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“Earthing”: The phenomenon of earth?

Connection with the earth reduces stress, improves sleep and strengthens the immune system?

Everyone knows that you have to ground electrical appliances; after all, that’s what the third conductor in every socket is for. Less well known, however, is the fact that the human organism also only “functions” properly when it is in contact with the earth.

But which of us still has real earth contact today? If we consider how often our bare soles touch the earth, the answer is: almost never.?

Since, on the one hand, electromagnetic pollution is increasing exponentially today and, on the kenkoground nkother hand, there is no discharge into the earth, we are living more and more in an unnatural state.

Electro-technical measurements confirm the importance of grounding: it is definitely desirable that the value at the sleeping and working place is as low as possible. High charges are also found in the vicinity of electrical or electronic devices and when using mobile phones.

In the ‘good old days’, when technical electrosmog was still tolerated, normal values of 50 – 200 mV could be registered. Today, most people live with values of more than 1 V, sometimes up to 10 V, and the trend is rising. There is probably no need to discuss that this can be strong stress for the organism and its regulatory systems.

The fact that grounding the body through a physical connection with the earth is an important concept to improve our state of health in the simplest possible way has been on everyone’s lips in the USA since years. The reason for this was the bestselling book “Earthing” by Clint Ober and Stephen Sinatra.

As an expert in the cable TV industry, Clint Ober had been familiar with technical grounding as a means of protecting the integrity of transmissions for many years. He eventually began to wonder if this concept might not be useful and necessary for mankind as well; after all, for millions of years mankind walked barefoot, then with conductive leather soles and only recently have we walked isolated from the earth.

After ten years of research and heavy investment, Ober came to the conclusion that electrons from the earth act as natural antioxidants that neutralize positively charged free radicals. This means that almost all of us suffer from a lack of excited electrons and that this condition is causally involved in many civilization diseases.

The cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, who is very well known in the USA, says: “I consider earth as the greatest health breakthrough in all my years of medical activity. Grounding (another name for ‘earthing’) restores the body’s natural electrical state, harmonizes the nervous system, reduces inflammation and improves circulation. No pill on earth can do what Mother Earth does for us!

However, since in practice it is only possible in a few people to have regular earth contact by walking barefoot on earth, the place where we spend most of our time together is of the greatest importance: our bed! Today there are materials and fabrics interspersed with conductive fibers on which you can sleep earthed. These are connected to a conductor which is connected to the grounding of a power outlet. It is important to support the healthy and necessary grounding of the body with conductive material (silver threads).

Since the effects of grounding mats can be measured directly as a measurement of the static charge of the skin and indirectly via skin resistance measurements, these effects are not imaginary.


Many people find that they feel more comfortable walking barefoot on the ground. Recent research has explained why this is so: Our immune system works best when our body is supplied with plenty of electrons and our body gets them easily and naturally by barefoot contact with the earth. Scientific studies indicate that the electrons absorbed from the earth act as antioxidants in the body. This means that they protect the body from inflammation and from its numerous negative health consequences.

In situations where barefoot contact with the earth is impossible (unfortunately, this is probably the case most of the time), various conductive systems developed to reconnect people to the earth can be used alternatively. This can be an earthing mat, for example, which is placed on the bed, under the bare feet or under the wrists while working on the computer.

How often should I earth myself on a grounding pad?kenkoground

As often as possible! Being grounded is our natural state. The isolation from the ground, which is given by our modern way of life, is unnatural!

We recommend to lay on the grounding pad at night and to use a grounding mat during the day, especially when working at the computer. The grounding mat is placed under the computer keyboard and the computer mouse is also placed on it. This way we are optimally grounded and electrosmog is dissipated.

How does earthing pad work?

In simple terms, negatively charged electrons flow out of the earth into our body when we come into contact with earth. These electrons act as antioxidants and can neutralize free radicals, for example. At the same time, electric fields (“electrosmog”) are discharged into the earth.

How do I care for the grounding pad?

Washing and care instructions:

It is good to wash the grounding pad. It is not damaged by washing, but cared for! Washing removes body sweat and skin oils and thus keeps the silver conductive.

Wash the grounding mat carefully by hand with warm water and mild detergent.

Bleaching agents, lotions, and oils can cloud the silver and destroy the conductivity. Fabric softener deposits on the silver and can destroy the conductivity.

It is recommended to use the ground pad at least one hour after applying skin lotions, oils, or creams. ( so the cream has had enough time to be completely absorbed)


Can I bring my body to “zero” by using grounding products?

The body needs an electrical charge to function. The body always has “charge”, of course. Every cell in the body has a so-called “resting membrane potential” of about -70 mV. The nerves work with “electricity”. It is a matter of diverting the “charge” supplied from outside. Exactly this charge can be discharged by the Grounding pads. At the same time – and this is the much more important effect – electrons flow from the earth into the body, which could act as an antioxidant.

Which grounding pad we recommend:

Almost all products are tested by ourselves and we have personal experience with almost all products.

The grounding pad from Nikken, the KenkoGround, is particularly close to my heart:
I work on my laptop all the time. Everywhere. Sometimes at my desk, in bed, outside, on the road … my laptop has the habit of “tickling” when it is connected to electricity. I can feel the power going through me completely. Everyone who touches me feels it. It’s definitely not healthy.
As soon as I put the grounding pad under my feet, the tingling is gone. A blessing!

So the KenkoGround for grounding is excellent during work or leisure:
The Earthing-Mat is ideal as a desk mat, also as a doormat, over the shoulders or in the evening in bed under the feet.

There is no current flowing on the grounding mat – only the grounding is connected to the supplied plug, all other connections are plastic and fully insulated.
The Earthing mat is versatile and very easy to transport. You can use it at home or at work to ground yourself via your hands and forearms, or as a doormat on which you place your bare feet.

HOW DOES IT WORK?KenkoGround Material 300x200

  • Neutralizes unwanted positive Charges
  • Connects you to the negative charge of the earth
  • Protects you from electromagnetic Fields
    High concentration of reflective fibers
  • Silver ions are produced by means of vacuum Sputtering process into the material implanted and give it a high conductivity
  • A silicon coating protects the silver elements and gives the product waterproof properties


  • ransportable and lightweight
  • Contains reflective fibres
  • Keeps the negative effects of electromagnetic fields under control
  • Improves the quality of sleep and the overall wellness


  • Skin contact is required
  • Place the mat on the floor under your Feet when using electrical equipment
  • ?Put them over your shoulders to to loosen tense muscles
  • Turn them in your bed at the desired range at

Where can I get my grounding pad?

here you can order or you can also write an email to us.

We are happy to help you to live your life in balance.


Keep calm – and take a grounding pad.?

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