NIKKEN True Elements Youthful Face Cream

Refreshing face Cream

Anti-aging care for mature skin

  • Aloe Vera and polysaccharides from red algae donate moisture
  • Sea fennel contributes to the protection of the skin
  • PH-neutral to protect the skin
  • Support for the natural elasticity of the skin  for a more youthful appearance
Our refreshing face cream offers rich care for mature skin. It leaves a supple feeling on the skin by strengthening the elastin fibres that support the skin tissue and gives it a firmer and firmer appearance. The combination of vegetable butter and sea fennel extract helps to nourish, protect and regenerate the skin cells. Aloe Vera supports the skin to store moisture for a healthy, youthful appearance of the skin.
Filling Quantity: 50ml

True Elements Skincare series/skin care from NIKKEN.

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