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Are you in pain? Other physical complaints? Relationship problems? Depression? Or other problems? – The cause could possibly be emotions trapped in your body! You can’t see them, but they’re there and sooner or later they can cause problems – that’s why Dr. Bradley Nelson, who developed the Emotion Code Method, calls it “the invisible epidemic”!

So you get rid of emotions that make you sick

Much of our problems are caused by negative emotional energies that are, so to speak, ?locked in? within us. The emotion code is a simple and effective method of finding and releasing these stored energies.

The book Emotion Code is divided into four main parts.

Part 1: When emotions are stuck in the body

In the first part of the book, Bradley Nelson devotes himself to describing what exactly stuck emotions are and what exactly can trigger them. Interesting, exciting examples illustrate his explanations.

Part 2: The world of energy

In this part we are taken back to the ancient world by Bradley Nelsons. Bradley Nelson shares the secrets of ancient energy medicine, from where Bradley Nelson traces the healing methods of other times to the mysterious realm of the quantum.

Part 3: The practical application of the emotion code method

In this chapter we will learn what the Emotion Code exactly is and how it is applied. Bradley Nelson explains in detail and in an easily understandable way the different ways in which it can be applied to himself, to others and also to animals. He has dedicated a separate chapter to the “walls around our hearts”. A step-by-step guide leads us through the process of releasing emotions. We are accompanied by a diagram and a table.

Part 4: A better future

In this chapter we will learn how it will be possible to live without stuck emotions in the future. Bradley Nelson accompanies us through the law of resonance to the choice of our emotions. Charity, integrity, pride, release and the willingness to forgive are other essential building blocks.

The main topics in the book are the emotion code and the heart wall. The nice thing is that while reading, we can immediately begin to apply the method for ourselves. As soon as we know how muscle testing works and have tried the different methods, we can start using the Emotion Code. A Emotion Code Magnet is recommended and it makes sense to get one, because the magnet increases the power of our intention. But, who can’t wait while reading – the start with intention. All we need then is our body.

The whole book is made even more vibrant and richer by stories of patients and people who have been healed. These stories are set apart from the actual content by a different text layout.

In the appendix of the book we find acknowledgements, references and a reference to further information about the Emotion Code.

The German translation of the book was done by Ms. Hufnagel in 2010. Ms. Hufnagel is a specialist for general medicine in the fields of internal medicine, oncology, surgery and naturopathy. In 2009 she became the first German certified EmotionsCode therapist.


Frequently asked questions about The Emotion Code

Who can use the Emotion Code?

The method is primarily designed as a self-help method, anyone can learn it!

However, there are also certified users who offer professional treatment sessions

How does that work?

Implementation of the method
During an emotion-code treatment, emotional causes for existing complaints or problems are searched for and old emotions that arise are resolved. The kinesiological muscle test is used for this purpose, as well as a specific magnetic treatment on a meridian known from traditional Chinese medicine. A session usually lasts about half an hour. During this time, one can work on as much emotional ballast as the body is ready to let go at that time. The amount can vary individually.

How does the consultation/treatment work?

The application of the Emotion- and BodyCode can be done personally or by phone for you, your child and/or your pet. ( With children and animals it always requires the agreement of the parents)
With the help of a kinesiological muscle test the user determines which are the causal stuck emotions on your subject. These are then permanently and highly efficiently removed by a special magnetic application.
This complementary, supporting energy method aims to activate your self-healing powers.

What is a “heart wall”?

In times of emotional pain or stress, our heart can really get hurt; that’ s where the words “heartache” and “broken heart” come from. Sometimes our subconscious mind then needs to build a “wall” around our heart to protect it from further injury. This “heart wall”, which consists of trapped emotions, does not dissolve by itself, even if it is no longer useful. In the long run, it can lead to physical and emotional problems, such as emotional distance, numbness or a feeling of separation.

The book recommends the use of a magnet. What is the difference whether a consultation/treatment is carried out with or without magnets?

The magnet is the tool used to dissolve the previously tested trapped emotion when it is ready for it. The magnet is applied in a specific way to a particular meridian known from traditional Chinese medicine. If you don’t have a magnet at hand, you can also perform this specific application over the meridian by hand, since the human body also has a magnetic field. The effectiveness is exactly the same.

Which magnets are recommended in the book Emotion Code?

Dr. Bradley Nelson refers to Nikken’s magnets in his book.

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a method of identifying and releasing trapped emotions, which are negative emotions that have become trapped in the body. It is based on the belief that these trapped emotions can cause physical and emotional issues.

How does the Emotion Code work?

The Emotion Code works by using muscle testing to identify trapped emotions and then releasing them through a process called “releasing”. This process involves identifying the trapped emotion and then asking the body to release it using a magnetic pulse.

What are the benefits of using the Emotion Code?

The benefits of using the Emotion Code can include improved physical and emotional health, relief from chronic pain, improved relationships, and greater overall well-being.

Can the Emotion Code be used to treat specific conditions?

The Emotion Code can be used to address a wide range of physical and emotional issues, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It can also be used as a complementary therapy for other conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders.

Can anyone learn and use the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code can be learned and used by anyone, but it is best to consult a trained practitioner to ensure proper use and accurate results. Practitioners trained in the Emotion Code can guide clients through the process, helping them to identify and release trapped emotions.

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