NIKKEN Kenko MagDuo

NIKKEN Kenko MAGDUO (successor MagBoy)
Features and benefits

  • Helps to loosen tensions and relieve stress on stressed muscles and joints
  • Massage knobs for a relaxing, stimulating massage
  • Compact and lightweight ? for use in any body area
  • Exclusive Dynaflux ? magnetic technology for improved depth effect
  • Fits in any pocket ? the perfect stress killer for the road
  • Storage box is used for roll massage as housing for both Kenko MagDuo ? Balls
  • Durable, resistant components ? designed for long shelf life

It is common knowledge that a massage can provide relief if tense muscles and stress are created. The Kenko MagDuo, however, carries this simple idea even further ? by combining its compactness and ease of use with the most refined natural energy technologies of today, it offers an even better relaxation experience.

The Practical Kenko MagDuo consists of two balls studded with massage knobs that can easily be rolled over the tense muscles always and everywhere. Due to its compact size and low weight, the product can be applied to any part of the body that requires a massage.

Kenko MagDuo by NIKKEN for your well-being.

Innovative Relaxation technology with the Kenko MagDuo

The well-designed storage box serves as a handle for the two balls, which can be fastened on an axis, when the protective cover is removed. This way you can easily roll over the body. (Of course, the Kenko MagDuo balls can also be used without a housing ? individually or together.)

What makes the Kenko MagDuo particularly unique are the exclusive technologies that it uses. Dynaflux Magnetic technology achieves a uniform, continuously intensive magnetic cover. Dynaflux is based on a specific arrangement of several individual magnets, within which the same magnetic poles meet in several places that is, positive poles meet positive and negative poles for negatives. This creates a dynamic, three-dimensional energy field when the Kenko MagDuo is rolled over the body.

How effective the Kenko MagDuo is, is also incredibly easy to demonstrate simply roll the balls back and forth between your palms and feel the incomparable feeling!

Product Description of the MagDuo

Compact, portable and a quick, effective means to have a relaxing massage experience. This advanced pair of massaging spheres can help you feel relaxed and reenergized, in minutes!


  • Helps ease tension, relieve stress
  • Patented DynaFlux Magnetic Technology replicates forces in nature
  • Non-invasive massage nodules stimulate and relax muscles
  • Compact size, goes anywhere and can be applied to any part of the body
  • Carrying case allows rotation of spheres for a rolling massage
MagDuo - the magnet roller from NIKKEN


Patented DynaFlux? Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)


Resting 800, Active 1000

4.20 oz

Solid magnets, poly resin

To clean, wipe with damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Facts about the MagDuo

  • ?Massage is known to provide relief for sore muscles, tension, discomfort and stress. It’s
    also a noninvasive solution with no side effects and no downside. The MagDuo combines
    massaging action with Nikken TriPhase? Technology, for an enhanced relaxation
  • The Nikken MagDuo is small and lightweight for portability. The convenient size also makes
    the MagDuo suitable for application to any area where a massage will be beneficial.
  • DynaFluxTM Magnetic Technology is a patent-pending design exclusive to Nikken. It
    incorporates a series of magnets in polar opposition at several points. The result is that the
    magnetic field is extended, for greater depth of penetration.
  • The small amount of flexion that is allowed between these components means that when
    the MagDuo is rolled against a surface, the movement will cause slight shifts in magnetic
    angle, as the opposing magnets change position relative to each other. These polar shifts
    produce an active or dynamic magnetic field. MagDuo DynaFlux Magnetic Technology is the
    only system of this type that can create an active magnetic field using static magnets and
    without the use of powered moving parts.
  • Special materials fused into the surface of the MagDuo produce a stream of airborne
    negative ions. This Negativeilon Technology replicates the refreshing, invigorating air found
    in forests and near waterfalls.
  • Ceramic reflective fibers absorb energy from ambient sources such as body temperature or
    sunlight and then reflect this energy in far-infrared waves for gentle warming. Nikken Far?
    Infrared Technology is selective in that it releases wavelengths only in the far-infrared range.
  • The compact MagDuo case securely holds and protects the MagDuo spheres and makes
    them easy to carry anywhere. The spheres are placed on an axis that allows them to rotate
    when the cover is detached and the case is rolled against the body for the massage. The
    MagDuo spheres can also be removed from the case and used individually or together.

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