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Simply place the Naturest Kenkopad on your existing mattress for the ultimate sleep experience.

Better sleep, wake up refreshed and full of energy

You have deserved it:
Healthy sleep on the Magnetic mattress topper supports all aspects of your health.

Poor sleep can quickly lead to an increased chronic stress reaction and thus immediately affect our immune function.
A weakened immune system affects our health and well-being.
Therefore, it is not only important how many hours we sleep when we want to wake up rested in the morning. Above all,?the quality of sleep is also important.
Thanks to the magnetic mattress pad we can enjoy excellent sleep quality.

Deep Sleep:morning 1850893 1920

While you are in deep sleep, your brain can recharge its batteries. You strengthen your ability to learn and remember  while you sleep.
Only if you are in deep sleep for a long time will your immune system also benefit. Sufficient deep sleep is therefore important for everyone and this is what you get with the magnetic mattress pad.
When you integrate the Nikken Magnetic Mattress topper into your life, you will notice how quickly you fall asleep in the evening, how refreshed and rested you wake up in the morning, and how vital you start the day with.
A good day starts the night before!

more advantages of the magnetic mattress pad:

The?Magnetic mattress topper lets you feel the difference.
The most advanced sleep technology creates a sleeping environment that promotes healthy, deep?sleep.
With the Nikken Naturest Kenkopad you can rest and recharge your batteries at the same time.magnetfeld
The special nubs gently stimulate your body to relax. They give your body the support and comfort it needs.
The natural latex keeps moisture away and keeps your bed dry so that you neither sweat nor freeze and there is optimal ventilation. Thus Magnet Mattress pad keeps away annoying mites and is perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.
Another luxury feature is the exclusive Nikken magnets, which are arranged and manufactured to create an overlapping magnetic field that is similar to the earth?s natural energy field.

You?ll feel the difference from the first night. See for yourself!


? What do magnetic mattress pads do?

You need a good night?s rest. The Kenko Naturest mattress topper can support you with that: Natural materials and advanced scientific technology give you what you need for a relaxed sleep. Only Nikken offers us this Naturest features advanced sleep innovations. The traditional materials can support us to sleep soundly and wake to feel relaxed and energized. Try it and you?ll never want to sleep without it.

? Which technology do you use?

DYNAFLUX ? POWER AT REST DynaFlux? magnetic technology an active or dynamic magnetic field with 100% magnetic coverage and a greater depth effect.

? Does the mattress pad have a relaxing feature?

Of course! PASSIVE MASSAGE FOR GREATER COMFORT Shaped nodules are produced with a proprietary method that gives them the ideal degree of firmness. The effect is a relaxing massage while you sleep, that gently stimulates and can help lessen tossing and turning.

? Is the technology patented?

Yes! FEATURED NIKKEN TECHNOLOGIES Patented DynaFlux Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)

? How much gauss does the pad have?

900 gauss

Which materials are used?


Transform your conventional mattress into the ideal sleeping environment

  • Latex overlay suitable for allergy sufferers, which adapts to the contours of the body for optimum support comfort.
  • Non-allergenic latex from ecologically harmless and renewable sources
  • Pimples with reinforced tips have a gently stimulating effect like a massage
  • Latex transports moisture away and provides improved ventilation

Questions from our clients:

How long does a magnetic mattress pad last?

We have been using our mattress pad for more than 15 years and its quality is still perfect. Enjoying the investment in our well-being for night after night.

Where can I buy the Magnet mattress pad?NIKKEN magnetic pad for pets

You can get your new Magnet mattress pad here:

We offer you the magnetic mattress pad in different sizes.

We also offer a magnetic pad for your beloved dog or cat ;-).

We are happy to help and advise you.
?Sleep well!

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