Every crisis is an opportunity

Through thick and thin together …

Every one of us has a crisis in life.

That’s no reason to bury your head in the sand. Focus on your wishes, look for support to get from your current position A to your new destination B.

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The Wellness Home, where we live today with enthusiasm, has given us these great opportunities.
Through the products, we came to our current business.

The products provide us every day with enough energy to be in physical well-being.

The possibility to work with the products offers us balance in many other areas.

  • Once financially,
  • then we meet again and again new people who are also interested in well-being and
  • by creating a balance in the above-mentioned areas, we are also in a very positive spirit and can always look ahead.

We are very grateful that we have decided to take responsibility for our own well-being.

We want to PREVENT and not only treat discomfort.


We want to reach more people and inspire them to take care of their immune system and their general life situation so that we are strengthened holistically. Not only today but for a lifetime.

alkalisches wasser

What we do when there are challenges:

– Back to the Roots: First of all, live a balanced lifestyle. We have been doing this for many years. Living in a wellness home is a great advantage.
– Stay calm and de-stress: Anxiety is a stressor and stress puts our immune systems on edge.
– stay well:
Drink lots of water, breathe clean air, sleep well and take care of our immune system: Pimag water system/sports bottle, Greenzymes ( barley grass ), Lactoferrin and Ciaga as well as our Kenkopad ( sleeping in a magnetic cocoon ) give us the necessary support. Also, meditations help to relax.
positive thoughts, contact with loving people


Nikken offers us great products with the latest technology that can be easily integrated into any home and everyday life:
We want to support anyone who is ready and offer our expertise. We are right at the source.

In times like these, we are all the more grateful to have the opportunity to work from home and be there for our children. Everything can be brought together without stress.

The economic consequences

In crises, the economy suffers a lot and therefore unfortunately many jobs are lost. But even this is no reason to panic, but an incentive to overcome these times calmly, effectively and above all together.

There is always time to learn, to grow, and discover.
Every crisis is an opportunity. A chance for something new and for change.

Let us, therefore, be responsible and relaxed.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you.

If you need input on a variety of topics, please feel free to browse through our blog. Here we write about all topics related to the 5 pillars of well-being.


Times of crises: What can we do?

Soothing words in the current times

The current crisis poses great challenges for all of us. The situation and its consequences are new for all of us and we have to deal with it.

Together we will manage to master this situation:

Many people are anxious and insecure at the moment. They do not know what to do, how to behave or what to expect.
Let us take a neutral, objective look at the current situation:
What should we be doing right now?

1. stay calm
Stay calm and don’t spread panic.
Panic is counterproductive:

  • Aggression in the supermarket leads to aggression in the supermarket.
  • Do not spread rumors… stay objective
  • Every challenge is also an opportunity for us all. Assume self-responsibility

2. be considerate
If you are well and your immune system is strong, there is a chance that you will not even notice that you have anything. However, this does not apply to all people and therefore it is important to take responsibility:

  • Keep your distance to your fellow human beings – no matter what your personal opinion is or how difficult it is for you personally.

3. stay well
Of course, it is especially important that you stay well. At the moment there are no drugs for the actually pathogens. But you can support your body by strengthening your defenses and nurturing your immune system. This applies forever and not only nowadays:

  • Eat a holistic and balanced diet: especially vitamins, minerals and watch out for good
  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Drink regularly.
  • Get fresh air and vitamin D regularly.
  • Go for a walk (as long as your area is not declared a restricted zone). Of course, avoid crowds and try to find a route where there is enough room for everyone to avoid each other considerately. Go into the forest, to the beach, out into nature.
  • Ventilate your home and, if possible, filter your rooms with air filters.
  • Stay not only physically but also mentally healthy. Avoid conversations that cause fear or panic. Be concerned with positive things.

4. stay hygienic
Pathogens are mainly transmitted via the hands:hands 2238235 1920

  • wash hands regularly with soap under warm water: rub for at least 20 seconds. Do not forget the space between the fingers and the back of the hands. Rinse with plenty of warm water and everything is clean again!
  • Try to keep your hands away from your face.
  • Proper coughing or sneezing: in the crook of your arm. Your fellow men will be grateful to you.
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugs and kisses. In this case, it is considerateness and not rude. Greet each other with your feet ;-), if there is no other way.

