NIKKEN barley Grass

Jade GreenZymes ?
Wellness for your body

? Made from the juice of freshly harvested organic barley grass sprouts
? An excellent source of natural nutrients
? A “salad in the glass”

The origins of Jade GreenZymes ?

For more than 40 years, the Japanese scientist Dr. Hagiwara made it his life’s task to find a natural substance that is good for the nutrient needs of the body and promotes health. Numerous scientific studies have led him to discover the positive effects of barley grass on the human body.

Barley grass juice from the Greenzymes powder.

Barley Grass Powder by NIKKEN

What is Jade GreenZymes ??

If the highest nutrient content has been achieved in its growth cycle, the barley grass for Jade GreenZymes ? is already harvested as a sprout. By means of juicing and spray drying processes, the cold processing and the concentration of the nutrients are carried out. For Jade GreenZymes ?, only the juice is processed, as it contains the nutrients that are easily to be incorporated by the body.

Package variants: capsules or containers

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