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Air purifier against fine dust

Fine dust is on everyone’s lips these days and not just proverbially. In America alone, hundreds of thousands of tons of the smallest particles float through the air every year and unfortunately also enter our airways. Particulate matter is a major health hazard and has been proven to shorten our life span. This applies not only to smog-contaminated cities in Asia, but also to our habitats in America.

Find out now below how an air purifier can help you against fine dust.driving ban 3806936 1920

The permissible values for particulate matter are repeatedly exceeded. The causes are manifold: road traffic, industry and private heating systems are considered the largest sources of emissions. Indoors, laser printers and cigarette smoke are rich sources of fine dust (2 billion fine dust particles per printed page are not uncommon with laser printers!)

Fine dust: the daily companion

The increasing fine dust pollution is one of the major environmental problems of our time. smoke 2268404 1280Particularly in places with heavy traffic and in conurbations, the concentration is above the specified limit values on many days of the year. Fine dust particles are, as the name suggests, so fine that they slip through the smallest cracks. If you work in the office or are not adequately ventilated at home, the concentration of fine dust can rise significantly higher indoors than outdoors.

In addition, there are other causes for the formation of particulate matter in living spaces – such as heating systems, computers, scanners and ovens. In China and other Asian countries, particulate matter levels are often much higher than in America. People put on their breathing masks outdoors to prevent them from breathing in too much of the dangerous dust. A decade ago this was still a bleak future scenario. Indoors, air purifiers are already standard equipment.

Health consequences of fine dust

Particulate matter, on which the authorities exceptionally agree with scientists, is a serious danger to human health. Above all it pollutes the respiratory tract. Particulate matter is regarded as a cause and amplifier of respiratory complaints, asthma and lung cancer, is said to intensify allergy symptoms and is even said to be responsible for impairments of the nervous system and diseases of the cardiovascular system (e.g. heart attack). The problem with particulate matter is that particularly fine particles – in contrast to an air purifier? HEPA filter – cannot be filtered in the nasopharynx and can therefore reach directly into the lungs. There they penetrate further into the alveoli and are removed from there only very slowly or not at all (keyword Black Lung Disease).

Air purifiers against fine dust: For clean, healthy airkenkoair2

A modern air purifier with HEPA filter reliably filters 99.95 % ( H13) of all particles up to a size of 0.3 micrometers from the room air and ensures clean, healthy air in your home. An air purifier safely protects the respiratory tract of humans and animals from fine dust and other pollutants and allergens. To capture even smaller particles such as soot and volatile gases, an integrated activated carbon filter is also available.

Thanks to its large surface area, it even traps unwanted odors and provides not only clean air but also a pleasant degree of freshness.

Which air purifier against fine dust

Several factors play a role in the question of a suitable air purifier against fine dust. On the one hand, it is, of course, important that the filter of the air purifier is able to remove ultra-fine particles from the room air. High-quality models boast not only a powerful HEPA filter, but also additional filters such as pre-filters and activated carbon filters.

Prevention is the better medicine. PREVENT instead of treat.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)filters are one of the most kenkoair1common air filters which require very clean air.

HEPA filters are very effective in removing particles as small as 0.03 ?m from the air. HEPA filters are extremely good and can support your well-being.

That is why our recommendation is the KenkoAir Purifier from Nikken.

Nikken’s KenkoAir cleaner offers all these features in one product. Now you can enjoy the air in your home with every breath, every day.
Although its price is comparable to many ordinary air filters, the KenkoAir air purifier offers you much more:


  • Based on the negative ion technology
  • extremely clean, naturally fresh
  • Advanced filtration in professional quality
  • Ozone-free operation
  • Compact design, automated operation, competitive price
  • quietly
  • different volume settings, by selecting the power output.
  • Filter change indicator, etc.
  • low in power consumption

Food, water, and sleep are all important, but the air is the most immediate need. It’s something we use several times a minute! What could be more worthwhile than improving air quality? The groups who spend the most time at home are children and the elderly. Good indoor air quality is even more essential for them.

“The greatest wealth is health”

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