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Nikken magnets, Pimag Water, the Sleep System, Magnetic Jewelry, Kenko Support, SkinCare, Kenko Air and Nikken nutritions.

All products are available like: MagDuo, Kenko MagFlex, Waterfall, Pidrogen, Replacements, Kenko Air, Nikken water filter, Ciaga, GreenZymes,


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Nikken special offers

Surface Cleaner without chemicals or artificial odors

Surface Cleaner

Nikken has been helping people around the globe create their Wellness Homes and Active Wellness lifestyles for decades now. In light of current events, we are launching three personal care and household products. Face masks, hand sanitizer with CBG, CBD, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and the fantastic surface cleaner without chemicals. These products do not in any way suggest a cure but are designed to help you practice personal and household hygiene. All three products are priced at cost plus handling only, so that they can be shared with everyone in your communities.

Kenzen? Surface Cleaner stays with the Nikken commitment to present products made without surface cleander nikkenchemicals or artificial odors. It helps to eliminate up to 99.99% of common bacteria and germs with the use of 30% citrus essential oils from orange, lemon and grapefruit. There?s no need for cumbersome buckets of water, because the cleaner is sprayed directly onto surfaces such as floors, counters, windows, walls, tiles, wood and plastic and does not require rinsing. It?s recommended for repeat usage and does not stain; however, it may discolor some fabrics, so caution is suggested.


Good hygiene is an integral part of good health. With that in mind, Nikken is introducing products that specifically respond to the pandemic. Kenzen Surface Cleaner is one such product. It helps eliminate bacteria that are commonly found in public or private places.

Priced at cost plus handling, our goal is to help you share with everyone in your communities an easy way to maintain household cleanliness


? Cleans naturally with citrus essential oils (orange, lemon and grapefruit)
? Helps eliminate up to 99.99 % of bacteria and common germs
? Usable on multiple surfaces, fabrics, walls, floors without rinsing
? Does not stain
? Recommended for repeated use on household items
? Not flammable

Directions: Spray directly to the surface to be disinfected and wipe with a clean cloth.

Active ingredients: 30% Citrus essentials oils extracts from orange, lemon and grapefruit
Inactive ingredients: 69% deionized water, 1% ethyl alcohol

1 Liter


Where can I buy the surface cleaner without chemicals?

You can buy the Nikken hand sanitizer it here.

Hand Sanitizer with CBD and CBG oils, Vitamin E and organic Aloe Vera

Hand Sanitizer with CBD

find all the information about the new Nikken hand sanitizer.

Nikken Hand Sanitizer with CBD and CBG oils, Vitamin E and organic Aloe Verahand sanitizer

Nikken has been helping people around the globe create their Wellness Homes and Active Wellness lifestyles for decades now. In light of current events, we are launching three personal care and household products.

These products do not in any way suggest a cure but are designed to help you practice personal and household hygiene. All three products are priced at cost plus handling only, so that they can be shared with everyone in your communities.

Kenzen? Hand Sanitizer is an innovative Nikken product in that it contains Cannabinoids, commonly known as CBD and CBG oils. When you use it to clean your hands, it helps to soothe and relieve in addition. Since it?s THC-free, it?s safe to use as often as needed and works in as few as 15 seconds. It contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol to disinfect and helps eliminate up to 99.99% of common bacteria and germs. It more than meets the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention?s recommended 60%+ of alcohol and meets the FDA?s healthcare personnel handwashing criteria. Deionized water ensures that Kenzen Hand Sanitizer is made with purified water, and Vitamin E and organic Aloe Vera help moisturize the hands.


  • CBD and CBG oils help soothe and relieve hands
  • THC-free and safe to use as often as needed
  • works in as few as 15 seconds
  • disinfect and helps eliminate up to 99.99% of common bacteria and germs
  • FDA?s healthcare personnel handwashing criteria
  • with purified water
  • Vitamin E
  • organic Aloe Vera
  • help moisturize the hands

Product Description

Good hygiene is an integral part of good health. With that in mind, Nikken is introducing antibacterial products that specifically respond to the pandemic.

3.3 oz gel


Do hand sanitizers dry out your hands? Joints need relief? Check out Nikken’s new Kenzen Hand Sanitizer with Cannabinoids and aloe vera.

Many frequently asked questions regarding hand sanitizers are:

? Q: Does hand sanitizer work?

