KenkoSeat ® II

Powerful magnetic energy while sitting

KenkoSeat II features patented DynaFlux® Technology and a natural latex foundation so that users can enjoy the benefits of the Kenko Sleep System even while awake.

The KenkoSeat ® II is ideal for the office or at home and offers you the opportunity to benefit directly from our magnetic technologies. The KenkoSeat ® has a similar structure to the Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® and has a soft, durable and breathable polyester cover as well as a naturally anti-bacterial latex base.
The result is a stylish seat pad that provides comfort and ideal support.

• Provides support and comfort while seated and helps promote correct posture for the back
• Patented DynaFlux® Technology in the form of the Kenko Power Button™
• Pure, 100% natural latex core
• Breathable for ventilation
• Durable 100% nylon cover

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seat Pad by NIKKEN

Magnetic Tension Technologies:
Nikken’s most recent magnetic developments feature opposing poles in magnetic tension, which bring some of the 3-dimensional complexity of the Dynamic Technology into a static form, using special magnetic designs to prevent demagnetisation in the process.DynaFlux®:
Nikken’s advanced DynaFlux® Technology further develops Nikken’s magnetic tension technologies into increasingly compact form factors, achieving thinner and more powerful configurations for ever more exciting applications.

18 x 42 in/46 x 107 cm

800-1,000 per Kenko PowerButton® magnet

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KenkoSeat ® II

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