Air Wellness® Power5™ Pro Filter Pack

The Nikken Power5 Pro features many technologies that are inspired by natural forces, to re-create the systems in nature that help to provide clean, fresh, invigorating air. Its neutralizing filter contains organic material that disrupts the irritant properties of these particles, without the use of synthetic chemicals.

We recommend cleaning the reusable prefilter/mesh filter and replacing the other filters every six months or as needed, depending on operating conditions.

The replacement filter is HEPA 13

Filters cannot clean effectively when they are dirty, and will not perform at the highest standards when they are in need of being replaced. We would suggest that you order several so that you always have a clean spare on hand to keep you breathing easy.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:Please do not discard the antibacterial filter/prefilter/mesh cover, as this item does not come with the filter replacement.

Air Wellness Pro Replacement Filter
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