With these simple measures, you can avert much, much disaster!

5. stay informed
… but don’t go mad.
Life tickers with the smallest, sometimes incorrect details of the location can cause anxiety: Fear causes panic.

  • Keep the overview to protect yourself.
  • Use the rest of the time for nice things: relax, enjoy the time and everything that makes you happy in your life.

6. stay at home
Even if it is not easy for some, please stay at home and only leave if you absolutely have to. Act responsibly and avoid the possible risk of infection and spread:

  • Help with boredom: Board games, reports, books and instead of going out for coffee with your best friend, you can use the phone.

7. care
do you really need those panic buying? Having a few groceries in the house to last a week is not wrong and you don’t need as much as you think. Be considerate of others. There’s enough for everyone. If possible, use the opportunity of online shopping.

What can we expect?

It is what it is and we are in an exceptional situation.
Our advice is and remains: Take care of your well-being!
We will probably experience partial overloading of our health system. We will experience that doctors and nursing staff will be at the edge of their possibilities and we will witness how people will get healthy again and emerge from the situation strengthened.
Take care of your well-being! The fewer people endanger their well-being, the easier it is for everyone.
Perhaps it is not always possible to prevent a widespread spread. However, it makes sense if we all take good care of ourselves – try to prevent diseases.
Maybe we can get more people to take care of their immune system and general life situation so that we are strengthened holistically.

Socially and socially

  • The closure of schools and daycare centers will also present many parents with major challenges. Not all of them have the opportunity to work from home while taking care of their children.
  • People have different opinions and views on current protective measures. Be considerate! Everyone deals with a sensitive issue in their own way. Talk about it instead of arguing.

Let’s be strong together by being mentally close to each other, but physically keeping a hygienic distance.


The economic consequences will be obvious.
The longer this crisis lasts, the more shops will close and the more jobs will be lost. This is an unpleasant truth that we must accept. But even that is no reason to panic, but rather an incentive to overcome this crisis as quickly, calmly, effectively and, above all, TOGETHER.

The best attitude

Let us, therefore, be responsible and relaxed.

We hope we were able to inform you well and that we could calm you down a little bit. Fear paralyzes us and the subsequent panic leads to many problems that we cannot use at the moment.
nikken filter

Every crisis is an opportunity. A chance for something new and for change.waterbottle

We wish you all the best for the time to come. Stay well!


In stressful situations, you don’t have to buy water supplies

There is no reason to stock up on water supplies as in disaster situations:wasserregal

No long lines at the supermarket, no empty shelves, no need to stress yourself out. Not to mention the heavy carrying, pollution and waste of money.

You can relax and lean back, because we offer you a very simple, absolutely fantastic, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive alternative!

Panic buying for water supplies becomes completely unnecessary.wasserfilter 5

Nikken’s advanced water filter gives us a smart option.
The Nikken PiMAG Water System transforms tap water into pure and living drinking water. At a fraction of the cost of bottled water, it is also transformed into the healthiest alkaline mineral water!

What more could you want!? Take good care of yourself and your body with pure pi-water.

For travel:sportsflasche

If you are on the road and want to make sure that you drink clean tasting water, there is the PiMag sports bottle for you.

It is not only a state-of-the-art water filter?but also a well-being product that is essential for an active wellness lifestyle. With the unique filter, certain harmful pathogens in drinking water can be significantly reduced.

It is also a very environmentally friendly choice: this bottle does not pollute seawater with plastic.


  • The new PiMag sports bottle is the only water bottle that combines three technologies: nanofiber filtration, alkalization and de-clustering.
  • The patented nanofiber filtration technology was originally developed for NASA and significantly improves the filter’s ability to reduce potential contaminants from drinking water, including pathogens, chlorine, medication, and microplastics.
  • The patented filter with alkalizing media increases the pH from 7 to 8.5, to an alkaline rangewaterbottle
    Alkaline water reduces the oxidation-reduction potential and helps to balance the effects of harmful free radicals.
  • Magnets help to divide water molecules into smaller clusters: Bioavailability for the body’s cell structure
  • Environmentally friendly: bottle and filter can be recycled
  • FDA Food Contact Safe and BPA, DEHA and DEHP free
  • Insensitive to light, heat or humidity.
  • The filters are replaceable
  • Improves the taste
  • more hygienic
  • easy handling.


