NIKKEN Kenko PetPad


The Kenko PetPad provides your pet with the breathable warmth of ceramic reflective fibers. NIKKEN magnetic pad for petsCombined with Advanced Magnetic Technology that features specially placed magnets, it?s the ultimate in sleep and comfort technology for your pet.


  • The Kenko PetPad uses magnets to replicate the earth?s natural magnetic field. All animals have lived within this field for thousands of years until modern civilization removed its influence. Nikken restores this environment with Magnetic Technology.
  • The ceramic-reflective fibers are permanently infused into the pad fabric, releasing excess heat so that the Kenko PetPad helps maintain a comfortable temperature range in cool or warm weather.
  • The cover further increases comfort, with its soft surface and natural breathability. The strong, durable backing is designed to minimize slipping so the pad can stay in place.
  • The Kenko PetPad cover is completely machine washable, for easy care.
  • Older pets especially may have difficulty in sleeping. The PetPad can help your pet get better rest and remain healthier.
  • Helping your cat or dog to be more comfortable is not only a kindness; it may also assist in prolonging your pets lifespan.



Nikken Magnetic Technology

GAUSS RATING: 750 per magnet

MATERIALS: Polyurethane foam, 9 magnetic disks, ceramic-reflective fibers


Remove cover and machine wash. Air dry. Do not wash foam core.

WARRANTY: One-year standard limited warranty.

WARNING:?Do not place magnetic products in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, audio/videotapes, credit cards, portable electronic equipment, etc.


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