NIKKEN MagCreator ©

MagCreator ?

Allows you to experience the relaxation that the Nikken Naturest © sleep System offers

  • The specially developed magnetic head that glides down with flowing movements on the spine and soothes tired, tense muscles
  • Pimples on the surface provide an additional massage effect
  • High-quality ball bearings allow flowing, targeted movements

Massage and magnetic effect in a product

The relaxing magnetic back massage with our popular MagCreator © is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Test it yourself! Give yourself and others a relaxing massage. The application is very simple. The stimulating effect of the light rolling movement, which is created by the gentle downward gliding of the MagCreator on the spine, makes you feel fresh and strengthened afterward.

The “rollout” massage, for which Nikken is so famous, offers you the opportunity to experience how soothing and relaxing it can be to sleep on the Nikken sleep system every night!

Weight: 290 g
Magnetic Strength: 800 Gauss

massage and magnetic effect in a product .

NIKKEN Magcreator
Emotion Code magnet roller

the little brother of the MagCreator

Kenko MagDuo

Practical magnetic technology for loosening voltages
Exclusive DynaFlux magnetic technology for improved depth effect. Massage knobs for a relaxing, stimulating massage

Compact and lightweight for use in any body area

Easy to use
The Kenko MagDuo consists of two rotating balls with unique DynaFlux Massage knobs in a protective storage box. Nikken has found that a field is all the more effective the more complex it is, and the MagDuo is probably the most effective and fastest-acting magnetic product of Nikken. It helps to loosen muscle tension and relieve stress.
The balls can also be taken out of the box and applied individually or together.
Weight: 106 g
Magnetic Strength: 800 – 1,000 gauss per magnet

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MagCreator Massage

Stress can produce a pronounced effect on the back and shoulder blades, causing tension. Massage is known to help provide relief for stress and ease tension, so you feel more relaxed. Massage applied to the back is especially effective; anyone who has experienced a good backrub is aware of its benefits.

FEATURES & BENEFITS of the MagCreator

  • The Nikken MagCreator? is designed to roll fluidly down the spinal column and help you feel more relaxed. Its structural bearings and stainless steel shaft are engineered to produce a continuous rolling action from the shoulders to the lower back, maximizing the effect that a back massage provides.
  • The surface nodules add an extra level of stimulation, like a deep massage. The MagCreator’s internal magnets simulate the Earth’s natural magnetic field that has protected human health for millennia.
  • The foundation of the Nikken Rollout, comfort-grip, non-slip handles on the MagCreator ensure stability while the internal ball bearings decrease rolling resistance.
  • A Rollout with the MagCreator results in back and muscles feeling refreshed and revitalized, and this sensation of comfort helps relax the entire body.
  • The Nikken MagCreator is an effective demonstration tool for the Nikken Kenko Sleep System.



WEIGHT: 2.90 lbs

MATERIALS: Stainless steel, solid magnets, polyresin

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

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