Naturest ? Custom Pillows

The ideal supplement for your sleep cocoon
. patented DynaFlux? Magnetic Technology
? Latex filling material suitable for allergy sufferers whose filling volume can be adjusted individually
? Natural, ecologically harmless materials that are suitable for allergy sufferers and comply with fire safety standards without the use of inhibitors or chemicals
-Breathable cover of natural fibres

The pillow of NIKKEN

The NIKKEN custom pillow to support a natural sleeping position

The filling material of the Naturest ? pillow consists of naturally fixed latex flakes, which ensure that the pillow retains its shape. In addition, the filling volume is individually adjustable by removing filling material. A specially shaped headrest inside ensures the best and most comfortable position of the head, neck, and spine. The unique ventilation and temperature regulation of the natural fiber reference from bamboo and cotton fibers ensure that the pillow remains pleasantly cool.
Deep, restful sleep
What makes the Naturest ? pillow really different from other pillows is? the patented DynaFlux? Magnetic Technology from Nikken. They sleep deeply as the brain regenerates and supplies them with new energy for the coming day. The pillow is easy to transport and you can also take advantage of the benefits of relaxing natural magnet technology when traveling. Use the Naturest ? custom pillow alone or ? to maximize the benefits of your sleeping environment ? in combination with the KenkoDream ? comforter and the Kenko Naturest ? Mattress Topper.
The Kenko Naturest ? Matress Topper, the NIKKEN sleep Mask and the KenkoDream ? comforter offer the ideal complement to the Naturest ? custom pillow.

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