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Grounding – the positive power of negative ions

Before we inform you about grounding, we will take a very short look to explain why it is so important for all of us.

What are health and well-being?

Health is a state of equilibrium in our bodies. This state of equilibrium is repeatedly disturbed by many mood 1335737 640 300x200different things around us and is also restored! This is completely normal.
If at some point the balance is no longer achieved, the balance is disturbed and this then affects us. We are or can get sick.

So there is no question that we strive to always be in balance. Our body is a great ?machine? – a miracle of nature.

If we supply our body well, it is usually able to restore its balance by itself through self-healing.

Each of the individual, disturbing influences on our body generally does not matter much. Our bodies can handle it well. If the bad influences on our body repeat without us having recovery phases to session 1989711 640 300x249regenerate, the delicate balance of our health is permanently disturbed. The consequences are the so-called “civilization diseases”, such as tiredness (physical and mental), nervousness, irritability, insomnia, depression, depression, headache, lack of concentration, high blood pressure, heart problems, body pain and much more. We feel really uncomfortable and without drive. We show stress reactions at all levels.

These disorders are ubiquitous on a daily basis and unfortunately many already consider them to be completely “normal”. We talk to ourselves that we are in fairly good shape, although our psychological balance is severely impaired, maybe even disturbed. Often we don’t want to admit it and we suppress it day after day.

Nowadays, bad influences on the body like stress, pollution, pollutants, etc. are more numerous than ever. These influences are first of all manifested physically. We are kindled.

We feel best in nature.

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Do you also know that when you are at the sea or in the forest that you have the feeling that you can breathe properly again? You quickly get into the recovery phase and are much more relaxed. There is no place for stress hormones there. There is a reason for this!
The concentration of negative ions is very high here, especially at the sea, in the forest and at waterfalls! So it is not primarily the good oxygen that we lack, but rather the negative ions.


The effect of negative ions on our health

Negative ions are an important source of energy for our body. They play an important role in cell function in our organism. The amount of negative ions affects our body functions significantly. If negative ions flow into the body, channels open in the cell walls. The following happens: poisons are more easily excreted, nutrients are more easily absorbed and new healthy cells are created. If there is a lack of negative ions in your cells, this has a negative effect on nutrient absorption and on the elimination of toxins. As a result, you run the risk of resulting complications: It may very well be that you are suffering from an allergy, joint pain or even rheumatism, your cortisol level is increased, you feel pain where there should not be, constipation, stomach inflammation, the nervous system is disturbed and your sleep behavior can also be plagued in the form of insomnia. ,

Especially in closed rooms, in the city and also in the environment of many people there is a lack of negative ions or they are not available and the negative ions are destroyed very quickly in such an environment. This happens e.g. through all the barriers that the ions encounter: everything possible, such as walls, clothing, even dust particles and furniture, serve to hold them there due to their electrical charge.

business 2846221 640 300x200In addition, a “positive” charge is built up in our cells in our daily life. Our body absorbs these positive charges when it is surrounded by strong electromagnetic fields that are emitted by electrical devices such as computers, cell phones, as well as by WLAN and Bluetooth, etc.
We automatically experience a lack of negative ions and an excess of positive ions through our everyday lifestyle.


So what do we have to do to bring our body / ourselves back into balance and to be in balance?

Clearly: we have to ground ourselves! We need this 482747 640 300x200
Grounding (or Earthing) is the connection to the Earth … The Earth has its own energy in the form of a weak “negative” charge.

Lying on the ground

Direct contact with the ground, such as occurs when walking barefoot, can help neutralize this positive charge, which we build up permanently, and restore a healthy, natural balance. Shoes with plastic soles, plastic floor coverings and the like isolate us from the earth and make it difficult for our body to return to its neutral state.


Based on the knowledge that ?grounding? is extremely important for all of us, Nikken developed the KenkoGround ? to support us in this so that we can reconnect with the earth as a natural energy source.

The KenkoGround is an Earthing Pad.

Direct contact with the ground (including grass, sand, mudflats) gives our body the natural energy to restore our own healthy balance.
The NEW KenkoGround? from Nikken offers a simple but effective way to reconnect with Mother Nature. The KenkoGround? can help you to reconnect with the negative charge of the earth, even if you are currently working on the computer, lying in bed or doing yoga.

How does our product, the KenkoGround, work:

It is very easy to use:
You simply plug the KenkoGround ? into a grounded socket. It doesn’t need electricity. The cable serves as an earth cable. The KenkoGround derives positive ions, which we absorb through electronic devices, among other things.
It?s best if you use it directly on the skin. Without shoes and preferably barefoot – even a small area is sufficient for grounding. Put it on the floor and put your bare feet on it, you can also lie on it and sleep or rest on it, but you can also put it on your shoulders and let it “work”.KenkoGround Material 300x200

– Made with conductive material: 20% silver, 80% nylon
– can help minimize stress, improve sleep and improve your overall wellbeing.
– Helps minimize harmful electromagnetic fields
– 46 x 90 cm and very light: 254g made from a feather-light quilted fabric
– contains silver ions
– Anti-radiation, antibacterial, anti-odor
– Easy care: hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth (please do not use harsh detergents)
– Air dry without direct sunlight

Silver is the best electrical conductor because it has a high density of mobile charge carriers (particles). However, silver is more expensive than other materials and is therefore normally not used, but is used as a lead material for special components such as satellites and printed circuit boards. With a content of 20%, the fabric of the KenkoGround? has an unusually high silver content, which makes the KenkoGround? an outstanding product.
Nikken ensures the effect of the KenkoGround? through extraordinary materials, a first-class construction and a water-repellent surface.

Conclusion on the invigorating effect of the grounding mat:

The negative ions are not only more than important to us, they have an invigorating effect on all living Download 2organisms, be they weakened or healthy. All functions are stimulated, be it muscle strength, mental strength, hormones. This stimulation affects the whole organism, because it is exercised at the base, on the cells. The negative ions not only activate the oxygen, but also bring an electrical charge. That means: energy is immediately available. 🙂 The KenkoGround has the advantage that you can take it anywhere.

They are like invisible mood enhancers

With the great KenkoGround it is possible to reconnect to Mother Nature …
The KenkoGround is an important aspect of an active wellness lifestyle and is available for you at any location.

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