Instead, you save a fortune by not paying for commercially bottled water. Drink municipally treated water, but make sure it’s safe!

The wait is over!

How much water should we drink every day?

Every life form on earth needs water to survive. But how much do people have to drink in order to be healthy and to practice the active wellness lifestyle? It really depends on the individual and there are different opinions from researchers and health authorities.

Everyone agrees that about 60% of the human body is water, and we constantly lose water from sweat, urine, and other substances in the body. We, therefore, drink water to replenish the water and prevent dehydration. Water is required for virtually all bodily functions, including flushing out toxins from the organs, transporting nutrients to the cells, cushioning the joints, and digesting food.

When the water content in the human body falls below a certain level, we feel thirsty. In general, we don’t have to think about it any more than we think about breathing. It happens and we reach for water to rehydrate it. As simple as this process is, this automatic thirst mechanism loses accuracy with age. Therefore, older people should be more conscious and hydrated throughout the day, even if they are not thirsty.

People’s water needs vary depending on their age, weight, physical activity, general health and the climate in which they live. If you live in a hot climate, you sweat more and need more water. When you have a job that requires hard work, you need more water than someone sitting at a desk in an air-conditioned office. For women we recommend: a total of 2.7 liters of liquid per day, including all drinks and water-rich foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.). For men, the total recommendation is 3.7 liters of fluid per day, including all drinks and water-rich foods.

lemonwaterThat sounds like a lot at first – however, with a fresh diet, they supply a large part of the fluid to their body through their diet.

For children and adolescents, it is recommended: usually six to eight cups a day, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Again, the amount varies depending on the activity.

Signs of dehydration are often headaches and tiredness.


So that the water can be better absorbed by the body, it is recommended to drink clean, filtered water.

The Nikken water filter filters, mineralizes and magnetizes the water. For the road, there is the environmentally friendly PiMag? sports bottle from which you can benefit. By using water filters, you protect the environment and you will save a lot of money in no time by avoiding the purchase of bottled water!bio Sportflasche NIKKEN

Further questions? Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.


Nikken’s magnetic technologies

First of all: General information on magnet technology

Electromagnetism is one of the four basic forces of physics that prevail in our environment. The teaching of energy flows in the body and their effects on our health is an ancient principle and an integral part of Far Eastern cultures and traditional Chinese medicine, which has been the basis for health care in China and Japan for thousands of years. Meanwhile, the value of alternative practices – such as acupuncture – has also been recognized in western countries.

The polarity of the earth’s magnetic field has been reversed several times throughout the history of the compass 4375672 1920earth. But the magnetic field of the earth has also changed considerably in the course of human history. In our modern world, man-made electromagnetic fields and radiation sources further affect our electromagnetic environment.

Research into these influences served as inspiration for the development of the first Nikken magnetic products over 45 years ago, which should help our bodies to rebalance in a world where we are increasingly exposed to physical and mental stress factors. Nikken’s magnetic products help to restore the conditions in which people naturally live and can develop.

Nikken’s magnetic technologies

Nikken’s magnetic technology was used for the first time in KenkoInsoles?, the company’s first product. Since then, the research teams have continued their research work and found that the effect of the magnetic fields increases with their complexity. Today, Nikken offers a range of magnet configurations that have been developed for different applications.

Dynamic magnet technology

This technology is more complex than a static field. It is used in our massage products and generates a three-dimensional dynamic magnetic field with a greater depth effect. (see below DynaFlux)

Magnetic voltage technology

The latest product developments in our magnet range are based on a magnet configuration in which the same poles meet and magnetic fields are used to bring the three-dimensional complexity of our dynamic magnet technology into a static form. Special magnetic properties prevent demagnetization in these configurations.

