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Nikken Wellness Products for your well-being and more energy

Health and well-being in Canada

In all areas of life, our health and wellness depends on a balanced attitude towards life: body, mind, family, community and financial health affect your well-being.

A healthy (domestic) environment is an important support for your health and therefore we recommend the Nikken Wellness-home.

For a healthy life in balance

About NIKKEN in Canada

Since 1975, Nikken from the health and wellness area is indispensable.

What we can do for you

Velvet Cleansing Milk

Über uns – NIKKEN Fachberater

ThermoWear Socks

The new BioGreen PiMag® water bottle has arrived …

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

Strengthen your immune system


Sport and the importance of active recreation…

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

Sleep System

Sleep problems: Stop your thought carousel and find your relaxation

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

Skin care

Shampoo and Conditioner

Save 20% on PiMag

Rest and relaxation

Regeneration with NIKKEN

24. January 2020/by Alexander

Refreshing Tonic Lotion

Refreshing facial peeling

Refreshing face Cream

Privacy policy

PowerChip ® and PowerMini ™

Power band Bracelet and necklace

PiMag water Filter/Waterfall Nikken

Our bones are our support of life

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

Nutritional Supplements – Full-value support for our nutrition with NIKKEN

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

Nourishing Face Cream


NIKKEN Water Bottle

NIKKEN Super Ciaga

NIKKEN Sleep Mask

NIKKEN Shower system











Nikken Products

Nikken PiMag Water

NIKKEN Online Shop

NIKKEN Naturest ® Custom Pillow

Nikken Magnets

Nikken Magnetic Roller

NIKKEN Magnetic Necklace

NIKKEN Magnetic Jewelry

Nikken Magnetic Insoles

NIKKEN magnet stars in the book Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

24. January 2020/by Alexander


NIKKEN MagCreator

Nikken Magboy

NIKKEN Lactoferrin

NIKKEN KenkoSeat ® II

NIKKEN KenkoDream ® Comforter

NIKKEN Kenko Naturest ® Mattress Topper

NIKKEN Kenko MagDuo ™

NIKKEN in Canada

Nikken France

NIKKEN Barley Grass Juice

My experience with the Nikken sleep system

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

MStrides and Kenko MSteps ®

Mélange d’aliments biologiques KVB ®

Magnetic Technologies by Nikken

24. January 2020/by Alexander

Magnetic roller from the EmotionCode

24. January 2020/by Alexander

Magnetic products for your health

Magnetic pendant – Kenko Heart Set

Leave nothing on the beach but footprints

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

KVB ® Organic Food Mix

Kenzen® Immunity

KENZEN ™ Cleanse

KENZEN TEN4 ® Matcha-Green tea drink

KENZEN Digestion Complex 4-20

KenkoTouch ® by NIKKEN

KenkoTherm ® ™ Duk Tape

KenkoTherm ® Support Bandages

KenkoTherm ® Back Belt

Kasai ® Omega Oils

Jus d’herbe d’orge Nikken

Japan 2018-Our Nikken trip with Team Kaizen

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

Invigorating Shower gel


Huiles d’oméga du Kasaï ®

Health Guide

Health and Wellness Blog

Diet with NIKKEN

24. January 2020/by Alexander




Bouteille d’eau Nikken

Bio-based weight management

Anti-Aging serum

Alkaline water from the sports bottle

24. January 2020/by Ricarda

Alkaline water …

9. January 2020/by Ricarda

About US-NIKKEN expert Advisors

About Nikken

Healthy Eating

A good and healthy diet is elementary. But what do you need every day for a balanced diet?


Find out what you can do for your feel-good weight and how you can achieve it.

RESTful sleep

Healthy, regenerative sleep in the deep sleep phase. Get new energy for the day and reduce stress. Whether the pad, blanket, pillow or whole sleep system. You’ll find it here.

Magnetic Jewellery

Magnetic jewellery from NIKKEN is now available in various designs. Discover the right match to your taste.

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MagBoy / MagDuo, NIKKEN magnets, MagCreator, Lactoferrin, Greenzymes, Ciaga

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NIKKEN in Canada

Nikken Wellness Products for your well-being and more energy

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