NIKKEN magnet stars in the book Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson


Dr. Bradley Nelson is a specialist and a much sought-after American expert in the field of bioenergetic medicine and energetic psychology. In more than 20 years of practical experience, he developed a simple and effective self-help method Emotion Code (TM). Dr. Bradley Nelson became world-famous for his method EmotionsCode through the successful film Emotion.


The Emotion Code is a method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to identify and resolve old emotional ballast. Emotional ballast can cause illness, physical discomfort, emotional difficulties and much more.

MagboyOld emotions from the past can literally settle in our body in the form of an “energy ball”, interfering with the flow of energy (“Chi”) and causing an imbalance. When applying the Emotions Code, the kinesiological muscle test is used to determine whether and which of such “trapped emotions” are present in the body as the cause of a particular problem. These are then removed by a specific magnetic application.

Working with the EmotionCode is easy to understand, logically comprehensible, very precise and yet simple to use. One can achieve fascinating results, with oneself and with others. The method in the EmotionCode can be very efficient and effective and self-healing powers are activated.

Emotion Code magnet rollerThe book recommends the use of a magnet. The magnet is the “tool”. Dr. Nelson uses the magnet from NIKKEN MagBoy-now available under the name MagDuo-and he uses the MagCreator.

For many, the effect is noticeable within a very short time. Sometimes you have to “sleep on it” and observe how the body regenerates. Sometimes it took a few days or weeks before you notice the effect.

The Emotion Code with our Star MagDuo and MagCreator is absolutely worth reading and highly exciting!

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