RAMTM technology (radial axis magnetism)

Small spherical magnets are arranged in groups of six in a circle, with each individual magnet positioned Magnetmatratze 300x199within the group so that its axis between the plus and minus poles is rotated by 60 degrees to that of the adjacent magnet. The magnetic fields overlap and magnetic voltage fields arise, which ensure increased field complexity. Products: Kenkopad, pillows



Similar to the RAMTM module, but in a somewhat larger configuration for larger applications, a series of larger spherical magnets, which are mutually offset in polarity, rest in a flexible, network-like matrix that can react to every movement of the body. Products: KenkoSeat


NIKKEN magnets 300x226
The pioneering DynaFlux? technology from Nikken presents Nikken’s voltage magnet technologies in an even more compact form, which allows thinner and more powerful configurations for even more ingenious products. Products: sleep mask, Kenko msteps and mstrides, PowerChip, PowerMini, magduo, magflex, Kenkotouch

further (field gradient) magnet technology and products: blanket, water filter, sports bottle, shower filter, magcreator, bandages, jewelry

ACTIVE wellness

Living a healthier, happier life doesn’t have to be complicated. Nikken’s products are designed to combine our effective, natural technologies with everyday household items that can be easily integrated into everyday life without changing your daily routine or lifestyle.

Simply experience the Nikken vision:

– wear the soles, jewelry and / or bandages.nikken water 300x201

– fresh water at home, at work or during sports with the Pimag water filter and / or sports bottle

in the evening:

– Pamper yourself and others with massage products such as the Kenkotouch, magcreator or magduo.

– Rest and relaxation in bed: sleep in the magnetic cocoon: Kenkopad, blanket, pillow and sleep mask

Would you like to order?

Ordering couldn’t be easier. Just ask us. We take care of the details.

We are happy to assist you with personal customer support and we are your first point of contact if you have any questions or would like more information about Nikken products.




A healthier, cheaper and greener alternative to bottled water

The public interest is increasingly turning to the question of what is in our tap water – it makes sense to ensure the quality of our drinking water. In addition, the water that is commercially available in bottles is by far not the ideal source of water for many reasons, since these products are often nothing more than expensive tap water with a pH value of 7 or below – So in the acidic range.

As recent research shows, drinking a plastic bottle of water has the same environmental impact as traveling a kilometer by car. The statistics are frightening and show that the content of an average of 160 plastic bottles of water is consumed per person per year in Europe. The production, the filling, the distribution and finally the transport to disposal facilities corresponds to a total oil consumption of over five million liters.

The reusable PiMag? sports bottle offers the solution. Nikken is internationally recognized for the most modern water filter systems for the home, which transform ordinary tap water into excellent tasting filtered water. Now this innovative filter technology is also available as a compact take-away solution – it supports you in staying healthy while protecting your wallet and the environment.

The PiMag? sports bottle is characterized by a patent-pending innovative filter system that meets or exceeds the specifications for reducing impurities such as chlorine, solids and chloramines in independent laboratory tests. Corrosion-protected magnetic disks generate a magnetic field that helps prevent solid deposits, while pi materials enrich the water with natural minerals and give it a slightly basic (alkaline) pH value between 8.5 and 9.5. Alkaline water helps balance the oxidizing effects of many elements associated with modern nutrition and the environment.

The PiMag? sports bottle can be refilled approx. 250 times per exchangeable filter insert – this provides approx. 152 liters of clear, filtered water and corresponds to approximately three months of use before the filter has to be replaced. In addition, the material of the PiMag? sports bottle does not contain any toxic substances such as bisphenol A or phthalates that could be released into the floor, should the bottle ultimately be disposed of. The bottle is not only recyclable, but also biodegradable. H. it decomposes into natural biomass components.

It couldn’t be more environmentally friendly!

28 reasons why you should drink pure water

28 reasons why pure water is the only true drink:

There is no life without water!

Filtration is an effective way to provide yourself and your family with pure water.

Above all, pure water takes on a wide variety of the most important tasks in the body.

