Operating Information Air Purifier

Setup lnstructions

Place the KenkoAir Purifier” in an appropriate area [see precautions and connect to a power source.

Operating instructions Activating the unit

When the KenkoAir Purifier” is first turned on, the air quality indicator will change color several times to calibrate itself and stabilize alter approximately 30 seconds. The blue end of the scale denotes a low level of airborne contaminants. Red signifies a higher concentration of pollutants. A sensor continually monitors the indoor air and any alteration is reflected in the color of this indicator.

Fan speed

Press the fan speed button to choose the desired speed. In auto mode, the fan speed is controlled by the air quality sensor and automatically adjusted as appropriate.


Pressing the timer button will set the KenkoAir Purifier” to operate for three hours, and pressing it again while the unit is operating in timer mode will cancel this setting.

Filter life indicator

When the filter life indicator is flashing, the filters require immediate replacement. After new filters are installed, activate the unit, then depress and hold the indicator button for three seconds to reset this function.

Air quality sensor

The air quality sensor that controls the unit in automatic mode may be adjusted to increase or decrease sensitivity. The sensor switch is accessible when the front panel is removed. There are three settings: low, medium and high. Setting the switch to LOW will make the device more sensitive [reactive to a low concentration of air contaminants. A setting of HIGH reduces the sensitivity so that in automatic mode the KenkoAir Purifier” is activated only when the airborne particle concentration is high.

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