NIKKEN Sleep System

The Naturest ? sleep system from Nikken

The elements of the Naturest sleep system are coordinated in their functions to surround them with an innovative, adaptable sleeping environment like a cocoon. It creates the best conditions for the highest quality of sleep and gives you the feeling that you are sleeping in your own home in the open nature. This improved sleep quality ensures that your body and mind not only function properly, but optimally ? with energy and vitality.
When choosing your bed, most people often only pay attention to the noticeable comfort of the mattress. But for the highest quality of sleep ? and adequate rest and relaxation ? there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a sleeping environment. These include:

. Comfort

Temperature characteristics
-Moisture Regulation
? ventilation
Energy technologies
With the development of the Naturest ? sleep system, Nikken has succeeded in optimizing every single one of these factors for your individual needs ? even if you share your bed with a partner who has distinctly different requirements for the sleeping environment Provides.
The NIKKEN sleep system consists of the naturest pad (Magnetic mattress topper) of a (magnetic blanket) Kenko dream comforter, the sleep Mask and a pillow.

An important aspect
Our health

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Healthy sleep with NIKKEN

Healthy sleep with NIKKEN
“It has been empirically proven that
restful sleep of the
the most decisive factor for a
long life is – more important than
diet, exercise, or
Inheritance (the genes).”
Dr. William Dement, member of the research team that is responsible for the
identified individual sleep stages, and founder of the Sleep
Research Center at Stanford University, the world’s largest
first sleep laboratory

Promoting better sleep with the Nikken Sleep System

At least a third of us don’t sleep well. Many of us wake tired and can’t shake this tiredness off the whole day.
Sleep is, however, an indispensable physiological function. The so-called “social jetlag” is an important research concept, which deals with the that our inner clock often does not work with our inner clock. the schedule of the day.
Sleep supports all aspects of our health.

Because in sleep our body to recover from the stresses of the day and to focus on the Prepare the next day’s loads. Poor sleep can lead to a heightened chronic stress reaction and thus our body’s immune function, which can have consequences for almost every aspect of the
of our health and well-being.

It does not only depend on how many hours we sleep when we are I’d like to wake up rested in the morning. Important is above all also the Sleep quality. And a significant role in the quality of our sleep plays our sleeping environment.

Order the NIKKEN Sleep system

You can buy the sleep system directly and safely in the online shop of NIKKEN.

? Why does the new sleeping system have a gauss strength of 3,200 gauss when the previous model only had 750 gauss?

We decided on 3,200 Gauss because we wanted to increase the penetration depth of the magnetic field. It can be assumed that the general Gaussian strength on the body surface (directly above the magnetic disk) is approximately in the range of 1,200 to 1,500 Gauss. Since the RAM? magnetic disc is embedded between the massage nubs, covered by the mattress cover and a bed sheet, and since there is still a pair of pyjamas between the body and the magnetic disc, the Gaussian strength is exactly right. The use of neodymium magnets has two reasons: The first reason is that we would not have achieved the desired Gaussian strength with ferrite-based magnets. The second reason is that the magnetic resistance of neodymium allows us to position the spherical magnets in the desired configuration despite the resistance of their magnetic fields with the adjacent magnetic fields. Unlike ferrite magnets, whose magnetic fields would eventually yield to the resistances within the configuration, neodymium magnets retain their magnetic properties for a long time.

? Are there any tests on the new sleeping system that show that it offers a better magnetic cover than the previous sleeping system?

The technology itself already shows that the magnetic cover is now better. In the previous model, we used flat dipole magnets. These have now been replaced by the new RAM? technology, which generates a series of magnetic fields extending over 360 degrees in three dimensions. The RAM? system is the only design that provides this type of three-dimensional magnetic cover with a two-dimensional surface and no moving parts. The advantage of this technology is that the three-dimensional magnetic field covers everything within its reach, even a complex body with multiple angles.

? What are the advantages of bamboo as part of the cover?

Bamboo fabric is a natural fabric made from the pulp of bamboo grass. It is light, strong, has excellent wicking properties and is both absorbent and quick-drying as well as antibacterial.

? How does latex foam react to bacterial growth?

Latex is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Bacteria and germs have almost no chance. Latex, therefore, contributes to a healthy environment and is very suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

? How does latex foam react to moisture/sweat?

Latex has an open cell structure, which ensures natural ventilation.