who we areOur story 1

Born and grown up in Germany, Bremen and Hamburg respectively, our childhood in the north was “mixed” like the weather. Due to circumstances such as upbringing, environment, school, expectations etc. our priorities in life were quickly clear: “To be successful through hard work”.

Workaholic quickly determined our lives …

on and on and on…

Perfectionists combined with a large portion of creativity = a pot full of good ideas that have been worked out and realized in every detail. 7 days a week. Switch off? Why then? It’s fun. At least that’s what we thought.

This way of working has gotten us way up the ladder in our careers. We were motivated, inspired and we got applause. Our way of life was adapted to the way we work: higher, faster, further…

We thought we finally did it! We thought we were “satisfied”.

And then it was suddenly quiet:

The fast-paced lifestyle, the urge for perfectionism and success through hard work demanded its price. It was too much. And there came what had to come: We both reached a point in life that was “filled” with emptiness and lack of energy.

The consequences were various diseases, intolerances and problems in all areas of life. We were exhausted, unable to cope with stress and above all discouraged.

What was going on here?

Clearly: we had to change our lifestyle. Our bodies clearly showed us both: STOP. Up to here and no further. Our limits were clearly reached. It was clear to us that we could not run over other stop signs. No matter how hard the urge for more was, we needed a break.

It was as if someone would finally shake us awake and free us from our hamster wheel! We accepted this challenge and started all over again: We learned to take care of our bodies again, learned to relax and dealt with completely different issues.

Our habits determine our quality of life! And we wanted a quality of life worth living. So we started to slow down. This trip was a gift. The result was physical and mental recovery. It was a path with a lot of arguments with ourselves that was worth it.

In the beginning, we actually “only” wanted to get healthy again and have energy again, so that we could start full steam ahead again – after all, it was what we always did and could do well. But apparently life had something else in mind with us: deep insights and consciousness.

It showed us that you don’t have to risk everything to be happy and successful.

Our eyes were opened and we were no longer willing to go back to our old structures. It was as if it no longer suited us. We no longer wanted to exchange time for money at any price and put our health at risk. Our newly gained energy felt so good. We felt free, light and our well-being was more important to us than ever. We wanted to keep control of our lives and live our lives.

What did we learn?

Set priorities, slow down and enjoy life. The saying “less is more” fits very well.

We have been working in a field that fulfills us for a long time and that allows us to be successful in many areas. Today we are holistic SelfCare coaches who support people in leading a life in balance and people who want to develop professionally or reorient themselves. We show solutions that can be combined with career and well-being.

We are convinced that a life in balance is the answer to many challenges. A life in balance means striving for balance in all areas of life: Growth and fulfillment in the family, in our relationships with other people and also on a spiritual and health level as well as a balance in finances. Everything is interconnected.

The stronger our foundation is, the stronger our holistic well-being can be.

Ask yourself the question: What do you really want?Our story 2

We have learned through our path who we really are and what we really want and need.

If you are also looking for change, we will gladly accompany you on your way.

“Change is not a threat, but a chance to grow as a personality”

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