Magnetic Technologies by Nikken

A brief introduction to the energy technologies of Nikken

Magnetic Technology

Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces of physics that prevail in our environment (in addition to gravitation and two types of nuclear forces). The teaching of energy flows in the body and its effect on our health is an ancient principle and an integral part of Far Eastern cultures and traditional Chinese medicine, which for millennia has been the basis for health care in China and Japan Makes. In the meantime, the value of alternative practices, such as acupuncture, has also been recognised in Western countries.

In the course of the history of the Earth the polarity of the magnetic field reversed several times. But even in the course of human history, the Earth’s magnetic field has not changed insignificantly. In our modern world, our elekromagnetisches environment is further affected by human-created electromagnetic fields and sources of radiation.

Research in the field of these influences served as an inspiration for the development of the first Nikken magnetic products over 35 years ago, which should support our bodies in a world where we are increasingly taking physical and mental stress factors To get back into balance. The magnetic products of Nikken help to restore the conditions in which people can live and unfold by nature.

The magnetic Technologies of Nikken

For the first time, Nikken Magnetic technology was used in the Nikken KenkoInsoles ® , the company’s first product when it was founded in 1975. Since then, the research teams have continued their research work and found that the effect of magnetic fields is increasing with their complexity. Today we offer a range of magnetic configurations that have been developed for various applications.

Dynamic Magnetic Technology

This technology is more complex than a static field. It is used in our massage products and generates a three-dimensional dynamic magnetic field with greater depth effect.

Magnetic voltage Technology

The latest product developments of our magnetic range are based on a magnetic configuration in which the same poles meet and magnetic voltage fields are used to the three-dimensional complexity of our dynamic magnetic technology In a static form. Special magnetic properties Prevent degaussing in these configurations.

RAM ™ Technology (radial-axis magnetism)

Small ball magnets are arranged in groups of six, with each individual magnet positioned within the group in such a way that its axis is rotated between the plus and minus poles to that of the adjacent magnet by 60 degrees. The magnetic fields overlap and there are magnetic fields of tension, which provide for an increased field complexity.

SpyderRAM ™

Similar to the RAM ™ module, but in a slightly larger configuration for larger applications, a series of larger spherical magnets, which are offset against each other in their polarity, rest in a flexible, net-like matrix that can be applied to any body movement Can react.

DynaFlux ®

The groundbreaking DynaFlux ® technology from Nikken presents the voltage magnet technologies of Nikken in an even more compact form, allowing thinner and more powerful configurations for even more ingenious products.

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Diet with NIKKEN

With every step in the right direction, a
Difference – every day!

Everyday weight Management on bio-based

There are so many reasons for organic products…
• You know what’s inside!
-Genetic engineering-free agriculture
-Reduced use of antibiotics
-Fewer pesticides
-Avoidance of most artificial color & preservatives
• Animal-Friendly
• Better for wildlife
• Better for the environment
• Production in harmony with nature

Everyday weight Management on bio-based
Eat Well & Live well Everyday
NIKKENWELLNESS The Everyday Difference

3 Simple steps:

• Drink plenty of water
• Avoid harmful foods
• Eat more green leafy vegetables and other fiber-rich food

Support your body in cleaning
There is a correlation between digestion and metabolism. If the body cannot properly process the food supplied to it, i.e. absorb nutrients and remove waste products from the system, the metabolism cannot be carried out efficiently.
• Reduce your carbohydrate consumption
• Eat protein in the form of fish and seafood, legumes and lean meat
• Avoid saturated fats

Support the stabilization of your appetite
What you eat affects your metabolic rate. Protein stimulates metabolism and carbohydrates slow it down. As proteins are digested more slowly, they reduce your appetite. They feel more tired and therefore eat less.