? A: Hand sanitizer manufactured according to FDA and CDC guidelines is an effective way to help eliminate bacteria and germs when washing hands with soap and water is not available.

? Q: Does hand sanitizer expire?

? A: Hand sanitizer at 70% alcohol and manufactured to FDA standards has a shelf life well over 2 years.


According to guidelines set out by the CDC, hand washing or the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers prevents infections in the human body by reducing the number of viable pathogens that contaminate hands as a result of coming in contact with surfaces that have not been cleansed.
Directions: Wet hands thoroughly with product and allow to dry without wiping. Use under adult supervision for children. Not recommended for infants.


Where can I buy the hand sanitizer?

You get it directly here.

reusable face mask

Hygiene masks

Nikken has been helping people around the globe create their Wellness Homes and Active Wellness lifestyles for decades now. In light of current events, we are launching three personal care and household products. These products do not in any way suggest a cure but are designed to help you practice personal and household hygiene. All three products are priced at cost plus handling only, so that they can be shared with everyone in your friends and family.

Kenzen? Face Mask will be available in black or white, both displaying the Nikken name and logo. This mask is not a medical device but can help with particulate contaminants and airborne pollution. It does not eliminate your exposure to the risk of any disease or infection. Made with two layers of polyester and cotton materials, it has an opening in between for an extra barrier or filter, if you wish to insert one. It?s a reusable mask: all you do is hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly, then air dry. At only one ounce, it fits comfortably with elastic bands of polyester and rubber that loop over the ears.


face mask nikken

Our mask

reduces droplet distribution and prevents unconscious touching of mouth and nose.
Wearing the Kenzen? Face Mask signals that you are also thinking of your surroundings and are aware of the special situation.

Sustainable production

…is essential to Nikken. High-quality materials make the Kenzen? Face Mask more durable and due to its reusability an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks.

Qualitative work of a company that is committed to your well-being. Since 1975

For 45 years Nikken has been the specialist in product solutions for a life in balance.
Nikken puts this experience and expertise into the development and production of Kenzen? Face Mask.

Design and functionality

…go hand in hand.
The Kenzen? Face Mask is well-thought-out, offers high wearing comfort and looks great, too.
It can create confidence, give a smile and support you.


Kenzen? Face Mask does not replace regular hand washing and spacing! These remain the most important rules of conduct.

Kenzen? Face Mask is not a certified medical product but a community mask which limits the transmission of droplets and avoids unconscious touching of mouth and nose.

– Moisture penetration can be delayed by inserting a (filter) inlay.

Where can I order the Kenzen? Face Mask?

You can order our Kenzen? Face Mask directly online here in our shop

Strengthen your immune system – even more so now!

A guide how to build and maintain your immune system step by step.

A healthy immune system does not need a lot – but regularity.

Our support tips on how to strengthen and keep your immune system strong:

1: drink water:

  • drink alkaline water
  • We need an alkaline body
  • If your body is over acidified, it has effects on many, many levels, psychologically as well as physically.

Effects if your body is over acidified:waterbottle

  • sleep disorders
  • Overweight
  • Skin problems
  • Joint pain
  • Infectious
  • high blood pressure
  • Hair loss can occur

With alkaline water, you flush your acidity out over your stomach and intestines and cleanse yourself from the inside.

Drink enough water. It is important that your body is well hydrated. Dehydration sets in extremely quickly and has a major impact on all parts of the body.

Our liver e.g. consists of 90% water. The liver is our detoxification organ. If our liver is insufficiently hydrated, we cannot detoxify and over-acidity. If we over acidify, it acts as a metabolic brake.

2: lactoferrin:
Lactoferrin gives us some protection internally. Above all, your intestine belongs to it and therefore your body and mind again, because a healthy intestine also has positive effects on your psyche.

3. Greenzymes
Greenzymes is a barley grass JUICE powder. It is really great!

Bio-Jade-GreenZymes offers a combination of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and more. It helps to balance the pH because it is extremely basic and supports and strengthens the immune system.


4. CiagaKenzenSuperCiaga Nikken 300x293
Ciaga is organic super fruit juice concentrate that is made exclusively from organic fruits.

