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Nikken has been helping people around the globe create their Wellness Homes and Active Wellness lifestyles for decades now. In light of current events, we are launching three personal care and household products. These products do not in any way suggest a cure but are designed to help you practice personal and household hygiene. All three products are priced at cost plus handling only, so that they can be shared with everyone in your friends and family.

Kenzen? Face Mask will be available in black or white, both displaying the Nikken name and logo. This mask is not a medical device but can help with particulate contaminants and airborne pollution. It does not eliminate your exposure to the risk of any disease or infection. Made with two layers of polyester and cotton materials, it has an opening in between for an extra barrier or filter, if you wish to insert one. It?s a reusable mask: all you do is hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly, then air dry. At only one ounce, it fits comfortably with elastic bands of polyester and rubber that loop over the ears.


face mask nikken

Our mask

reduces droplet distribution and prevents unconscious touching of mouth and nose.
Wearing the Kenzen? Face Mask signals that you are also thinking of your surroundings and are aware of the special situation.

Sustainable production

…is essential to Nikken. High-quality materials make the Kenzen? Face Mask more durable and due to its reusability an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks.

Qualitative work of a company that is committed to your well-being. Since 1975

For 45 years Nikken has been the specialist in product solutions for a life in balance.
Nikken puts this experience and expertise into the development and production of Kenzen? Face Mask.

Design and functionality

…go hand in hand.
The Kenzen? Face Mask is well-thought-out, offers high wearing comfort and looks great, too.
It can create confidence, give a smile and support you.


Kenzen? Face Mask does not replace regular hand washing and spacing! These remain the most important rules of conduct.

Kenzen? Face Mask is not a certified medical product but a community mask which limits the transmission of droplets and avoids unconscious touching of mouth and nose.

– Moisture penetration can be delayed by inserting a (filter) inlay.

Where can I order the Kenzen? Face Mask?

You can order our Kenzen? Face Mask directly online here in our shop

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