• Pay attention to healthy, full-fledged organic snacks and drinks
• Sleep adequately
• Daily exercise at least 30 minutes

Movement and Sleep
Carrying extra pounds around can be tiring. Therefore, people who start a diet often lack energy. Daily exercise can boost the metabolism and therefore burn calories. A value snack can counteract energy lows. And remember, plenty of sleep! Studies show that the body with too little sleep increases the production of the appetite-stimulating hormone Ghrelin. Therefore, good sleep in weight management is considered an important factor.

The development of a healthy nutritional approach requires the support of an ActiveWellness lifestyle and a positive attitude to life. When it comes to weight management, it doesn’t have to count on calories. Just stick to a healthy diet that gives you the energy and nutrients you need and helps you achieve and maintain your dream weight.
Before you start a weight loss program of any kind, you should seek advice from your doctor

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Regeneration with NIKKEN

A world of energies

Magnetism in our environment the magnetic field of the earth is an integral part of the natural environment of all living organisms. However, it is subject to change and, over time, it even reverses its polarity. Over the past 150 years, man has created an increasingly electromagnetic environment: electricity, television, radio, mobile phones and other electrical devices provide a modern environment that is penetrated by electromagnetic fields.

Energy for Life

For millennia, the great importance of our body energies has been known in Eastern cultures – acupuncture is just one example. Today we know that the bioelectric systems for the body are just as fundamental as its biochemistry. Although the effects that electromagnetic fields have on our health in our modern world are still the subject of research and affect individual people differently, the electrosensitivity is now on both sides of the Atlantic Officially recognized as a sensitivity reaction.

Support for our natural energies

For more than 35 years, Nikken has been developing innovative magnetic technologiesthat support our body through an ideal environment and help to ensure balance and relaxation in our stressful world.

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Alkaline water from the sports bottle

My experience report on the sports bottle:

The first question I ask myself is: Why did I buy it now?

The sports bottle is simply awesome. I love the filtered water of Nikken. It always gives me a good, healthy feeling. So far I was mostly too lazy to fill filtered water and take it with me. There are many reasons for this: where should I put the water in? The bottles we have, I usually do not like and purpose-alienated plastic bottles I do not really want to use the environment to love. So there were mostly on the road: nothing. That is the worst variant of all.

I first cleaned the Pimag bottle after unpacking and made some filter runs before the bottle was ready for use. At the moment it is very warm and we have to drink a lot. Yesterday afternoon I was golfing and the Nikken sports bottle fits perfectly in the bracket for the bottles. Drinking from the bottle for the first time is getting used to. I had to push it down a bit first to then pull the water through the drinking straw/drink. I had the shoot out quickly and it is also logical that the water does not get noisy because it has to go the intended way through the filter. That was a good round. I had my alkaline water with the sport-that gave me a very good feeling. If it is drunk, I can replenish it everywhere without having a bad conscience, that I now drink unfiltered water-I have from today yes my own water filter. Always filtered, clean water. For me my personal luxury!

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Japan 2018-Our Nikken trip with Team Kaizen

In this report we would like to share with you our fantastic trip with the team Kaizen to Japan and take you on our adventure journey.

We were so excited….

In January, Nikken congratulated us on the 2 seats in the Kaizen 2018 team. I couldn’t believe we qualified for 2 tickets.

In May, all the other team Kaizen members were going to Japan.


This part is not particularly glamorous:

  • Saturday noon we drove by train and some luggage;-) from Bremen to Frankfurt by train.
  • 1st Night at the hotel right at the airport-with all the excitement we got no eye to.

Day 1

Early in the morning on Sunday we flew to Helsinki and met 4 other Nikken specialist advisors from Europe and ASA. She is European director of Sales and training at Nikken. Again a wave of positive excitement.

After a short: Hello, hello, bon jour-the exciting trip to Tokyo went “right”.

Day 2

After 9 hours greeted us on Monday morning Japan with sunshine and our enchanting travel companion/interpreter Izumi.

