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The most important source of rest and health is our healthy sleep

Deep sleep plays a decisive role in our regeneration.

We process what we have experienced, learned and draw new strength for the future.

It is scientifically proven that the quality of sleep can have a direct effect on our vitality and health.

Sleep helps us to be successful:

at school, at sports, at work, … it provides us with vital energy. Night after night for the next day.

So why is the magnetic field becoming more and more important for us?

Magnetic products are becoming more and more popular, and not just for fashion reasons. More and more people know about the importance of the magnetic field in our lives.

The magnetic field of the earth is in constant motion and is under constant observation of researchers. The Earth’s magnetic field weakens from year to year – about 5% per century. In addition, today we have multiple needs for the energy of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Our modern civilization has reduced contact with the magnetic field of the earth:

Many of us live in cities in concrete structures.

So how can the earth’s natural magnetic field still reach us at full strength?

We build ourselves up and do our utmost to have as little contact with it as possible. Beginning with the way to school and work: often by car or bus, we work inside day and night, even free play increasingly takes place inside in front of the computer.

The earth’s magnetic field protects us from electrosmog and we do our utmost to do so by rays 3806385 1920producing our own artificial electrosmog under “protective cover”: through mobile phones, transmission masts, and satellite beams = they are omnipresent. Hardly anyone really wants to miss them and yet we are aware that somehow they are not healthy.

We put an additional burden on the remaining earth’s magnetic field. In this way, we prevent our cells from getting the necessary power to regenerate.

Werner Heisenberg, physics Nobel Prize winner once said: “Magnetic energy is the elementary energy on which all life depends”.

How can we protect ourselves?

We all know how important the Earth’s magnetic field is to our bodies.

All living organisms are dependent on energy wavelengths emanating from sunlight.

Our cells need this to refuel energy to be able to function at all. This also became clear during space travel. Only a few days in space, i.e. outside the earth’s magnetic field, are enough to weaken the body and literally pull the ground from under its feet.

Our proposed solution:

Recharge your energy while sleeping

Meanwhile many magnetic products are on the market.

However, the mode of action is still the most effective, if the Earth’s magnetic field has been “recreated as close to nature as possible”.

Faithfully reproduced means:
“If the complex interrelationships between the static field in the earth’s core and the pulsating field created by the earth’s crust, which is vital for us, have been implemented in an ideal way.”kenkodream

A magnetic sleeping system consists of a blanket, a mattress and a pillow. Magnets are built into each of the products. During your sleep a kind of magnetic field cocoon forms during the night. This can help you give your body the energy it needs and promotes healthy sleep:

  • A sleep that enables the full deep sleep phases.
  • You wake up much more relaxed, your body can regenerate and you have full power for the coming day.

For more than 45 years Nikken has been supporting healthy and restful sleep with its high-quality magnetic products and unique technologies.

Knowing that we spend an enormous amount of our lives in bed, it is important for us to help you stay physically and mentally balanced at all times of the day and night.

We have what supports you in getting restful sleep.

Nikken is a Japanese health research institute and uses technologies that harness the earth’s natural energies to replicate them in your home and bedroom.

It is this combination of traditional wisdom and the most advanced technologies and techniques that makes Nikken products offer solutions that can be easily integrated into any home at any time – without the need for remodeling.

From one day to the next you have a new chance every day to open your door and make yourself feel welcome. Turn your home into your wellness home. A home where everyone can relax and recharge their batteries.

How do these magnets work while you sleep?

By sleeping in the magnet cocoon, our energy deficiency is rebuilt step by step. The body thus has magnetfeldenough energy to activate its self-healing powers and can regenerate – recovering more easily. The power our body receives during regeneration at night can be taken to where it is most needed.

Many people have all kinds of problems with their sleep:

They don’t sleep through the night, they wake up, sweat, freeze, constantly tossing and turning, pain… the list goes on and on.

Magnetic energy is a component of the natural environment of all living things. The natural magnetic field of the earth protects us from dangerous radiation from space.

Magnetic compensation technologies are used to create a balance. Our contact with the natural magnetic field of the earth is impaired and weakened by disturbing influences of our modern civilization.

Magnetic compensation technologies can serve as a counterbalance to this effect and create an environment that is more similar to the natural magnetic field that has surrounded mankind for thousands of years.

Nikken’s magnetic products have one feature in common: they use permanent magnets. A magnetfeldpermanent magnet is a piece of magnetisable material that has a magnetic field.

As the name suggests, a permanent magnet retains its magnetic field for a long time without the need for electricity.

Nikken’s sleeping products:


The Nikken mattress topper integrates special magnetic technologies.

  • patented RAM  (Radial Axis Magnetism) design: a specially developed magnetic field that promotes relaxation and sleeps quality.
  • A natural latex rubber base provides both support and comfortNoppen Nikken Topper
  • resistant to microbial growth and mites
  • wick away moisture
  • An “egg-carton” structure (under the cover) provides a relaxing massage effect and at the same time allows air circulation and the removal of sweat.
  • Pressure points are avoided – for ideal sleeping comfort.
  • naturally hygienic, as latex has natural antimicrobial properties
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • optimum support comfort
  • Non-allergenic latex from ecologically harmless and renewable sources
  • Natural materials that meet fire safety standards without the use of inhibitors or chemicals
  • The cover is a fabric made of natural cotton from renewable sources.
  • Bamboo fibres have been produced without the use of pesticides or insecticides. It helps wick away moisture and provides a drier, more comfortable sleeping environment with improved ventilation.
  • Healthy, relaxed sleep.

KenkoDream quilt

The ideal comforter for all seasons

  • ceramic-coated
  • reflective fibres
  • The cover is natural, antibacterial and made of breathable cotton.
  • The fibres radiate warmth, but give off excess heat, thus contributing to a balanced temperature in all climate zones: Temperature regulation
  • A magnetic layer complements the magnets in your Nikken mattress to create an all-round effective energy field.
  • breathable
  • several sizes available
  • Made of ecologically harmless materials suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Machine washable
  • The magnetic configuration inside the quilt optimally complements the magnetic field of the Kenkopad. Your body is completely surrounded by an energy field.


Nikken Schlafbild
The Nikken Naturest? pillow consists of

  • environmentally friendly and non-allergenic natural materials.
  • The RAM magnets are located in the latex filling.
  • The pillow supports the head, neck, and spine.
  • A breathable cover made of natural bamboo and cotton fibres supports ventilation and helps regulate the temperature to keep you pleasantly cool.
  • the filling volume is individually adjustable, as the latex filling is removable in parts.
  • The ideal complement for your sleeping cocoon


The Kenko PowerSleep mask applies Nikken’s advanced technologies to both the head and eyes.

The mask is:NIKKEN magnetic sleep mask

  • soft
  • breathable
  • adjustable
  • perfect for traveling or for at home. Where light (natural or artificial) can disturb your sleep.

Words from doctors and sleep experts:

“Sleep is an incredibly important part of our biology.” Russell Foster, Professor of Neuroscience, University of Oxford

“If you want to improve your health, improve your sleep.” Dr. Lindner

The Naturest Kenkopad, the Naturest pillow, and the KenkoDream quilt and sleeping mask complement each other and provide the ideal environment for relaxed, restful sleep.

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