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Fascinating, fashionable jewellery with a feel-good factor! There is hardly a better way to carry the effective energy technologies of Nikken all day, than our sporty elegant, unique and energy-giving jewels, which are the ideal accessory for everyday life.

Magnetic jewellery ? the positively effective accessories

Prominent golfers, tennis players, but also industrial tycoons and stars of the music industry are increasingly seen with magnetic jewelry. Whether as a bracelet or necklace, just as as earrings or as magnetic jewelry around the shackles. The reason for this seems to be that magnetic jewelry with its invisible but effective forces can trigger a significant improvement in the well-being and the ability of its wearer to concentrate.

The fact that magnetism causes or accelerates certain positive, health-promoting processes in the human body is no longer a nurse?s tale. Magnetic resonance therapy, also known as magnetic field therapy, is a recognized healing method in the context of alternative medicine. And the range of treatments is wide-ranging: from osteoarthritis to osteoporosis to poorly healing wounds as well as chronic headaches or migraines, magnets and magnetic jewellery are used.

NIKKEN magnets are not approved as medical devices and therefore we cannot make general healing statements.

Magnetic Necklace by NIKKEN

High-quality magnetic jewelry from NIKKEN

NIKKEN’s magnetic jewelry is unique in several respects. The processing down to the connections of the limbs and the closure is first class. In addition, the best raw materials are used, mainly metal alloys, which are also used, for example, for the production of surgical instruments. Only the best designers worked on THE NIKKEN magnetic jewelry, which is already recognizable at first glance.

Solid elegance and an optically recognizable value favoured by its own weight characterize these extravagant jewels. The timeless design makes it possible to wear this jewelry at any opportunity, whether at the New Year’s Eve ball in a noble round or while shopping together with the girlfriend. On top of that, the design is kept unisex. This means that both man and woman are always dressed appropriately with this magnetic jewelry at any time.

The hidden peculiarity of the magnetic forces is not recognizable – and these are extraordinary. The NIKKEN provides magnetic jewellery for around 800 to 2,000 Gauss magnetism. By comparison, the magnetic field of our Earth measured at only 0.5 gauss. This high magnetic radiation ensures that all body cells can absorb the positive effect of NIKKEN magnetic jewelry. It doesn’t matter if you choose a NIKKEN necklace, a bracelet or a pendant. Even with earrings or anklet, the mode of action would be unmistakable.

The trendy NIKKEN bracelet as magnetic jewelry

PowerBand calls NIKKEN the wristband designed for athletes and everyday life with integrated static magnets. In order to add to the invigorating effect, an incomparable wearing comfort, an ultra-light silicone rubber was used as an inner strap. Decorative beads made of ceramics as well as tourmaline and the highly effective static magnets were incorporated into it.

The NIKKEN Kalkei magnetic bracelet, which is very popular in black, was designed and produced as a jewel for every occasion. A chain of highly effective black stones form a bracelet of graceful beauty. This type of arm jewelry is also available as a multi-row magnetic jewelry at NIKKEN and with a positive radiation of up to 2,000 Gauss.

The effect on the heart – magnetic jewelry chains by NIKKEN

Slightly reworked in design, the Kenko Perfect Link II magnetic necklace made of stainless steel impresses with its timelessly elegant appearance. And due to the intense effect, because high-quality neodymium magnets are incorporated along the entire length of this necklace. Like all products from this range, The Kenko Remote Infrared Technology has been implemented. The field gradient magnetic technology also ensures uniformly intense magnetic radiation.

The Magnetic Necklace has proven to be the ideal necklace for the NIKKEN pendants. Available in gold colours and Planten Style, this finely crafted necklace is an effective magnetic jewelry in itself. If a Kirei counterpart or the Kenko Heart is attached to it, they are particularly well displayed.

The Five Billards Necklace is a little more funky. NikKEN’s five pillars are engraved as Japanese Kenji characters in the magnets: family, body, mind, society and finance.

The intensive mode of action of the NIKKEN magnetic jewelry

At present, well-being and energy levels cannot be precisely measured in the human body. However, it seems to be clear that the NIKKEN magnetic jewelry helps the body cells to provide significantly more energy in a balanced balance and stress-free than without this dressy jewelry. Thousands of positive comments from satisfied magnetic jewelry wearers confirm this impressively.

In alternative medicine, the effect of magnetic radiation on the human body is explained by the reorientation of the polarity of the cells. Radio waves, electrically powered machines and equipment, mobile phones, power lines and even the statically charged carpet made of synthetic fibres affect the body’s cells and put them into bipolar disorder. As a result, according to naturopathy, processes can no longer run smoothly. This affects metabolism, hormone production, digestion, but also thought processes and nerve conduction are usually slowed down or blocked. due to the intense radiation of up to 2,000 Gauss, the NIKKEN magnetic jewelry can positively influence the body and all its functions. When a cell is freed from stress factors, it works more efficiently and is less susceptible to disease. Users of the NIKKEN magnetic jewelry report a significantly increased well-being, much more narrower and about blockages dissolving – both mentally and muscularly.

Buy NIKKEN magnetic jewellery from a specialist

In order to buy the ideal magnetic jewellery from NIKKEN for your needs, trained consultants are at your side. These specialists will also help you choose complementary products and give you valuable tips for a healthier, more relaxed future. On top of that, you will always find your personal NIKKEN consultant at your side in the distant future. Thus, you will not miss any new developments, current research results and the latest findings from alternative medicine. Your personal contact person and experienced NIKKEN consultant can easily be found right here.

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