We are in love with Japan from the beginning

Nikken has blessed the Kaizen 2018 team with incredible accommodations in Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto. Our rooms are always fabulous with very nice views. In Tokyo we enjoyed an incredible view from the 31st floor over all of Tokyo. And everywhere we went we were surprised with new attentions.

Immediately after arrival we drove into a beautiful park in Tokyo and looked at our first Shrein and were introduced to its rituals. I have been infected by the Japanese in a discipline. I collect stamps – not only in the passport, but also in other ways. The Goshuinchō (御朱印帳) is a book where you can collect stamps from Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Japan. A Goshuin contains the name of the shrine or temple, and the date of the entry, if any, a positive spell. In addition, the Red seal is stamped. Collecting the Goshuins has a spiritual meaning. But it is also a very nice souvenir that you can “work out” in the course of a trip to Japan – and this has been my intention openly and honestly. Every single Goshuin is a work of art which is handmade at the temple and includes artful calligraphy and stamps.

After visiting the park we drove to the very famous Shibuya intersection. It is famous for its crowds of people who cross the intersection at every traffic light. In the evening hours up to 15,000 people go over this intersection and create a unique picture. Of course we went through this crossroads and had a look at the Starbucks on the first floor of a house from the top of the hustle and bustle.

Around noon we drove to the hafencity in a traditional restaurant-there we met the other approximately 70 Latin American Nikken specialist consultants. Now we were all complete and another language and temperament filled the room:-). We are a very colourful group and we had the feeling of comfort from the beginning. Japan will be good-really good!

Towards the afternoon we went to our hotel. In the rooms were for all day backpacks, pers. Trailers with our Japan program, thick jackets with the label team Kaizen, 2 tshirts by Nikken as well as a traditional fan and a Japanese Frottietuch. So many attentions at once. A dream!

After a short break we went to the wonderful gala dinner in white in the evening. This did so well after the long journey with everyone together and so nicely dressed to talk, eat or just listen to the different voices.

After the many impressions and encounters, we were able to sleep this night relaxed.

Day 3

Today is a temple day:-)

  • Breakfast at 7 am
  • 3-Bus departure to the gigantic Buddha Temple: The bronze statue on the Pacific Ocean stretches over 13 metres high. Right in front of the Buddha we made a super great group photo with all the participants of the trip. All wore the T-shirt from Nikken.
  • Next we went to the Hare Kannon temple. This temple was very large and had beautiful gardens, sculptures, caves and plants. It was spread over several levels, so we had to be on the road to get to the top of the platforms.

At noon we were driven to a beautiful hotel by the sea-there was again a fantastic lunch. In the afternoon it rained so we drove back to the hotel. By the way, we sat with 20 people-Europe, USA and Canada-together with Izumi in the “Bus No 1”. At first we had to be 10 minutes before the departure at the meeting point, as it worked with us all but so good, Izumi in the shortest time even 5 minutes;-). Every exit on the bus was affectionately commented on by her: “Hurry, hurry but not rush”. She was our mother for everything. She cared about everything, she knew everything and she was always there when you needed it. Everything was so perfectly organized by her so that we could enjoy our days relaxed. We could just let ourselves drift-it was all taken care of.

Due to the rain we had gained some free time, but had to pack the suitcases first, because we wanted to leave for Hakone the next day. In the evening, Team Europe went together Sushiessen. Sushi… I thought I know how sushi tastes-what we ate there was a taste explosion. It will be difficult to eat at home against “good” sushi;-).

The day was not quite over yet and we drove on one last bagger to the Skybar in the 45 floor and marveled at Tokyo at night. By the way, my English always works better through the daily conversations with other specialist advisors.

Day 4

Today we tried the mixed breakfast (Western style and Japanese)-which was a good experience. At 7.55 it went on again, but this time with KL. Hand luggage. By bus No. 1;-) we travelled to the mountains to Hakone. Wow! It was all green. Lush green. Green Mountains, so many different tall, green trees, green bamboo-everything was green. It was balm for the soul. I felt so relaxed and didn’t want to stop looking.