It brings nutrients and oxygen to the individual organs, transports pollutants, builds up cells in the body, regulates body temperature and is significantly involved in the digestive process. These are just a few of the tasks water takes on in our bodies and make it our most important food.

Bild Nikken Wasserfilter basisch 300x223

When is good water essential for our health:

To function properly, all cells and organs in the body need water.

If the human body does not get enough water, deficiency symptoms with different symptoms occur very quickly.

Many diseases and slowed biological processes in our body are due to insufficient water alone.

Pure water can perform the tasks even more efficiently, as it is completely free of any contamination and can therefore dissolve, bind and transport more substances. That is why pure water still works, promotes and supports the biological processes in our body best.


Water is not just a drink selection, it is our most important nutrient!

alkalisches wasser

28 reasons why pure water is essential for everyone:

Pure water is outstanding for:

  • our immune system
  • Increased performance and concentration. A 2% reduction in body water levels can result in a 20% decrease in mental and physical performance.
  • Binding of toxins
  • detoxification
  • Blood-thinning = can work against the formation of blood clots and the sticking of platelets.
  • Reduce the risk of a disease such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, allergies and skin diseases.
  • Prevention of high blood pressure: dehydration causes vasoconstriction, which increases blood pressure
  • Salivation and slime formation. Saliva helps us digest our food and keeps the mouth, nose and eyes moist.
  • Oxygen supplier throughout the body. Blood is more than 90% water, and blood transports oxygen to different parts of the body.
  • the digestive system. The intestine needs water to function properly. Dehydration can lead to digestive problems and constipation, as well as acidity in the stomach. An acidic stomach can increase the risk of heartburn and stomach ulcers. Pure water is the main solvent and means of transport for all nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, ferments and trace elements.
  • Getting rid of annoying water retention (edema): Drink lots of water, because water retention can be a sign of dehydration.
  • Lose weight – reduce body weight. Pure water enables the body to break down fats more efficiently. It also increases vitality. Drinking water before eating can help prevent you from overeating.
  • Padding of the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues. Dehydration can affect the structure and function of the brain. It is also involved in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Prolonged dehydration can cause thinking problems.
  • Pure water is a shock absorber, lubricant and protective pad for parts of our body. It dampens the shocks in our intervertebral discs, is the main lubricant in the joints and forms a protective cover around organs and the brain. It has a preventive effect against back pain, intervertebral disc disease, and arthritis.
  • Blockage of arteries in the brain and heart. This can significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Flushing out body waste. Water is needed when sweating and removing urine and feces. If too little water is taken in, constipation can occur.
  • Premature skin aging. The skin is firm and hydrated through hydration.
  • Regulation of body temperature: Water, which is stored in the middle layers of the skin, appears as sweat on the surface of the skin when the body warms up. When it evaporates, it cools the body.
  • good accessibility of minerals and nutrients and other active ingredients. Pure water is an excellent means of transport to provide the body with all the substances it needs. If you are dehydrated, substances cannot be transported sufficiently. This is often the case with older people who need medication.
  • Prevention of kidney damage. The kidneys regulate the fluid in the body. Too little water can lead to kidney stones and other problems like cystitis.
  • a good sleep.
  • Vitality and energy: fatigue, headache, weakness, depression: all signs of dehydration.
  • important when we are exposed to oxidative stress.
  • Women who are about to go through menopause: the symptoms can be reduced by living water.
  • Children who are growing
  • makes happy! Having pure water is important for the formation of neurotransmitters and happiness hormones such as dopamine or somatotropin. So living water makes you happy 🙂
  • Thinking: Loss of memory in old age is often a sign of severe dehydration. Sufficient drinking of pure water increases memory.
  • Oxygen transport = power. Electrolytes get to the muscles. Sufficiently good water is necessary for the care of the muscles in sports and for muscle building.


For us, pure water is the most important elixir of life!


Can you afford to be dehydrated?bio Sportflasche NIKKEN e1567691900377 267x300

Nikken has launched the Nikken Waterfall (for wherever you are: home, office, practice, law firm, boat, …) and the sports bottle for on the go. These convert tap water into fresh spring water. Using a multi-stage process that filters, alkalizes, mineralizes, ionizes, energizes and oxygenates the water. The Waterfall produces tasty water that is easy to use, affordable and has a healthy water selection. Water as nature intended.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
– Leonardo da Vinci-

Alkaline water …

…what is this anyway?