High ORAC values: The ORAC value is a parameter to indicate its antioxidative ability. Antioxidants can make free radicals harmless. Sometimes a chain reaction and an increase in free radicals can occur in our body. This process is also known as “oxidative stress”. Free radicals or oxidative stress in large quantities can considerably restrict the function of our body cells and weaken our immune system. That is why it is important to provide our body with so-called antioxidants.
Provides the body with essential nutrients and antioxidants.
Highly concentrated fruits with natural anti-inflammatory characteristics.
With these 3 food supplements you are well looked after. So that these can be processed correctly by the body and transported to the place where they belong, it is important that you provide them with a reliable means of transport.

Silent Waters!

In addition to nutritional supplements, other factors for a good immune system are:

  • no stress
  • balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • move
  • fresh air
  • good sleep
  • to be in balance.

No stress:

It’s easier said than implemented, but stress is the number one trigger when it comes to the development of diseases.

Through stress, we weaken our immune systems and a weakened immune system inevitably leads to illnesses.

If we have permanent stress, i.e. for months, we have recurrent diseases – such as increased susceptibility to respiratory infections – more serious problems.

Those who are stressed need water and food supplements, especially a good night’s sleep.

Restful sleep is anything but comatose sleep: ?somehow getting the night around? and to a certain extent in Schlafsystem NIKKEN 300x121the morning with coffee so that the day can start.

Restful sleep means that it supports your immune system and thus supports you to stay in a well being!

You need a sleep

  • that brings you into the deep sleep phases and lets you stay there.
  • ?which gives you back the energy you used during the day.
  • that lets you rest deeply because only in deep sleep is learned and experienced processed.
  • Nikken offers you these energies. Sleeping in the magnetic cocoon is an incredibly soothing experience that you won’t want to do without when you find out what positive effects it has on you. Night for night.

The better you relax, the better you can take care of your immune system.

In summary, you can do the following for your immune system:

  • At night: sleep in the magnetic field cocoon
  • During the day you supply yourself with water at home and in the office with the Pimag Waterfall and on the way you drink water from the sports bottle with integrated water filter – this even filters out microplastics.
  • Furthermore, you take the food supplement in the morning or during the day and, if necessary, in the evening: lactoferrin, greenzymes and Ciaga to optimally support your diet.
  • In order to be supplied with the important magnetic energies during the day, we recommend the insoles. The magnetic field is activated with every movement. Soles alone make a noticeable difference.

With these few products, you are well looked after and can rebuild and stabilize your immune system step by step.

Your body is worth protecting and the Nikken products offer us all the important energies that are required.


If you want to read more about the products related to our immune system:

Lactoferrin / immune system

Why do I need lactoferrin

alkaline water

Sleep in the magnetic field cocoon

Barley grass juice powder

In stressful situations, you don’t have to buy water supplies

There is no reason to stock up on water supplies as in disaster situations:wasserregal

No long lines at the supermarket, no empty shelves, no need to stress yourself out. Not to mention the heavy carrying, pollution and waste of money.

You can relax and lean back, because we offer you a very simple, absolutely fantastic, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive alternative!

Panic buying for water supplies becomes completely unnecessary.wasserfilter 5

Nikken’s advanced water filter gives us a smart option.
The Nikken PiMAG Water System transforms tap water into pure and living drinking water. At a fraction of the cost of bottled water, it is also transformed into the healthiest alkaline mineral water!

What more could you want!? Take good care of yourself and your body with pure pi-water.

For travel:sportsflasche

If you are on the road and want to make sure that you drink clean tasting water, there is the PiMag sports bottle for you.

It is not only a state-of-the-art water filter?but also a well-being product that is essential for an active wellness lifestyle. With the unique filter, certain harmful pathogens in drinking water can be significantly reduced.

It is also a very environmentally friendly choice: this bottle does not pollute seawater with plastic.


  • The new PiMag sports bottle is the only water bottle that combines three technologies: nanofiber filtration, alkalization and de-clustering.
  • The patented nanofiber filtration technology was originally developed for NASA and significantly improves the filter’s ability to reduce potential contaminants from drinking water, including pathogens, chlorine, medication, and microplastics.
  • The patented filter with alkalizing media increases the pH from 7 to 8.5, to an alkaline rangewaterbottle
    Alkaline water reduces the oxidation-reduction potential and helps to balance the effects of harmful free radicals.
  • Magnets help to divide water molecules into smaller clusters: Bioavailability for the body’s cell structure
  • Environmentally friendly: bottle and filter can be recycled
  • FDA Food Contact Safe and BPA, DEHA and DEHP free
  • Insensitive to light, heat or humidity.
  • The filters are replaceable
  • Improves the taste
  • more hygienic
  • easy handling.