We have a KL. Boat trip over the dreamlike Lake Ashi made and are then driven by a mountain railway to the Komagatake Mountain. The mountain is located in the shore of Fuji. In good weather you have a very good view of him. Today, however, he hid behind a few clouds. On the Komagatake, a beautiful, small, red Shrein awaited us.

On the way to the restaurant we stopped for a “sporty” visit to the outdoor museum in Hakone. We looked at Picasso “in Flight”-stayed 4 minutes at the hot outdoor footbath and with Izumis words “hurry, hurry but not rush” we were already on the bus again and were on the way to lunch. We ate in a H0tel with a view of the beautiful lake.

Every day we experience a lot of amazing things at an incredible pace. If we did not have our clever booklet with the day program and the many beautiful photos, there would certainly be a mess in our minds. And once we stop, we’re just thankful. Thankful for what is happening, thankful that we could work it all out here and thankful that we can discover and feel such beautiful places in the big, Wide world.

On the way to the new hotel, Izumi opened up to us the wonderful world of Onsenbäder.

Short: hot, nude and man-female separated.

Japan the land of Hot springs-

Onsen, ryokan, food- a feast for all the senses

Already at the entrance to the Onsen resort we felt moved to another world. Steaming rivers flowing under curved bridges, traditional Japanese rooms with their own bathtub on the balcony overlooking the waterfall and people strolling in comfortable Yukata-kimonos to the next bathing, let the packed last days immediately in Far back. We were from now on right in the land of paradise of relaxation. Before we travelled to Japan, I was so stressed-could hardly grasp any clear thought. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to “get ‘ the Extra”. It was the best, the best thing that has done us well for a long time.

In our room was a surprise 2 traditional towels folded as a kimono.

The visit of the Japanese onsen meant for us relaxation on many levels. The effect of the hot thermal water combined with the incredibly beautiful surroundings worked wonders. Next to the magnificent room there was a terrific meal. All this made the onsen experience complete.

In the evening we served classic Japanese cuisine with regional and seasonal delicacies. The prepared menus were very elaborately arranged. The food in Japan has been exceptional every day and this time it topped the previous day again. All the fellow travellers arrived at the Yukata for the sacrament. This was a nice experience…

At night we all went to the onsen bath. The average temperature of a Japanese onsen is 41-42 °c for welding. It was a great relaxation for us. We were at night in the dark in the hot pools and looked at the lighted green mountains and listened to the waterfall… just heavenly.

Day 5

Today is again a further travel day. And so we did not sleep the beautiful hotel, we went to the onsen at 5 o’clock in the morning. We just don’t get enough of this wonderful water. That day the ladies were in the other onsen and we enjoyed the view over the distant mountains. The sun just went up and light Nebeltau lay in the air. The morning began as in fairy tales:-) it could always be like this.

We broke up our onward journey to Kyoto in the Shikansenzug. Lunch was served in a lunchbox-even that looked good. In the hotel the luggage from Tokyo awaited us again. Again everything went smoothly. Sometimes we feel that Japan, in a positive sense, is like an ant nation. Everything is absolutely well organized, everything runs as planned and really everything is in a fantastic condition and in an extremely high quality. Everything is so extremely clean and we never feel that anything or anyone is stressed. Everything happens as if by magic.

The afternoon we had free. Leisure-What to look for? We had 4 hours left before we met with 3 other advisers for dinner.

Alex and I visited 2 temples/shrines in time, walked to the Craftvillage on foot and found the restaurant. Not bad for the giant program in the “Little” time.

