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My experience with the Nikken sleep system

I’ve come across detours to the great sleep system of Nikken and other products. But I have to get a little bit more to understand. I was about 7/8 years old and in 2nd grade when I was suddenly mugged in the spring with horrible runny noses, itchy eyes and tingling. The diagnosis followed quickly: […]


Sport and the importance of active recreation…

After a strenuous workout or a demanding training session, absolute tranquility may seem to be the best way to promote relaxation. However, scientific evidence shows that there are many benefits in active recovery. What is active recovery? Active recreation is a workout unit that is less intense and simpler than your usual sports units and […]

Japan 2018-Our Nikken trip with Team Kaizen

In this report we would like to share with you our fantastic trip with the team Kaizen to Japan and take you on our adventure journey. We were so excited…. In January, Nikken congratulated us on the 2 seats in the Kaizen 2018 team. I couldn’t believe we qualified for 2 tickets. In May, all […]


Alkaline water from the sports bottle

My experience report on the sports bottle: The first question I ask myself is: Why did I buy it now? The sports bottle is simply awesome. I love the filtered water of Nikken. It always gives me a good, healthy feeling. So far I was mostly too lazy to fill filtered water and take it […]


The new BioGreen PiMag? water bottle has arrived …

Even more great features The BioGreen PiMag? water bottle from Nikken features a new, improved cap with a practical loop for a secure grip that can be used to attach the bottle to a bag, for example, as well as a hygienic and replaceable drinking spout that folds up for easy replacement. BIOGREEN Biodegradable… Environmentally […]


Leave nothing on the beach but footprints

Healthy seas are the life support system for our planet: They provide 97% of the habitat on our planet. To help keep our oceans and marine life sustainable, we need to keep our beaches clean. They provide a habitat for many creatures that need both land and sea to survive. And even living creatures that […]

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Our bones are our support of life

… We, humans, are miracles. Let us become aware of what we take for granted every day: our body consists of more than 200 bones. These bone/skeletons carry our weight throughout our lives. They are ready non-stop and endure all our movements, strains, sporting challenges, and heavy physical work. Even if they seem rigid to […]

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Alkaline water …

…what is this anyway? Alkaline or alkaline is the same. Alkaline water is alkaline and therefore not acidic. Whether water is acidic or alkaline or alkaline is indicated by the pH value. Under 7 one speaks of acidic water. The higher the value, the more alkaline the water is. The pH value is the measure […]