Instead, you save a fortune by not paying for commercially bottled water. Drink municipally treated water, but make sure it’s safe!

The wait is over!

Air purifier against fine dust

Fine dust is on everyone’s lips these days and not just proverbially. In America alone, hundreds of thousands of tons of the smallest particles float through the air every year and unfortunately also enter our airways. Particulate matter is a major health hazard and has been proven to shorten our life span. This applies not only to smog-contaminated cities in Asia, but also to our habitats in America.

Find out now below how an air purifier can help you against fine dust.driving ban 3806936 1920

The permissible values for particulate matter are repeatedly exceeded. The causes are manifold: road traffic, industry and private heating systems are considered the largest sources of emissions. Indoors, laser printers and cigarette smoke are rich sources of fine dust (2 billion fine dust particles per printed page are not uncommon with laser printers!)

Fine dust: the daily companion

The increasing fine dust pollution is one of the major environmental problems of our time. smoke 2268404 1280Particularly in places with heavy traffic and in conurbations, the concentration is above the specified limit values on many days of the year. Fine dust particles are, as the name suggests, so fine that they slip through the smallest cracks. If you work in the office or are not adequately ventilated at home, the concentration of fine dust can rise significantly higher indoors than outdoors.

In addition, there are other causes for the formation of particulate matter in living spaces – such as heating systems, computers, scanners and ovens. In China and other Asian countries, particulate matter levels are often much higher than in America. People put on their breathing masks outdoors to prevent them from breathing in too much of the dangerous dust. A decade ago this was still a bleak future scenario. Indoors, air purifiers are already standard equipment.

Health consequences of fine dust

Particulate matter, on which the authorities exceptionally agree with scientists, is a serious danger to human health. Above all it pollutes the respiratory tract. Particulate matter is regarded as a cause and amplifier of respiratory complaints, asthma and lung cancer, is said to intensify allergy symptoms and is even said to be responsible for impairments of the nervous system and diseases of the cardiovascular system (e.g. heart attack). The problem with particulate matter is that particularly fine particles – in contrast to an air purifier? HEPA filter – cannot be filtered in the nasopharynx and can therefore reach directly into the lungs. There they penetrate further into the alveoli and are removed from there only very slowly or not at all (keyword Black Lung Disease).

Air purifiers against fine dust: For clean, healthy airkenkoair2

A modern air purifier with HEPA filter reliably filters 99.95 % ( H13) of all particles up to a size of 0.3 micrometers from the room air and ensures clean, healthy air in your home. An air purifier safely protects the respiratory tract of humans and animals from fine dust and other pollutants and allergens. To capture even smaller particles such as soot and volatile gases, an integrated activated carbon filter is also available.

Thanks to its large surface area, it even traps unwanted odors and provides not only clean air but also a pleasant degree of freshness.

Which air purifier against fine dust

Several factors play a role in the question of a suitable air purifier against fine dust. On the one hand, it is, of course, important that the filter of the air purifier is able to remove ultra-fine particles from the room air. High-quality models boast not only a powerful HEPA filter, but also additional filters such as pre-filters and activated carbon filters.

Prevention is the better medicine. PREVENT instead of treat.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)filters are one of the most kenkoair1common air filters which require very clean air.

HEPA filters are very effective in removing particles as small as 0.03 ?m from the air. HEPA filters are extremely good and can support your well-being.

That is why our recommendation is the KenkoAir Purifier from Nikken.

Nikken’s KenkoAir cleaner offers all these features in one product. Now you can enjoy the air in your home with every breath, every day.
Although its price is comparable to many ordinary air filters, the KenkoAir air purifier offers you much more:


  • Based on the negative ion technology
  • extremely clean, naturally fresh
  • Advanced filtration in professional quality
  • Ozone-free operation
  • Compact design, automated operation, competitive price
  • quietly
  • different volume settings, by selecting the power output.
  • Filter change indicator, etc.
  • low in power consumption

Food, water, and sleep are all important, but the air is the most immediate need. It’s something we use several times a minute! What could be more worthwhile than improving air quality? The groups who spend the most time at home are children and the elderly. Good indoor air quality is even more essential for them.

