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PiDrogen – Hydrogen Water from Nikken

PiDrogen by NikkenThe PiDrogen system transforms alkaline PiMag water into a source of highly concentrated dissolved hydrogen gas. When consumed, the water from the PiDrogen device supplies an abundance of antioxidants in order to assist in relieving oxidative stress and bringing the body back into balance.


PiDogen is Hydrogenated Water

This is how PiDrogen from Nikken provides optimally hydrogenated water for everyday use.

PiMag PiDrogen Description:

The PiMag ® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator from NIKKEN ® produces hydrogen-rich water that provides a large amount of antioxidants that help limit oxidative stress. Its unique state-of-the-art technology and compact design allows it to be taken everywhere. The NIKKEN® PiMag® PiDrogen® Hydrogen Generator has been uniquely designed to provide all the benefits of hydrogen. Studies have shown that hydrogenated water supports cellular energy production¹ and provides antioxidant² and anti-inflammatory ³ properties. Use PiMag® PiDrogen with the other PiMag® PiDrogen® water systems from NIKKEN® and enjoy all its benefits.

¹Trivic T, Vojnovic M, Drid P, Ostojic S. Drinking hydrogen-rich water for 4 weeks positively affects serum antioxidant enzymes in healthy men: a pilot study. Current issues in nutraceutical research. 2017. 15 (1). ² Mikami T, et al. Drinking hydrogenated water improves endurance and alleviates psychometric fatigue: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 2019 Sep; 97 (9): 857-862. ³Sim M, Kim CS, Shon WJ, Lee YK, Choi EY, Shin DM. Hydrogen-rich water reduces inflammatory responses and prevents peripheral blood cell apoptosis in healthy adults: a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial. Sci Rep. 2020; 10 (1): 12130.

Nikken Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is created when hydrogen is added to water by a process of electrolysis. The electrolyzer for the PiMag® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator has Special Power Control Software (SPCS) technology that controls the input power and voltage, so that hydrogen-rich water can be produced continuously for each cycle.

The mini-generator is accompanied by its own 16 fl oz / 475 ml glass bottle. Because hydrogen is a natural gas, glass helps it to retain its potency for 24 hours, far longer than plastic, as well as minimizing the carbon footprint. The glass bottle allows you to drink directly from it.

• Rich source of molecular hydrogen: concentration of 800 to 1200 ppb (parts per billion)
• Exclusive programmed control system identifies hydrogenated process
• Fast cycle of six minutes with automatic shut off when ready for drinking
• Helps neutralize free radicals with antioxidants to relieve oxidative stress
• Lightweight, compact and portable

Product life is approximately two to three years (depending on use), much longer than similar products that only last three to six months and produce water mixed with ozone.

Features and benefits of Nikken PiDrogen:

  • Compact, lightweight design: portable, simple operation and advanced technology.
  • Glass bottle helps maintain hydrogenated water at its maximum level for 24 hours.
  • Fast 6 minute cycle: Unique programmed control system allows the water hydrogenation process to be identified by a blue light. When the water is fully hydrogenated and the cycle is finished it will show a flashing red light which will automatically turn off when the hydrogenated water is ready to drink.
  • Adequate hydrogen concentration: The PiMag® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator has an adequate hydrogen concentration of about 1200 ppb (parts per billion).

Hydrogenated water qualities

  • Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals and antioxidants in the body are out of balance.
  • Factors such as: poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, air pollution, exposure to industrial chemicals and pesticides can lead to an increase in free radicals within the body.
  • This excess of free radicals can be neutralised with antioxidants. It has been found that molecular hydrogen can be effective against free radicals and that drinking hydrogen-enriched water can be a good way to help reduce oxidative stress.
  • The PiDrogen system transforms alkaline PiMag water into a highly concentrated source of dissolved hydrogen gas. When consumed, the water in the PiDrogen device provides a large amount of anti-oxidants to help alleviate oxidative stress and restore balance to the body.

PiDrogen How to use:

  1. Fill the bottle with PiMag water.
  2. Fit the bottle to the hydrogen generator: a) Assemble b) Twist to connect and operate.
  3. Connect the cable on the C connector side to the hydrogen generator and the USB side to a power charger such as: computer, smartphone, powerbank, etc.
  4. Wait for the 6 minute cycle to complete (blue light will be displayed). The flashing red light will indicate that the cycle is finished and when the red lights turn off, the hydrogenated water is ready to drink.
  5. It is recommended to store the hydrogenated water in the PiMag PiDrogen Bottle and consume it during the day of preparation, The hydrogen concentration in the water is at its maximum level for up to 4 hours and will decrease over time.
  6. Maximum recommended daily use: 4 times per day.
  7. Recommended daily consumption: 2 litres

Care instructions for the Nikken PiMag PiDrogen

The PiMag PiDrogen should be cleaned properly and regularly to avoid breakdown or damage. Do not use bleach, neutral detergent or scouring pads when cleaning. Clean the inside of the hydrogen generator with a cotton swab or soft cloth dipped in white vinegar once a week. Pour a small amount of warm water (below 40°C / 104°F) into the PiMag PiDrogen hydrogen generator. Pour 4 or 5 drops of white vinegar into the PiMag PiDrogen hydrogen generator and run it 1 or 2 times. Clean the PiMag PiDrogen PiMag once a week. Warning: The PiMag PiDrogen hydrogen generator must not be immersed in water.


Information about Hydrogen Water


It is normal water that also contains highly concentrated hydrogen molecules. Because of this unique characteristic, molecular hydrogen could permeate almost every organ and cell in the body (including the brain). The human body naturally produces free radicals during metabolism, which are a fundamental factor in ageing, chronic diseases, skin problems, etc. Free radicals can also increase due to unhealthy eating habits, stress, water and air pollution, excessive work and other causes that damage human cells. Hydrogen water can act as powerful antioxidants that help neutralise free radicals that cause the development of disease, inflammation, ageing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Hydrogen-rich water is the key to neutralising free radicals and achieving better health.

Benefits of drinking hydrogen water:

  • Slows down the ageing process
  • also promotes active detoxification of the cells
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Increases energy
  • Improves skin condition
  • Prevents chronic health problems
  • During sports activities
  • Prevents over-acidification of muscles
  • Activates fat and energy metabolism
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps achieve optimal health and wellness.

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