In the evening we ate in a traditional Sukiyaki restaurant. The choice is much on the Komaitei and is a famous Sukiyaki restaurant that has a 100-year history in Kyoto. We enjoyed the Wagyu (Ohmi) beef prepared by the hostess for us at the table. Again a new experience and a very good:-). Then we plunged together into the night life of Kyoto. We were driving through the craziest alleys and found a very small bar. There were 4 people inside-in addition with US 5 she was also sufficiently full. We ordered sake and exchanged our lives for half the night. What did we laugh? 🙂 But then it was better to go back by taxi….

Day 6

At 7.30 (!) Our 6th day began with a journey to Hiroshima. We were expecting a very emotional day. We visited the peace Monument and the Peace Memorial Park. The monument to World peace. Each of us travelers had crafted several origami cranes, which we had tied together to garlands. We put them together at the memorial and thought together about the victims and asked for world peace. It was very emotional and the further course to the Peace Museum was quiet.

After that we drove again with buses to the young, busy city centre. We ate a Hiroshima Spezialtiät today: Okonomiyaki. In a KL. House, on over three floors we enjoyed the Okonomiyaki-baked cakes. It is fried cabbage, sprouts, egg and dough and then served. A kind of Japanese pancake. Really yummy.

Afterwards we visited, after a KL. Boat trip, the Itsukushima shrine. This shrine is part of the World Heritage Site. The huge Torii (over 16 meters) can only be reached at low tide. The visit was impressive. There were even more shrines, as well as a narrow alley with all sorts of souvenir stores and food opportunities. Oysters were grilled everywhere… unfortunately we were still very tired of the lush Okonomiyaki.

We came back the evening very late, grabbed the suitcases again, because the next day we went back again towards Tokyo.

Day 7

The morning we actually had a free time. We had breakfast but as usual very early to see as much of Kyoto as possible. This time in the Japanese breakfast restaurant. Hmm, I like that:-). Then we went to the Foodmarket. Also I always imagined Japan: narrow, long lanes and right and left everywhere craftsmanship, fish, fruit, sake, Teestores, fan shops and at the end of the alley of course again a shrine;-)

Our lunch was back on the train-the afternoon we had free in Tokyo. Together with Team England we dared to go to another area of Tokyo alone in the subway. We really wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe;-). Searched, found and the rest of the time we sat alone for the first time in a week, during the day for a long time in the café and enjoyed a beer and watched Japan as it lives and drifts. I could have been sitting here for hours.

In the evening, Kurt Fulle, CEO of NIkken, invited us to all expert advisors from Europe, USA and Canada for a fabulous dinner at the steak restaurant. It was perfect. A round evening with excellent food and valuable conversations made this day a very special one. After that we decided to go to a karaoke bar. It was a great fun and brought us all together even more closely. Unfortunately I did not dare to crush a hit alone-maybe next time.

Day 8

The last day. We have full time for ourselves until the evening and can plan our own excursions. Today we asked Tokyo on our own on foot. Hours we have run, have amazed and felt all the green candy bought in Tokyo;-). Today the day was very difficult for me, because I missed my children infinitely doll.

In the late afternoon we drove again to the Skybar high to see one last time this gigantic city and tried to grab it. Not once did we feel crushed by the size-we always have the feeling that it is very wide.

We were able to do the gala dinner and found in our rooms the next surprise: For everyone there was a kimono jacket. 🙂 By bus we were taken to a unique place in Tokyo. We expected a nice reception in a stunning park with beautiful ancient bonsai. The dinner was accompanied by geisha dancers. After the very high quality food, there was a performance by a well-known Japanese drummer group. We were intoxicated. We danced together, we were laughing and crying in our arms, because we were all well aware that it was so slow to say goodbye. But it became even more emotional on our way back. We had become a big family after a long time-as different as we are: linguistically, each has a different history, different ages, different countries-different customs. Our bus was turned into a karaoke shuttle. Who wanted sang songs. And since we were the bus with a colourful variety of languages, songs were heard in Swedish, English, French and Italian. Our enchanting Izumi, we all still handed a cl together. Gift as a thank you for the unforgettable time. Also Izumi was close to tears. I think she also had a lot of fun with us. The hotel was still hugged for hours and addresses exchanged and finally we had to pack our suitcases (phew, the place is still enough for everything) and a little sleep.