Alkaline or alkaline is the same.
Alkaline water is alkaline and therefore not acidic. Whether water is acidic or alkaline or alkaline is indicated by the pH value. Under 7 one speaks of acidic water. The higher the value, the more alkaline the water is. The pH value is the measure of the hydrogen ions.

What is the difference between tap water?tap 791172 640 300x200

Normal tap water has a pH value of approx. 7-8. It is neutral or very slightly alkaline/basic. Alkaline water is in the range between 8 and 9.5.

Is alkaline water better than tap water?

By drinking alkaline water, the acid-base balance can be restored. With alkaline water, you can counteract acidosis.

Why is hyperacidity not good?

If your body is over-acidified, …
… you are tired: inner restlessness leads to problems falling asleep and sleep disorders
… you tend to be overweight: due to too much acid in the body, it can no longer be broken down: Result: storage in your fat cells and this leads above all to an increase in abdomen, legs, bottom, and face and to cellulite.
… skin problems occur: toxins are usually broken down by the liver. In the case of hyperacidity, this also happens via the skin. Your natural protective shield can be attacked and thus provides an excellent breeding ground for pimples and impurities.
… Joint pain and susceptibility to infections: the correct pH value is a prerequisite for optimal metabolism. If this is disturbed, an excess of acid develops, which is reflected in many physical symptoms.
… do you tend to have high blood pressure?
… hair loss can occur

Bild Nikken Wasserfilter basisch 300x223Advantages of alkaline water:

– It has a basic pH value: a lot of oxygen is released for the metabolism.
– clean thanks to the filtering process: free of medicines, pesticides, heavy metals and chlorine
– it’s antioxidant: antioxidants can protect cells from free radicals. Free radicals attack our cells and can render them ineffective. Antioxidation is like a fountain of youth.
– it has much smaller clusters. Thus the body can transport nutrients substantially more easily and faster into the cells.
– it is alive.

The acid is basically a waste product of our metabolism. Our body has base storage with which it can compensate for hyperacidity. He is permanently busy to create a balance so that our body is alkaline.

The base storage must be filled by our nutrition. We should, therefore, consume considerably more fruit free 2198378 640 300x184alkaline components. Unfortunately, it is often the other way round in today’s nutrition. We eat too much “acid”: e.g. ready-made bread, sugar, lots of meat, coffee, alcohol. Also things like stress by performance pressure, fear, annoyance result in over-acidification.

In addition to lots of fruit and vegetables, we should drink plenty of alkaline water.

How do we get alkaline water?

There are several possibilities.
One would be to filter normal tap water with a very good water filter that keeps the water alive.

lemon 1203562 640 300x223Tip:
Pimp your filtered water with lemons.
Lemons taste sour but are alkaline!
Pure water with untreated lemons tastes refreshing and helps to fill your base stores.

Can I buy alkaline water?

Yes, you can. By filtering.

Special equipment can do quite a lot and do you incredibly well:
– Their minerals give the water an alkaline pH value. This helps to balance the acid-base balance.
– Through the filtering, the water is freed from a lot of sheep substances, etc.
– Ionization: protection against oxidation
– There are also devices that have an additional magnet technology installed. Due to the magnetic field, the water molecules do not clump. This has the consequence that your body removes pollutants more easily and you purify.
Often these devices come from Japan. The effect of alkaline water has long been widespread there.

Only if your acid-base balance is in balance can your metabolism function optimally – and nikken water 300x201that is clear that this is the basic prerequisite for your health.

Drink alkaline water and your body will breathe a sigh of relief and thank you for it.

Leave nothing on the beach but footprints

Healthy seas are the life support system for our planet: They provide 97% of the habitat on our planet. To help keep our oceans and marine life sustainable, we need to keep our beaches clean.

