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How do I use the magboy or magduo massage roller?

The difference

Again and again we are asked about the difference between the magduo and the magboy.
The magboy is the predecessor of the magduo. The handling of the magduo is the same. He is the much improved successor.nikken magboy kenko magduo magnetic massage spheres

The Magduo uses NIKKENs magnet Dynaflux technology. The Dynaflux? magnet technology provides an even, consistently intense magnetic coverage. Dynaflux? is based on a specific arrangement of several individual magnets – that is, positive poles meet positive poles and negative poles meet negative poles. This creates a dynamic, three-dimensional energy field when the Kenko MagDuo is rolled over the body for massage.


The magnetic roller consists of two rotating balls, which are provided with massage nubs.
The balls sit in a kind of box, which serves as a housing for the balls when massaging.
So you can massage parts of the body once individually and selectively or if both balls are anchored in the box, they can be rolled over the body together with ease.

A soothing rolling massage that can be performed quickly anywhere and at any time.

In addition, the housing can be closed with a lid, so that your massager remains clean and can be easily transported.

Where do I use the magboy or the magduo?massage magduo

  • Roll over the body parts affected by tension (neck, back, hands, wrists, feet, calves, etc.).
  • If you would like to do a self-treatment with the massage roller and create relaxation with individual balls, you can use it to massage the underside of your feet, for example. Your skin is stimulated by the nubs and the blood circulation is also stimulated.
  • Because the magnetic roller is compact and light, it can be used for every part of the body. For yourself or for a partner massage.
  • Nikken has found that the more complex a magnetic field is, the more effective it is, and the MagDuo? is probably Nikken’s most effective and fastest-acting magnetic product. It helps release muscle tension and relieve stress.

What is a massage good for?

It is well known that a massage can provide relief when we are troubled by tense muscles and stress.nikken massage

  • The Magduo will help you release tension in strained muscles and joints and reduce stress.
  • Massage nubs are helpful for a relaxing and stimulating massage
  • The use of Dynaflux? magnet technology improves the depth effect.
  • due to its easy application with today’s most sophisticated natural energy technologies, it offers an even better relaxation experience.

Where can I buy the magnet?

You can get the magduo in the shop


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