Your NIKKEN Specialist Advisors

We’re Alex and Ricarda. We work together as a team as independent consultant since 20 years. We are happily connected with the company Nikken.

We are headquartered in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Bremen in Germany. We are committed to ensuring that people, homes and offices around the world find balance, energy and well-being.

Meet the Team

We can be contacted by e-mail at at any time.

We can supply almost all of Europe and the USA and also Canada with Nikkens goods.

Alex: 20 years ago I met the products of Nikken by my father’s pain therapist. My father, at that time 76 years old, had tangible and obvious successes for him through the use of some products. As a result, more and more Nikken products moved into our lives. Due to the positive experience with the products, I decided to become independent consultant. My favorite products are the sleep system and the Powerchip.

Ricarda: I got to know the products by Alex. Since the products were there anyway, I used them as a matter of course without making big thoughts about what I have in front of me. I have only had positive experiences and experienced significant changes. Today Nikken accompanies our whole family. My favorite products are the sleep-system, the insoles and the water filter.

“Change is not a threat, but a chance to grow as a personality”

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Alex and Ricarda (left) with NIKKEN CEO Kurt Fulle and his wife on a joint trip to Japan.

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