Day 9


The Nikken team Kaizen trip is over, and although I am sad to leave Japan and all the great people I know and appreciate, I am also very excited to embrace my sons.

Early on, Team Europe and Izumi went to the airport. Izumi Our Lady of the heart, brought us to the check-in-next she was not allowed. Probably she would also have liked to come on the plane to see that we also have all our right places. She is a gold piece and the best travel companion I have ever experienced.

After 31 hours of return, Bremen had us again and we had our children. This was so good to keep you back in your arms and to tell you about our adventure trip and of course to unpack our green souvenirs;-)





By the way, my greatest treasure of the trip was my Goshuinchō. 11 Stamps decorate the beautiful book:-)

What is our conclusion:

It was perfect.

We had good conversations and delicious, healthy food and we both had a lot of new Nikken friends gained.

This trip was so relaxing and impressive. It is exactly what we needed at this time in our lives, and we are Nikken so thankful that you invited us to everything. What an incredible way to reward people for their efforts! … I could get used to it.

Thanks for reading on our trip. I wish you much well-being and happiness. And if you want to be part of the team Kaizen and want to experience unforgettable journeys: you can make it!

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Sport and the importance of active recreation…

After a strenuous workout or a demanding training session, absolute tranquility may seem to be the best way to promote relaxation. However, scientific evidence shows that there are many benefits in active recovery.Sport blog banner

What is active recovery?

Active recreation is a workout unit that is less intense and simpler than your usual sports units and is specifically designed to reduce physical and mental fatigue.

Why recovery at all?

The purpose of the rest is to give your muscles the opportunity to regenerate and to claim muscles that are tired and tense by a workout the day before.

It is often the case that the day after the sport muscle aches and feels less energetic – however, passive recovery is only recommended if there is an injury. Rather, more physical activity is advised. This can be for example a walk, slow jogging, temperate cycling or mobility exercises. Massages also prove to be effective in the context of active recreation.

Active recreation supports the mobilization of the joints, which must be moved in their full range of motion in order to remain supple. The circulation is also stimulated. More blood flows through the muscles – it supplies nutrients for building new muscle mass and transports waste products.

On a day dedicated to active recreation, you should not engage in any activity that challenges the muscles that were on the day before. Target easier activities that are less demanding.

Scientifically sound

There are hundreds of studies that support the concept of active recovery. In a published study it was found that active recovery immediately after the stress favours regeneration and the lactate concentration in the muscles is reduced faster than with absolute calm.

What should we do on recovery days?

The purpose of a rest day is to recover from the training, not only physically but also mentally.

The active recovery is based on the concept of low-intensity training, which is just demanding enough to bring the bloodstream in motion and to help reduce residual fatigue in the muscle. One of the best regeneration activities is swimming. A relaxing swimming unit followed by a cool or cold shower can help to stretch, relax and regenerate the muscles. Another study Has shown that a swimming-based recreational unit has improved athletic performance on the following day – possibly due to the hydrostatic properties of water.

In order to help you stay motivated and implement your active wellness lifestyle, we have compiled some tips here:

1. Eat healthy carbohydrates about 2 hours before challenging sporting activities to keep your body warm and give it energy. This also helps to prevent fatigue.

2. Set goals for your athletic performance/weight and keep it in writing.

3. Reward yourself on a regular basis when you reach your goals – but not only with food, so that you do not only combine pleasure with treats.

4. Wear the KenkoTherm Duk ® tape, which can help keep muscles and joints warm and support.

5. Massage your tired muscles with the Kenkotouch ®, a device that can promote relaxation and relief.

6. Support your back during and after the workout – with the KenkoTherm ® back Strap that can be used alone or in combination with the magnetic plate Kenko MagFlex ®.