They provide a habitat for many creatures that need both land and sea to survive. And even living creatures that live exclusively in the sea are affected by the pollution of our beaches because garbage that accumulates on the beach also ends up in the water with the tides. In addition to plastic and paper waste, chemical substances and human excreta also reach the sea from the coasts.

Plastic waste in the sea pollutes every living organism. Many cadavers of marine animals washed up on our beaches have large amounts of plastic waste inside them.

Every visitor and every walker can make their own contribution to keeping beaches and seas clean. Each of us can make a difference, and we can teach our children so that they too can adopt a “green” lifestyle from an early age. If you’re not committed yet, this summer is an ideal time to get started:

“Take 3 for the Sea” is an organization that teaches environmental awareness by encouraging people to collect three garbage items each time you leave the beach or other waters. This is how we can make a difference. Today, 129 countries are participating in this program, and 300,000 people have already contributed to the fight against plastic waste.

2 Do not drink water from plastic bottles. Did you know that more than a million plastic bottles are sold every minute in the world?

3. their production requires large amounts of energy and water – and they end up in our landfills.pimag bottle 300x200
So use reusable alternatives to plastic bottles. Reusable water bottles are available practically everywhere. However, the PiMag?Water Bottle with its nanotechnology filter system is only available from Nikken. At home, you can contribute by drinking filtered water from the PiMag Waterfall – that’s an Active Wellness lifestyle and minimizes your CO2 footprint.

Use reusable bags and containers. Avoid buying food packed in plastic. For example, if you buy fruit and vegetables, you should buy them as a whole rather than pre-cut fruit and vegetables packed in plastic. Use fabric shopping bags.

Minimize the use of chemicals as much as possible. Pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides harm the oceans. The closer you live to the sea, the more likely it is that your chemicals will end up there. Approximately 245,000 square kilometers (comparable to the size of the UK) are already considered “dead zones” where marine life cannot survive due to chemical stress on the ecosystem.

Choose mineral sunscreens or sunscreens with non-nano zinc oxide as the main active ingredient. Chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are commonly found in sun creams, are not environmentally friendly. If these substances get into the sea from your body, they can damage the DNA of corals. Sun creams without these harmful substances are known as “organic/eco sun creams” or as “reef-safe” or “reef-friendly”.

Take care not to flush any medication or non-degradable products such as wet wipes down the toilet. Medications have been detected in groundwater and marine life. In 2017, 4,500 wet wipes were counted in a 154 square meter area of the Thames in London – just one example of the things that are not removed after flushing down the toilet!

5 Share your tips for an environmentally friendly lifestyle with friends, acquaintances and family members. The more people contribute, the greater our chance of keeping coastal and marine life alive.

Leave nothing on the beach but footprints.but footprints 300x251

The new BioGreen PiMag water bottle has arrived …

Even more great features

The BioGreen PiMag water bottle from Nikken features a new, improved cap with a practical loop for a secure grip that can be used to attach the bottle to a bag, for example, as well as a hygienic and replaceable drinking spout that folds up for easy replacement.

bio Sportflasche NIKKEN e1567691900377 267x300BIOGREEN

Biodegradable… Environmentally friendly properties

Every PiMag water bottle consists of patented BioGreen materials. This completely breaks down the bottle into biomass when it lands on a landfill or compost heap. This biomass nourishes the soil and contributes to the production of biogas, which in turn can be used to generate energy.

BioGreen bottles are:

Suitable for contact with food (made from food-grade plastics)
DEHA- and DEHP-free
The PiMag? water bottle with its filter meets and exceeds NSF/ANSI 43 and 52 standards for the reduction of aesthetic chlorine as well as unwanted taste and odor.


A very special filter – offers filtering, alkalisation and de-clustering

PiMag? water bottles contain a special alkalizing medium, which raises the pH value of the water from 7 to 8.5, as well as four neodymium magnets, which contribute to the de-clustering of the water molecules and make the water more bioavailable for the cell structure of our body.

The filter cartridge should be replaced every three months under normal conditions of use (approx. 180 litres water throughput).

Upgrading your current PiMag? water bottle is very simple

Easily upgrade your PiMag? water bottle by replacing its cap with the new cap.