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….. is an essential part of the universe and is important for healthy growth and the emergence of all living beings. The Earth itself is a huge magnet with positive and negative (north and south) poles. People have always lived in this magnetic field-until recently. In the past centuries, our civilization has developed structures (steel buildings) and machines (cars, trains and planes) that have disrupted the flow of this energy, which has led to a reduction in its strength.

Our biological processes in the body are controlled by magnetic fields. People, animals and our earth have a magnetic field. Also the cells, molecules and atoms. Almost everything.?

Who works with magnetic fields?

In many cultures magnetic field “therapy” is widespread and omnipresent. In India, Japan, China and also in the USA. Many, many case studies and experience reports prove that the treatment with magnetic fields takes away many complaints and is very effective. As a matter of course, magnets are used as an alternative.

The use of magnets in the field of sports is increasing more and more. Athletes cannot and do not want to treat themselves with drugs for many reasons as long as they have a good alternative. Among other things, it is extremely important for an athlete that he and his body regenerate in the shortest possible time, from competitions and injuries, in order to be ready for action again as quickly as possible. Their body should be able to regain 100% performance. The magnetic field therapy can provide all this.

NIKKEN Magnets Buy: For your healthy life in balance.

Athletes know their body and immediately feel what is good for them. They are good ambassadors for the power of magnets.

Nikken-Magnet applications for acupuncture, acupressure, or massage

Nikken Magnets or magnetic patches are preferably applied to certain acupuncture points, as they have been proven to influence the flow of energy in the meridians (conducting or energy paths) in the body.

In the area of the magnetic fields, ions (small electrically charged particles) are set in motion. This sets the energy flow in motion, which then spreads further along the meridians or through other tissue structures. Through the increased energy flow energetic blockages can be dissolved.

Unfortunately, magnetic therapy is not yet 100% scientifically recognized.

Which products can be used to provide energy?

Where to buy Nikken magnets?

Nikken magnets can be purchased directly from the company’s website, through authorized distributors, or from retailers that carry Nikken products. It is recommended to purchase from authorized distributors or the company website to ensure the authenticity of the product.

Nikken Magnets in our lives

We are constantly surrounded by sources such as alternating currents (electromagnetism) (e.g. by mobile phones and computers) that can be harmful to us.
Nikken is a leader in magnetic technology and Nikken is a leader in the development of products that help to restore the conditions under which people should live.

Nikken products are characterized by innovations that distinguish them from all other products on the market. They combine traditional knowledge with modern technology and advanced technology. The result is a product line that represents practical and comfortable solutions to the daily challenges of life.

The prices vary from product to product.

What technology is used in Nikken’s magnetic products?

The Nikken magnetic technologies
Nikken magnet technology was first used in the Nikken KenkoInsoles, the company’s first product when it was established in 1975. Since then the research teams have continued to advance their research and have found that the effect of magnetic fields increases with complexity. Today, Nikken offers a range of magnetic configurations designed for different applications:

Innovative Nikken Magnet Technology

These products use Nikken’s magnetic technologies to enhance your well-being.

Field Gradient Magnet Technology

A configuration of dipole magnetic elements generates a complex field of magnetic energy that surrounds your body through the multitude of poles and flux lines.


Nikken’s groundbreaking DynaFlux? Technology presents Nikken’s tension magnet technologies in an even more compact form, allowing thinner and more powerful configurations for even more ingenious products.

Nikken has a variety of solutions and magnetic products in the areas of the Nikken sleep system, PiMag-water, magnetic products like the PowerChip and PowerMini, KenkoSeat for your car, office or home, air, KenkoTherm wraps, Magsteps ( magnetic insoles), magnetic bracelet, light, nutrition and skin care.

The products have different Gauss.

We also have energy-, water- and sleeping packs to a great price.?

So you can turn your home into a wellness-home in no time and save money.

Nikken offers the highest quality standards and gives you the opportunity to pamper yourself and your family by living an active wellness lifestyle.

Talk to us, we will be happy to help you.

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Here you can find some of the most popular Nikken-magnets:Magnets from NIKKEN

Magnetic Massage

NIKKENs magnetic massageMagnetic Biaxial Rotation is a Nikken exclusive ? a patented, revolutionary innovation that uses static magnets to create three-dimensional movement of the magnetic field. Nikken combines this effect with gentle massage for true relaxation.

What are magnets used for today?

Nikken Magnets are used for various things that are mainly there because of stress. Read more in this article...

What will Nikken magnets do for me?

They might help you to deal better with stress and be more relaxed on a deep level. We have seen many things happening when magnets are used but are not allowed to do medical claims. Read more in this article...

How long can I use the magnets from Nikken at a time?

Nikken Magnets are build to be worn all the time. You can support yourself with lots of different magnetic products during the day and have a restful sleep on the Nikken Sleep System. Read more in this article...