KenkoTherm Duk ® Tape – Buy 6 and get 1 FREE! #88065

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My experience with the Nikken sleep system

I’ve come across detours to the great sleep system of Nikken and other products.

But I have to get a little bit more to understand.

I was about 7/8 years old and in 2nd grade when I was suddenly mugged in the spring with horrible runny noses, itchy eyes and tingling. The diagnosis followed quickly: hay fever and all possible allergies to grasses, pollen, trees. My body reacted so violently that I could not go to school for 2 weeks because my eyes were always so swollen and I felt extremely limp. My entire schooling was affected and I suffered greatly from my allergies. We lived in rural-beautiful. But the spring and summer were a pain for me. I never got into the green in the afternoon to play or to the outdoor pool, as I felt sick. The way in the morning to school through the Meadows went on–around noon it got worse. Everything itched, my eyes watered and at noon at the latest I was so flat that I often lacked the concentration for much. There was no thinking about going out again in the afternoon. Sometimes I did it and often had to cancel the appointments due to the violent reactions of my body. Especially becoming was not. Through the many nose brushing my nose was always red and the eyes swollen by rubbing. As far as I remember I took “only” special nasal spray and eye drops.

During puberty I was in treatment for a long time with a naturopath. I got a liquid from ampoules and some pills. That helped well when I took it regularly. Outside, especially when the lawn had been mowed, I still could not be.

During the summer holidays my parents always travelled with me for a long time to the sea. There I was excellent-no pollen, clear air.

So my life was up to the beginning of 20. Due to the many allergies it was often tiring and cumbersome. Then I got to know my current husband and as it is, I then stayed with him at some point;-).

It was mid-February and he wanted to travel with me for the first time. To the sea–“phew,” I thought. Since I will have no problems-I would have found it rather unromantic if I have to travel with him and be inside, due to the many pollen and best still with a red nose. The year took its course and I was so in love and distracted that I didn’t waste any thought on my allergies. Over the course of the months and the acquaintance I told him about my difficult past through my allergies. Past… Yes right: past. That was the moment when I realized that they no longer showed up in this year 2003. I did not take any medication, I did not get any in the spring, I did not make a long holiday on the sea this year, but I stayed at home. Why were you gone? That didn’t interest me at first, the main thing no longer there.

At some point my husband told me that he is an independent consultant at Nikken and showed me some products. In fact, the products had been in our lives all the time, as he used them on a daily basis. So it was also that I learned what I slept so wonderfully all the time. My husband had the sleep system of Nikken and he used their insoles.

Since then I wear the soles as often as possible, use daily the sleep System or the edition of Nikken and have a super Mini near Me and I am: free of complaints!

Looking back, the year 2003 is a turn. Since then, I have no complaints. Quite the opposite. We live in the green, have a garden and the lawn mow I. I often lie on the lawn with my children and I don’t have to sneeze, nor do I have swollen, itchy eyes. I sleep with the window open and don’t need medication.

A few years ago I had another allergy test done to me to know if the allergies are gone or just not noticeable. In fact I have them all still, especially I am allergic to birch, grasses and hazelnut. The good thing is that they are no longer a burden for me. Quite the opposite: Meanwhile I love the smell of freshly mown grass and even play for hours of golf without which I am restricted.

In my pregnancies and also when I am really stressed, I notice that the tingling is coming back. Then the PowerChip/Super Mini helps me. A person once told me that in the middle of the chest (right in the middle of the bras) some point is sitting. I do not know what a point, but I have tried it and it helps me so that I can also calm the first arrivals of the tingling quickly.

So I was not told at the time: take these products for your allergies. My husband knew nothing about my allergies when we met in the winter and I didn’t know any magnetic products at all. I have come to this by sheer coincidence and fortunately I have been able to make my experience with magnetic products , which to this day have a positive effect on my life and give me, above all, quality of life again.

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