“The greatest wealth is health”

woman 591576 1280

With self-care through your life

When we are mindful, we help ourselves because we care more. It makes us feel better and better and we radiate that.


Take a deep breath and consciously take time out

Do something good for yourself and your partner: for example with sustainable care products and relaxation products.

Nikken offers a whole range of wellness products that make your home a wellness home.
The range includes natural cosmetics, wellness items for sports, massages, and offices as well as sleep. Outstanding water filters for at home and on the go, practical accessories and organic food supplements round off the wellness offer.

Nothing is more relaxing than coming home, taking your time and taking a deep breath and pampering your soul.

Our various products for relaxing body massages so that you can relax or regenerate after exercising:

Anyone who leads a life with an active wellness lifestyle knows how important it is to relax. Nikken’s relaxation products support you with maximum mobility and your general well-being.

3 different massage products for different needs:

1.) Kenko Touch

kenko touch

is our most innovative massager, which is often used by top athletes worldwide.
The movement of the massage nubs and the patented DynaFlux? magnet technology promote muscle relaxation and relief on the go. Effects treatment for sore and inflamed muscles.

2.) Kenko MagDuo?


Practical magnet technology for releasing tension. The massage nubs give you a relaxing and stimulating massage.
DynaFlux? magnet technology improves the depth effect. Small and compact, this makes the Magduo easy to transport and easy to use. The relaxing massage helps to relieve stress.


3.) The massage offer is rounded off by the Magcreator

Nikken 1 MagCreator Massage Roller 1330 Magnetic 1


and through him you have the wonderful opportunity to spoil your partner. The flowing, quiet movements relax tired muscles and you come to rest.
The application is also easy with this product and you feel refreshed and strengthened after the massage.



ThermoWear Golf Socken 258x300Other wellness products:

Breathable and supportive golf stockings or sports socks:

no slipping and with far infrared technology (temperature-regulating). Different designs for maximum foot comfort




Last but not least, your skin should not be neglected in a wellness oasis:

Trust the certified natural cosmetics for men and women


Cosmetics get under your skin. That is why it should be as natural as possible. The cosmetic line TRUE Elements by Nikken is made from controlled organic cultivation and the natural pH value of the skin.
The natural active ingredients help your skin to shine again.

In the TRUE Elements range, you will find a good selection of certified skincare products. These natural products are certified by EcoCert. This is an international certification that guarantees the highest ecological/biological integrity.
The care products tested and certified in this way offer you soothing care for your skin.
TRUE elements? organic skincare is free from parabens, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), mineral oil, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, polyethylene glycol (PEG), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) as well as artificial colors and fragrances.

The range includes:
gentle cleansing milk?gently removes impurities and make-up
refreshing tonic for more elasticity. Aloe Vera soothes your skin and provides moisture
refreshing facial peeling?vitalizes the cells and removes impurities
an anti-aging serum. With hyaluronic acid, algae support cell renewal

nourishing face cream with hyaluronic acid and shea butter
refreshing face cream with anti-go ivy, for a firmer and firmer look, sea fennel helps to regenerate the skin

calmness, relaxation, rest, finding inner balance
We wish you that.

We wish you time in your mindfulness – it is the general key of our consciousness.

Inhale, exhale, smile

happy 1281590 1920



Nikken’s magnetic technologies

First of all: General information on magnet technology

Electromagnetism is one of the four basic forces of physics that prevail in our environment. The teaching of energy flows in the body and their effects on our health is an ancient principle and an integral part of Far Eastern cultures and traditional Chinese medicine, which has been the basis for health care in China and Japan for thousands of years. Meanwhile, the value of alternative practices – such as acupuncture – has also been recognized in western countries.

The polarity of the earth’s magnetic field has been reversed several times throughout the history of the compass 4375672 1920earth. But the magnetic field of the earth has also changed considerably in the course of human history. In our modern world, man-made electromagnetic fields and radiation sources further affect our electromagnetic environment.

Research into these influences served as inspiration for the development of the first Nikken magnetic products over 45 years ago, which should help our bodies to rebalance in a world where we are increasingly exposed to physical and mental stress factors. Nikken’s magnetic products help to restore the conditions in which people naturally live and can develop.

Nikken’s magnetic technologies

Nikken’s magnetic technology was used for the first time in KenkoInsoles?, the company’s first product. Since then, the research teams have continued their research work and found that the effect of the magnetic fields increases with their complexity. Today, Nikken offers a range of magnet configurations that have been developed for different applications.

