you stay there.
  • ?which gives you back the energy you used during the day.
  • that lets you rest deeply because only in deep sleep is learned and experienced processed.
  • Nikken offers you these energies. Sleeping in the magnetic cocoon is an incredibly soothing experience that you won’t want to do without when you find out what positive effects it has on you. Night for night.

The better you relax, the better you can take care of your immune system.

In summary, you can do the following for your immune system:

  • At night: sleep in the magnetic field cocoon
  • During the day you supply yourself with water at home and in the office with the Pimag Waterfall and on the way you drink water from the sports bottle with integrated water filter – this even filters out microplastics.
  • Furthermore, you take the food supplement in the morning or during the day and, if necessary, in the evening: lactoferrin, greenzymes and Ciaga to optimally support your diet.
  • In order to be supplied with the important magnetic energies during the day, we recommend the insoles. The magnetic field is activated with every movement. Soles alone make a noticeable difference.

With these few products, you are well looked after and can rebuild and stabilize your immune system step by step.

Your body is worth protecting and the Nikken products offer us all the important energies that are required.


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