Who we are

We are “Hanseaten”IMG 3832

Born and grown up in Germany, Bremen and Hamburg respectively, we are real northern lights. The sea is around us all our lives – so we were drawn to the Mediterranean a few years ago. Working together with Nikken allows us to live and work where we want and to fulfill our dreams.

We have always wanted to get involved in a big cause, to do a job that is important.

It makes us happy to support people so that they can sleep soundly again or be active without physical challenges … or that they enjoy financial security. With every Euro we earn, we have helped people to feel better. That is a wonderful feeling.

We have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. This makes us happy and satisfied.

There was a time in our lives when we felt that we were working day and night. Going further and further, faster and faster, no time for breaks. Switching off, relaxing, sleeping through the night was something that we had already forgotten at a very young age.

Neither of us wanted to go on like that and we made decisions for ourselves:

Our goal was “a life in balance”

We have looked at every pillar in our lives and have started to balance them step by step.

The product experience changed everything

We got to know the products through the pain therapist of Alexander’s father. His father was 77 years old at the time. For various reasons, walking, sitting or lying was always very painful for him.

Based on the recommendation, he used the sleeping system, the insoles and the Magflex first of all. After some time he was much more mobile, he could sleep through and leave the house without a walker. It still makes me happy today when I write about it. For my father-in-law it was a gift of life.

From that moment on Nikken moved into our house too and endless great product experiences followed.

We automatically became more interested in the company behind it all and started to look at the technologies and feel-good issues like sleep, water and energy.

For us it was clear very quickly: This is a huge topic which affects almost everyone somehow, we are sitting at the source – we will definitely help others to feel good again and to pass on our knowledge and experience.

That was 21 years ago now. We are grateful for the recommendation that someone gave us at that time and we are very happy that we were open for new things.

personal product experience


My most intense experience is with the sleep system. I have been allergic since childhood. Everything that blooms and flies around in spring and summer affected my life very much. I was rarely able to go outside, I missed a lot of school and often I couldn’t meet with friends in the afternoon. The reason: the allergies made my eyes itch and everything tickles. My nose was running all the time, I couldn’t get out of sneezing. The eyes were swollen, the head skin was scratched.My best friend once painted me as a puffing ox – with red, padded nostrils and big eyes: yes, I understand your smiling – but that’s exactly how I looked.

After I had the sleeping system, I was and am able to take care of the garden again, to spend the spring and summer outside. Even cutting the grass is possible. Every allergy sufferer will understand what a great relief this is for me.

I had myself tested again 9 years ago, because I wanted to know whether the allergies had disappeared. No, they have not. On the sheet of paper, in my yellow allergy card, it says that I am highly allergic to hazelnut, grass pollen mixture, rye, birch, alder, etc. And only on the sheet of paper – my body is so balanced that I do not need nasal spray or other medication. For me this is an incredible experience.


With me it all started with the sleeping system: Since my childhood I often suffered from sinusitis. The consequence was antibiotic treatment 3-4 times a year and another sinusitis followed. It was chronic. This went on throughout my life until my studies. It was a very painful way.

Since I have taken care of myself with the sleeping system (i.e. a pillow, the mattress cover and the blanket) and sleep in this magnetic cocoon, I sleep through it, deeply and firmly. I am rested and feel extremely well in the morning. I did not have to be treated for sinusitis any more.


Our awareness

We have learned again to take care of our bodies, learned to relax and have dealt intensively with completely different topics.

Our habits define our quality of life! Today we have a pleasant quality of life. We have learned to slow down. This journey is a gift. The result was physical and mental recovery.

It has shown us that you don’t have to risk everything to be happy and successful. There are other ways to fulfill your wishes.

Our work

We have now been working for a long time in an area that fulfills us and at the same time allows us to be successful in many areas. Today we are holistic self-care coaches who support people in leading a life in balance and people who want to develop their career or reorient themselves. We show solutions that can be combined with career and well-being.

We are convinced that a life in balance is the answer to many challenges. A life in balance means striving for balance in all areas of life: Growth and fulfillment in the family, in our relationships with other people and also on a spiritual and health level as well as a balance in finances. Everything is interconnected.

The stronger our foundation is, the stronger our holistic well-being can be.IMG 4173

Ask yourself the question: What do you really want?

We have learned through our path who we really are and what we really want and need.
If you are also looking for a change, we will gladly support you on your way.

“Change is not a threat, but a chance to grow as a personality”

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