Dynamic magnet technology

This technology is more complex than a static field. It is used in our massage products and generates a three-dimensional dynamic magnetic field with a greater depth effect. (see below DynaFlux)

Magnetic voltage technology

The latest product developments in our magnet range are based on a magnet configuration in which the same poles meet and magnetic fields are used to bring the three-dimensional complexity of our dynamic magnet technology into a static form. Special magnetic properties prevent demagnetization in these configurations.

RAMTM technology (radial axis magnetism)

Small spherical magnets are arranged in groups of six in a circle, with each individual magnet positioned Magnetmatratze 300x199within the group so that its axis between the plus and minus poles is rotated by 60 degrees to that of the adjacent magnet. The magnetic fields overlap and magnetic voltage fields arise, which ensure increased field complexity. Products: Kenkopad, pillows



Similar to the RAMTM module, but in a somewhat larger configuration for larger applications, a series of larger spherical magnets, which are mutually offset in polarity, rest in a flexible, network-like matrix that can react to every movement of the body. Products: KenkoSeat


NIKKEN magnets 300x226
The pioneering DynaFlux? technology from Nikken presents Nikken’s voltage magnet technologies in an even more compact form, which allows thinner and more powerful configurations for even more ingenious products. Products: sleep mask, Kenko msteps and mstrides, PowerChip, PowerMini, magduo, magflex, Kenkotouch

further (field gradient) magnet technology and products: blanket, water filter, sports bottle, shower filter, magcreator, bandages, jewelry

ACTIVE wellness

Living a healthier, happier life doesn’t have to be complicated. Nikken’s products are designed to combine our effective, natural technologies with everyday household items that can be easily integrated into everyday life without changing your daily routine or lifestyle.

Simply experience the Nikken vision:

– wear the soles, jewelry and / or bandages.nikken water 300x201

– fresh water at home, at work or during sports with the Pimag water filter and / or sports bottle

in the evening:

– Pamper yourself and others with massage products such as the Kenkotouch, magcreator or magduo.

– Rest and relaxation in bed: sleep in the magnetic cocoon: Kenkopad, blanket, pillow and sleep mask

Would you like to order?

Ordering couldn’t be easier. Just ask us. We take care of the details.

We are happy to assist you with personal customer support and we are your first point of contact if you have any questions or would like more information about Nikken products.


A healthier, cheaper and greener alternative to bottled water

The public interest is increasingly turning to the question of what is in our tap water – it makes sense to ensure the quality of our drinking water. In addition, the water that is commercially available in bottles is by far not the ideal source of water for many reasons, since these products are often nothing more than expensive tap water with a pH value of 7 or below – So in the acidic range.

As recent research shows, drinking a plastic bottle of water has the same environmental impact as traveling a kilometer by car. The statistics are frightening and show that the content of an average of 160 plastic bottles of water is consumed per person per year in Europe. The production, the filling, the distribution and finally the transport to disposal facilities corresponds to a total oil consumption of over five million liters.

The reusable PiMag? sports bottle offers the solution. Nikken is internationally recognized for the most modern water filter systems for the home, which transform ordinary tap water into excellent tasting filtered water. Now this innovative filter technology is also available as a compact take-away solution – it supports you in staying healthy while protecting your wallet and the environment.

The PiMag? sports bottle is characterized by a patent-pending innovative filter system that meets or exceeds the specifications for reducing impurities such as chlorine, solids and chloramines in independent laboratory tests. Corrosion-protected magnetic disks generate a magnetic field that helps prevent solid deposits, while pi materials enrich the water with natural minerals and give it a slightly basic (alkaline) pH value between 8.5 and 9.5. Alkaline water helps balance the oxidizing effects of many elements associated with modern nutrition and the environment.

The PiMag? sports bottle can be refilled approx. 250 times per exchangeable filter insert – this provides approx. 152 liters of clear, filtered water and corresponds to approximately three months of use before the filter has to be replaced. In addition, the material of the PiMag? sports bottle does not contain any toxic substances such as bisphenol A or phthalates that could be released into the floor, should the bottle ultimately be disposed of. The bottle is not only recyclable, but also biodegradable. H. it decomposes into natural biomass components.

It couldn’t be more environmentally friendly!